Koreans Don’t Use Deodorant…

Koreans Don’t Use Deodorant…

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Hello friends and family!
This is Megan Bowen, a.k.a. chonunmigooksa~ram… imnida!~ And have you ever been in Korean and you walk by some people outside on a summer day when it’s sweatin’ we all got booty sweat running down our butt cracks which is very unpleasant And then! You stand next to somebody from Korea, and they smell like… …being a little bit musty right there You haven’t?! Neither have I! Because they don’t stink!
I swear, on the hottest summer days they smell like roses and… …kitties ♡ Kitties smell very good because they clean themselves. Bangul: Mrow~ewr Quiet now, peasant! And not too long ago, I made this video;
and it was Korean people like, reacting to American household items. Stuff like: Turkey basters Apple slicers Which, a lot of people didn’t know what that was, that was quite surprising and when it got to stick deodorant… Only one person knew what the deodorant was!
And lot of you guys were like “ehmagad well what does deodorant look like in Korea then,” “if they don’t know what stick deodorant looks like??” Well! They don’t use deodorant! “Girl what you talkin’ about??” They don’t wear deodorant because they don’t need it they smell like roses all the time, the bastards. So, I did some scientific digging on the Google…
which is not very scientific… And what I found was that apparently, East Asians and almost… every single Korean person has a gene called “ABCC11” Which… kind of sounds fake, but I guess it’s not.
And what that means is that it changes the composition of their sweat, so that that way, when the bacteria eat their sweat
they do not produce the foul smelling… …mustiness which we are so accustomed to. Because if you didn’t know, that’s what causes the odors.
I guess it’s something that we secrete,
a protein or something that we secrete in our sweat and the bacteria on our skin, they eat it. They’re like, “ooh, yummy yummy yummy proteins~”
and then they make byproducts…
basically their poop and pee, and it smells like that STANK MUSTY FUNKY Bangul: “Myeow~” That’s right! Eh, Bang-ah~ Bangul: “Myeowr~” Bang-ah! Bangul: “Mye~ow” Yes! So they do not need to wear deodorant,
and I’ve heard a lot of Korean-Americans who grew up in America so they’re just kind of used to the notion of wearing deodorant every day so they didn’t even know that they didn’t need it! And then they came to Korea and nobody wears deodorant and they’re like “What the hell, man??” So then they tried not wearing deodorant, and they’re like “Yo bro! I’m a SWEAT GOD!” ‘Cause they didn’t smell, and I’m jealous of you guys. Really. So if you are Korean-American and you didn’t know,
try going deodorant-less for a day. Chances are, because over 98% of Korean people have this gene, chances are… Ya’ aint gon’ stank,
and you’ve been wasting hundreds of dollars
on deodorant over the years using it every day. And it even held a lot of compounds that are unsafe
so if you can cut that out, cut it out. Another interesting thing is that people who produce that… …hah~ people who have “ABCC11whateverthehell” (ABCC11) They have that thing…
they also have dry earwax. So, I don’t know if you’ve used your headphones for a long time and you are a Westerner who smells, like myself,
when you take out your earphones sometimes,
it’s a little wet, it’s gross. If your earwax is wet, then you will have the stinky pits.
If your earwax is dry, then you will not have the stinky pits. Of course, not in 100% of the cases, but that is a telltale sign of somebody who does have that gene: dry earwax. So, what you can take from this is that if you are a funky Westerner, such as myself~ and you need deodorants, the deodorant options…
are very small here. And the deodorant that you do find, it’s quite overpriced. So what you want to do when you come here, is you want to fill up your suitcase with deodorants. And if you’ve been here for six years, like myself,
you want to order it online on Amazon or something. Because literally the only brand of deodorant you will find here in like Olive Young, and even in the convenience store sometimes, is Nivea, and then it’s a spray-on one and I hate the spray-on one.
I need a deodorant stick. My favorite deodorant right now is the Arm & Hammer one. They’re not sponsoring this video… However~ Would you like Arm & Hammer to sponsor it? Bangul: “Myeh~” (yeah) Alright, they’re not sponsoring this video, but that is my favorite one.
It’s the Naturals one, it works really really good. But this one is so good. You can get in on iHerb,
and just in case you didn’t know and youse movin’ to Korea, iHerb ships to Korea for like four dollars, so it’s really really cheap.
Anything you get on iHerb, shipping is four dollars. It’s practically the same in the United States wherever you are. I heard that like, deodorants have so many things like aluminums and all that stuff that gets into like your lymph nodes or something,
causes problems in your body I believe it ’cause we just put so many chemicals in our body, so whatever we can lessen certain chemicals, that’s what I like to do. So I was on this journey where I was trying all these natural deodorants, y’all Like Tom & Toms, whatever… the other ones are called, you know what I’m sayin’.
(Tom’s of Maine) I tried like, five different kinds… and like, midday… suddenly– I was smelling myself, ’cause I was like “oh no!”,
so I have to go to the bathroom, wipe it all out and put on another layer, and I was like “this is not okay”, but this is the only natural deodorant that I found
that keeps me stank-free for the whole day. I don’t know why I decided to share my deodorant with you, but you guys love when I talk about random stuff and share stuff about my life. So that is the end of this video for all of you guys who have been wanting to know~ If you like this and you would like to see more videos,
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100 thoughts on “Koreans Don’t Use Deodorant…”

  1. Ok I get it I don’t smell yea k I never wasted a single penny on deodorant but I’m not a fuckin unicorn that poops skittles .Thank u very much

  2. Perhaps human ancestors came to East Asia from Africa, and East Asia has a deadly bacterium. Bacteria eat body odor, excrete deadly compounds, and the ancestors of body odor have died, so we have no body odor.

  3. When I first came to Canada my friend was weirded out by the fact that I dont use and know of deodorant (i was 12). I just told him that I shower everyday and wash my armpits and he didnt get it. I also thought I was weird until I found out that I had that odorless gene. People always told me I have no scent and smell like air.

  4. That is one talkative cat. 🙂 I used to use arm & hammer natural citrus gel for years until my underarms started getting red rashes from it. I don't know if they changed it or if I just became sensitive to it. I switched to Crystal deodorant stick and it works great. You just have to make sure your underarm skin is wet when you put it on where it glides on and make sure to dry the stone with a cloth so it doesn't get brittle. It lasts a very long time. I'm weird because I have the odor if I don't use a deodorant but I rarely produce any sweat under my arms anymore. When I was younger I sweat more. The Crystal deodorant is only a deodorant, not an anti-perspirant. If I go to the gym my scalp sweats like crazy while my underarms are dry. : / I sweat around my stomach though. Weird stuff.

  5. I have never even noticed this. I am Korean born, adopted into a white family in America and I have always used deodorant. But now that I think about it, when I am not using deodorant, my underarms have never really smelled. I have always just used it. Man, what a waste…

  6. not all asian like that.people in indonesia and malaysia they smell good.rexona dedorant from there.biggest company same like petronas.

  7. Stinks from human body is considered a kind of disease in Korea. Just like me.. i have serious trauma about body odor. ㅠㅠ

  8. I have a question guys.. I watch Korean shows all the time and i noticed that all of them are always soo positiv and funny … do they really don’t have shows that are based on serious issues… like real problems in the day life or something like that ?! It feels like the idols are the most important topic

  9. I am (as far as I know) not Korean, don't have that earwax-thing & also my sweat doesn't smell bad, so I guess I am just some weird white bitch that got real lucky xDxD

  10. So basically, if a Korean is smelly or if you smell something, it’s mostly just their food or they rolled around in someone shit.

  11. Their armpit might not smell, but when they open their mouth …it's soooo stinky ! Same apply for chinese and japanese, their mouth is so stinky !

  12. Hmm yes I'm Korean and I really don't sweat even in the hot summer. Now I'm in Europe I just automatically avoid white man when I am in the gym because their smells is so fucking bad like rotten onions and I can't even breath.. And I realized how ridiculous it is for some fucker racists saying Koreans smell like kimchi or garlic lol (Anwar Hadid said that^^)

  13. Yeah..I didn't know about deodorant when I was in Korea. But, i moved to ZA a year ago and after P.E every girls put deodorant and I was like 'WTH is that?!'
    So, I tried it, but it hurts..

  14. Oh you know what? I have humid earwax.( even though i have that ABC something gene..) I never seen the person who has humid earwax in Korea. And it is so annoying. When I use earphone, you know…dirty…yeah..

  15. I don't use it. My ear wax is next to non always and dry. I don't stink…I must have Korean in me O.0 So far all I know is I'm Irish, French Canadian & Native American.

  16. The tangent about Korean-Americans coming to Korea and realizing that they're "sweat gods" made me laugh my ass off…

  17. They even do surgeries if they have the stinky genes .. I m just here thinking u just need a good deodorant.stinky genes owner in countries like Japan and Korea suffer 😂 I m also shipping from my country

  18. I wore deodorant everyday because I thought that was what people had to do. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I stopped and noticed that I had no body odor no matter how much I sweat.

  19. what about asian (Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Vietnamese, Bruneian, Cambodian, Philippines, Lao, Thai, Burmese)?

  20. I am of Korean origin. I sweat a lot but I do not smell. So I have never used deodorant in my life. Confirmation ! God thank you !

  21. Gene aside, how about investigating the processed n junk food the westerners are consuming which is most likely to be the cause.

  22. I started using antiperspirant only few years ago. Probably girls didn't want me beause of my smelly armpits.

  23. I am a Korean, and mostly people's body does not smell anything. But smoker & drunken person smells dirty.🙊

  24. Me and a bunch of my Asian buddies were all sweaty in my car……. but the only thing i smelled was the perfume we all still had from before playing lel. I guess i never realised that we don't Stink….. Or Age……

  25. My girlfriend from Cambodia have only 2 pieces of hair on her underarms and she don't use deodorant because she smells good naturally.

  26. asians don't smell as long as their yin yang are balanced. LOLs. if you smell your sick. LOLs. Avoiding milk and western foods will keep you smelling nice. LOLs.

  27. Most Koreans have genes that prevent strong body odor haha. One of the more interesting theory is that we evolved to smell less because in the past lots of people were killed by tigers. The vast majority of our land mass is mountainous, so very often tigers came down to the village to hunt down people. The less you smell, there was a higher chance of survival. 😂😂

  28. 나도 한국인이긴한데 내 겨드랑이 냄새랑 맞먹을 외국인이 있긴할까 싶네… 진짜 맡으면 양파썩은내랑 무슨 씨발 빌어먹을 냄새남

  29. I have a friend that has ABCC11 and it was actually really alaming for a while because we couldn't figure out if something was wrong with her or something. I know that sounds kinda bad but we were like 10-16 trying to figure this out lmao

  30. I am korean and I don't stink. but I wear deodorant(summer only) because it prevents my armpits getting sweaty. whenever my armpits sweat they get itchy and I hate itchy armpits. and my shirt doesn't get wet in armpits thanks to my deodorant!

  31. I am sure they are alien from HEAVEN. if you are married to korean. You will be an alien, officially alien. Trust me, you will get an alien card for real !!
    It means, if you wanna be an alien just married to one of them…

    It's a joke… Lol. But the alien card is real. Trust me, they are not human. They are angels…

  32. According to a study by the University of Bristol in the U.K., Koreans had zero apocrine cells, followed by a small number of China, and in Asia, Japan had the worst smell.

  33. I can smell very similar strong floral and cotton candy scent from many American Army, tourist, businessman whoever. I realized it is coz of Downy. However, sometimes I can smell very very strong armpit odor from American tourists and Army as well in the subway. Korean usually do not use very strong softner and deodorant. I think less smell gene is a gift for Korean lol

  34. first gene.
    second we take a shower everyday or many people take twice in a day.

    even Korean brush teeth at least three times in a day. you can see so many people brush their teeth after lunch time in the office or even in the public restroom. this is the most point that Western people do not understand.

  35. great chance is because estern asian are more advance in evolution, less body hair, iq above 103, slender body etc

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