KOREAN SHOW [Mr.Chu 1] Ep07. boyfriend has serious bad breaths like shits


I can’t stand my boyfriend’s bad breath. His breath is so gross. It’s just terrible. Of course I’ve talked to him. Carefully not to hurt his feeling. “Honey~ I think you have bad breath. Aren’t you sick or something?” Then he said, “What are you talking about?” He yelled and denied it. Turns out he has a chronic stuffy nose. Is it okay for him to be negligent because he can’t smell it? I got him mouthwash, but he never uses it. I want to say it out loud. Your mouth smells like feces! Is it his mouth or butt? He has no etiquette. Smoking is okay. But mixed with instant coffee, it grosses me out. I admit. Don’t come any closer! I’ll kill you! It went too far. When you smoke, you can feel your breath. It’s gross. Then I realize I should brush my teeth. You have bad breath. Yes, I do. Same here. Let’s try an experiment. After lunch, they won’t be allowed to brush their teeth. Which item is most effective to rid of bad breath? We’ll perform an experiment. I see what’s going on here. Wasn’t it about soothing women’s hearts? This is original. Nothing is better than the original. I chew gum. It should be sugar-free gum. Candy makes it worse, doesn’t it? Maybe a cup of water? It should be cold water. Is it reliable? From the experiment, we discovered this. After lunch, mouthwash was most effective, dropping the level from 3 to 1. It’s clearly written on it. Removes bad breath. That’s it? It’s too obvious. You should smell your breath. The special mission. Eat various foods. And guess based on the smell. We’ll take turns anyway. You have to think carefully. I think there are 5 kinds. I’ll choose my favorite food. To make it hard to guess. Pig’s feet, ssamjang, Korean sausage, tofu, pickled shrimp. I’d be surprised if he gets it right. I’m sure he picked pickled shrimp. Goose bumps. Woojae will eat it, right? I know that smell. With garlic, it’s crazy. His breath. Please say ‘ho~’, instead of ‘ha~’ Boy, where are my manners? Garlic, boiled pork slice, pickled shrimp, ssamjang, spicy pepper. It’s hard to miss pickled shrimp. Do you like it? No, I don’t. I’ll put it in the wrap. You should like it. Should I punch him? I’ll make it really yummy. I’ll, too. There’s a recipe. You know what I’m doing, right? Wasabi, fermented skate. You should like it. Should I really… punch him? pig’s feet, green onion kimchi, pickled pepper. It’s refreshing like fruit. Count 5 seconds. That’s enough. I have a stuffy nose. So pure and innocent. huh??? I’m sorry. Fermented skate. I feel nauseous. Despite my stuffy nose. Fermented skate, green onion, garlic, soybean paste, pig’s feet. Winner This one? Two slices of fermented skate. It’s fishy. Of course. It’s fish. But it’s savory. I like it. It’s the beauty of fermented skate. What I want is your act of kindness,
not the scent of flower.

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