Klopp’s Reaction: Minamino debut, Milner injury and much more | Liverpool vs Everton

Klopp’s Reaction: Minamino debut, Milner injury and much more | Liverpool vs Everton

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Jürgen, nine changes, not the most
experienced line-up you’ve ever fielded, what can you say about the performance,
and of course Curtis’ winning goal? Let’s start with the negative things. Two players started the last game,
one of them got injured. That’s the situation we are in, that’s
why a lot of managers make a lot of changes. It’s nothing to do with the cup, it’s the timing. All the rest of the night was absolutely perfect,
I have to say. I saw a sensationally good performance
of a not-very-experienced team with a lot of players, for them the first time
playing on this kind of stage, in front of this crowd, against…the opponent. It was outstanding, I loved it,
I loved each second of this game. It was a bit too wild in the first half,
that’s completely normal; if you try to show respect to our principles,
it can happen that it gets a bit wild. But, football-wise,
in a lot of moments – brilliant. Defensive-wise, organisation-wise, the press,
the counter-press – absolutely incredible. And then we scored this goal. That they had three big chances,
we know that. Adrian – class, absolutely class. And then we scored that goal. We controlled it in a lot of moments,
even the chances they had we were not outplayed,
we lost the ball or played a bad pass; that can happen, it’s not
cool but it can happen. That’s why the formation was that wide. So I just liked it, each individual performance
was outstanding. Any indication as to how serious
the injury is for James Milner? He has pain, that says it’s serious. It’s muscle. Jürgen, your first chance
to see Takumi in a Liverpool shirt, how was he for you? Super, outstanding. Exactly the player we
wanted, exactly the player we wished for. Your first game in a team you don’t know,
if it’s a settled team it’s already difficult – this team we threw more or less on the pitch
with two sessions together. And then showing this kind of game
understanding, football skills are exceptional, attitude is outstanding, led the chasing pack
so often in different situations, which I loved. He didn’t look tired,
but because we don’t know him that long we just wanted to save him a little bit,
so took him off. It was a nice add-on to have Oxlade back,
he looked pretty lively when he came on. He trained only one day, two days now,
and that’s why he didn’t start. Yeah, super. Hi, Jürgen, I wonder if you could
just tell us a bit more about Curtis Jones for those of us
who are meeting him for the first time. Sensational goal. Absolutely, I love it,
and I just want to say one thing, because we live in a world, there were so
many extremely good performances tonight, I think the goal was exceptional,
the boy is an outstanding player, but I cannot understand why nobody so far asked me about Pedro Chirivella,
Neco Williams, Yasser Larouci. Is this the sign we want to give the boys?
“You have to score, otherwise we ignore you.” Let me speak about Curtis – an unbelievable player, Scouser, very
confident, can’t wait to play in the first team. Good, rightly so.
He is in a very good way. I’ve known him three-and-a-half years,
he made big steps, will be a Liverpool player if nothing
strange happens, 100 per cent. Great. That he scores that goal, I’m not surprised. That he scores this kind of goal,
I’m not surprised. He is for these situations,
and still a lot to learn and improve. But sometimes we forget it
as well in training – he is 18. Unbelievable. In Germany, because of a different system, he would still play one year 100 per cent
in the youth team and nowhere else. Here, he is around the first team. I like that the boys used all our patterns
tonight to cause Everton problems. It was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Jürgen, I think it was immediately
after the Leicester game you mentioned needing the crowd
for all three of these… I think you mentioned after the
Leicester game, three home games in a row, you needed the crowd, they seemed
to go with you again today. 100 per cent, it was
an exceptional atmosphere tonight. but if this game wouldn’t
have a good atmosphere, I would have had something
to say about it, to be honest! But that was exceptional tonight, of course.
We never get used to it, we never take it for granted,
absolutely sensational. I would love to see a few people and ask them
what they thought exactly about the line-up and all these bad things about me and the
FA Cup and ‘no respect’ and stuff like this – and then after the game. I enjoyed each second. It was a bit like the Arsenal game
[in the Carabao Cup], I enjoyed it so much. We didn’t concede as
many goals, thank God, but a couple of things were similar. It’s a very important message: if you want to be a Liverpool player, you have
to respect the principles of this club. We cannot always play
the best football in the world but we can fight like nobody else if we want. And as long as we use our principles, we will
be a difficult opponent to play against. Pretty much the same is for our crowd –
if you want to be a Liverpool supporter, you don’t have to perform always
on the highest level but you have to fight with all you have, that means you have to
shout as loud as you can. And that’s what we did now three times
[in a row at home], really happy about that. That’s exactly what we have to do if we want to have something
at the end of the season. Jürgen, you said you’ve not been asked
about Pedro Chirivella and Neco Williams… Harvey. How important was the Aston Villa game
for them to be able to produce today? They didn’t play.
They were with us in Qatar. But in general… Yeah, the Aston Villa game, in the moment,
when we had all the injuries, we had to take these boys with us.
Otherwise they would have played there. Neco and Curtis were with us – Harvey
played – and they would have played. Pedro played and in the first half
against Aston Villa was probably the best player
on the pitch. We watched it on television in Qatar and we were completely over the moon
about what we saw there. It was very important. It’s important
we can give these opportunities. We tell the boys constantly
it’s important not all of them go with the first impulse on loan, because there
is something to learn here as well. Tonight we saw really that these boys
come closer and closer and closer to be ready for us,
and I’m really happy about that. It’s so, so important
that they learn how we play; it’s important they
get games and stuff like this, but it’s important
they know as well how we play. I saw that tonight
and that made me really proud, and I told the boys they have to be proud of
that performance tonight, it was exceptional.

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  1. You have 2 types of managers (not literally). Those who just buy players for stupid money and then expect them to perform week in week out. Then you have Jurgen Klopp who sees potential talent and thinks 'I can mould this player and try to make him better'. He sees a player and thinks he can fit into my style of football. And Liverpool are still winning even without their strongest squad. "from doubters to believers" you want to win then play to win. Win your tackles, win your 50/50s.

  2. Klopp fully prepared a statement like this : "Surely Everton will beat the team we selected but we'd have given the kids some experience of playing with a full crowd in the local derby and see how they deal with the pressure. It would be beneficial for the youngsters to see what is necessary for them to work their way first team football and motivate them. I see it as more than a loss, it's an experience."
    Then those pesky little kids go and beat Everton. 馃榾

  3. Hope to see Barca vs Liverpool in the final the revenge will come Visca Barca respect to jurgen though and his team

  4. I love Klopp. He's absolutely right. The journos spent too much time focusing on goals. But the entire team played well considering the youth on the pitch today.

  5. Minamino will create a GOAL in debut if his teammates not selfish. Everybody rare to give him a ball. So annoying

  6. I love Liverpool. Match was the most boring match played. The team needed key players on pitch. Milner origi lalana ox aside it looked like people had come off streets and didnt know what football is.

  7. Story
    馃數馃挬 馃毇馃弳1995. 馃拤馃拤馃拤馃拤馃拤馃拤馃拤馃拤馃拤馃拤馃拤馃拤馃拤馃拤馃拤

  8. Ancelloti be like, out if EFL cup, No champions or europa league, 0 chance of top 4 battle, so lets win this FA cup….
    also ancelloti: lose with liverpool reserve team

  9. Guys!!!
    In all the press conference videos uploaded on the Liv FC channel are very less audible, the sound is extremely low.,
    Can you guys do have a look at it!!???

  10. If Lallana get regular game time in this liverpool first team , Firmino would start seriously to worry …The guy has been a beast in couple of last matches he has been in..

  11. The love I have for this man, his principles and his love for our club is unbelievable. What a guy 鈿笍馃敶

  12. What an amazing time to be a Liverpool fan. First team so strong, youth coming through, and all anchored by this incredible guy we have in Klopp. He's got class, top tactician, amazing man manager, intelligent, loves the club and it loves him back.

  13. Minamino play like he s been here for years馃槀馃憤馃徎what a debut ! YNWA Taki 馃弳馃弳馃弳馃弳馃弳馃弳

  14. I really believe alex ox Chamberlain fits so well in the young team, obviously his first team priority but having him with the youth squad allows so more creativity and he takes charge.

  15. Incredibile come questi ragazzi abbiano affrontato la partita nonostante L inesperienza hanno giocato con la stessa velocit脿 e tecnica dei titolari che voglia che ci hanno messo questa 猫 la dimostrazione che il Liverpool 猫 un gruppo fantastico dove tutti si sentono importanti le prestazioni lo dimostrato questa squadra 猫 stellare e gli auguro di vincere la champions di nuovo e la premier

  16. "It was the first time for some of these players to play on a stage like this against…….an opponent!" 馃榿
    Jurgen struggled to call them a good/hard/premier league/team!
    They were…….an 'opponent!' 馃槀

  17. I like the fact he includes all the young boys that performed really well other than Jones. Hats off to the father figure Jurgen Klopp

  18. Soy espa帽ol traducir porfavor letras abajo en espa帽ol para poder seguir al liverpool bien mil gracias saludos desde espa帽a gran canaria 馃槉

  19. Tell Mo Salah that you are a fast moving player. But you don't shoot fast Because you kick with your toes The ball moves slowly and bends. If you kicked with the inside foot [Big Bone], it will cause the power ball and faster.

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  22. You upload the video and when I clicked,it's said the uploader has not made a video available in your country 馃様馃憥

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