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Hi guys, it’s Quynh Vi again I don’t usually have acnes, just when i’m stressed or stuff like that But there’s a type of acne which had been there for such a long time That is blackhead From day to day, it’s still there It just comes and goes Even though blackheads aren’t danger, I can see that lots of people have them Especially people who live in a environment in Vietnam So today, Happy Skin and I are gonna do a video to show you how to get risk of them from A to Z Make sure to watch till the end of this video to know and also don’t forget to subscribe to Happy Skin channel How to get risk of blackhead Before starting the “war”, we should know about the enemy first What is blackhead? Blackheads are easy-to-see acne, appear on the skin and have a dark color They don’t swell or hurt like other types of acnes But if you don’t squeeze them the right way, it can make them worse and become inflamed acne which very hurt Blackheads aren’t danger like i said but it’s ready hard to get risk of them Since it’ll happen again and make the skin look ugly Blackheads usually appear on nose and chin. However, they sometimes appear on other areas like back, chest, shoulder, neck and even hand According to a statistical from US, there’re about 30-50 million American who have blackheads It’s also one of the most common skin problem in US In general, you’re not alone in this “war” What cause blackheads? The cause of blackhead is simple and understandable In a pore, there’re one hair and sebaceous gland which keeps the skin smooth and isn’t dry Blackheads are formed by sebum combines with trapped dirt, then react with oxygen in the air and turn black Blackheads are caused by lots of factors like overproduction of sebum, excess sebum and dead skin cells will plug the pores, hormonal changes triggers a spike in sebum production during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and the use of birth control pills The environment and habits also affect and increase the chance of developing blackheads like using too-much-oil cosmetics; living in the polluted environment, too hot weather, high humidity; eating too much sweet, sticky rice and fried foods which will produce more sebum Especially overproduction of skin cells by the body can cause blackheads. Overall, there’re lots of factors So now, let’s find ways to get risk of them with me Ways to get risk of blackheads Prevention is better than cure, first tip is deep cleansing your skin to avoid pore being plugged by excess sebum You can use micellar water, oil or wax makeup remover and face cleanser at the end of the day Even when you only use sunscreen And remember to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week depends on your skin’s condition People who have oily skin or do many skincare the previous night, you should clean your face with micellar water or use mild face cleanser to clean your skin since if you skip this step excess sebum and cosmetic will plug the pores Using facial cleansing brush to massage areas like nose and chin also can reduce blackheads If you don’t have a chance to buy facial cleanser brush, you can check out some pads which are cheaper Recommend my favorite facial cleanser brushes After cleansing, you can use detox mask 2-3 times a week Such as mud mask or clay mask You can check these masks out You can use masks that have activated carbon like CHARCOAL MASK from Emmie by Happy Skin This mask is magical. It can replace double mask step since it has activated carbon, mild salicylic acid, and tea tree which help deep cleanse the pores and unplug them without feeling dry like other mud and clay masks Especially, the skin will be very hydrated and smooth because there’s an amazing HypoMelon Baby Watermelon in it Second tip is using peel of gel masks and peel of pads These products are easy to buy at supermarkets and cosmetic stores And they’re very to use too To use peel off gel masks, after cleansing your face, you apply it on areas that have blackheads, wait for it to dry and peel it off Peel off pads work the same way of peel off gel masks, Those pads have a gel layer and it will be melted when you stick it on your skin by your body temperature The gel will stick to the blackheads When the gel is dry, you peel the pads off along with the blackheads This tip’s advantages are cheap, easy to do at home and having an immediate result But this tip is just for using on the nose area Using on other areas might cause skin lesions because you need to peel it off strongly Even when i used it on my nose, my nose was red like a tomato So in conclusion, this tip is just for getting risk of blackheads in a short time and they will come back If you want to get risk of them like forever, you have to deep cleanse your skin, along with doing other ways Recommend some peel off pads and Thorakao which is very easy to buy If you have not bought any peel off pads yet, you can make a mix from eggwhite and lemonade Apply the mix on your nose, and lay a paper sheet on top of it, peel it off when it’s dry This’s very mild and peels sebum off It doesn’t work much with blackhead But after doing it twice, my nose is quite smooth If your blackheads are quite serious, you can take a look at pills or topical products in case they’re non-prescription products and are sold at drugstores These products contain salicylic acid and resorcinol These ingredients help deep cleanse the pores, reduce excess sebum and clean dead skin cells Recommend some products If the condition doesn’t improve, you can consult your doctor to use topical products or cosmetics that contain vitamin A like tretinoin tazarotene or adapalene These ingredients limit plugged pores, control oil and boost skin regeneration These ingredients bring the best result but they cause irritation and dry skin easily to sensitive skin So before using, you should consult your doctor first and only think about it when your skin condition is very serious At spa like Happy Skin Medical Spa, there’s a treatment only for blackheads which is Aqua Peel, the treatment using water to detox the skin, deep cleanse the pores, remove blackheads and sebum Even though it’s deep cleansing, it’s very mild Let’s experience it with me to see how good it is Aqua peel uses water pressure, combined with AHA and BHA to “press” on every pore to clean up dirt, excess sebum, microorganism which harm the skin Before starting, spa technician will cleanse the skin and steam face to soften the skin. Then they clean dead skin cells with skin softener to soften the horny layer and acnes, After that, they use vacuum suction to remove blackheads and some ances And then use acne tool to remove everything leave When the skin is clean, it’s the perfect time to provide nutrition.They use Emmie mask to brighten, even the skin and minimize the pores Finally, they use cooling massager to tighten the skin and help the skin keep nutrition from the mask They also massage your head to improve blood circulation And apply a layer of aloe vera gel to sooth and moisturize the skin If you maintain doing this treatment, i’m sure that blackheads will be reduce about 80-90% You can do it once a week to keep the result To the skin which over-produces sebum irregularly, you can do it twice a week I feel very safe doing this service at Happy Skin Medical Spa Because the aqua peel tool is made in Korea and other tools and products are also made in Korea There’re many places that provide this Aqua Peel treatment in the market, But you should consider the origin of their products and the quality of their tools The last one is that you should protect your skin from the sun and moisturize your skin since your skin is dry and sensitive at this time That’s the end of today video. 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