Land is Breath: respecting nature in Altai

Land is Breath: respecting nature in Altai

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“Mountains with glaciers bring blessings to the lives of folk, Valleys with glaciers give pastures for healthy livestock.”
“Land has breath, an umbilical cord, nose, mouth, eyes and ears… everything which exists on the earth is alive. Altai is a harmonious co-existence of humanity and nature”. Altaian traditional wisdom Russia, Altai Mountains My name is Slava Cheltuev. I’m from the Dyayat Kychak clan. I am from a small village, Ortolyk. I live with children, livestock and folk. I make Alas (purification ceremony), milk offerings and blessings. I work for the health of people, and I bring my help to folk in this way. I take strength from my spirits, from my spirit protectors and from my ancestors. When I was forty, I started on the Shaman’s way, a Soyong Shaman was my mentor. Hence, I help and heal folk. It was the Creator’s will to make our Chuya land. It’s the highest place, the top of the head, and all folk speak about it. Our hard land has a small amount of grass, and our folk live by their livestock. Living in Chuya, people traded with Kazakhstan, Russia and also with other countries. Nature is greatly changing. Our summertime comes one month later. It doesn’t rain. The earth is being exhausted. Our amount of livestock is dimishing. In general, our population has not increased. People are beginning to breed yaks. It’s a little more profitable to breed horses because they don’t eat much. Even if horses are on the snow, their hooves can break through it, and yaks can move snow with their muzzles. By teaching our children, and by restraining ourselves, animals and birds with unexhaustably grow. If people take care of the arkhar (mounatin sheep), marmot, capricorn and deer, Altai and Arzhans (mineral springs), then destructive practices will stop. In Altai, by 2050, climate change models predict an average decrease of glacier water volumes of 26%. Longer warm periods will lead to permafrost melt, ground subsidence as well as changes in biota, and traditional land use. Nature is changing everywhere, there are many changes with this new century. Radiation is in places of war. On different lands, there are tsunami and floods. Our earth is sacred. Mountains and rivers have their master spirits. Stones, trees, everything is with its spirits. We have our Altai land and our Altai traditions. Other planets and places are different. Everything is entirely different. It cannot be alike. Folk are diverse, they speak different languages, have different blood and clans. In themselves, they must know about their place. People don’t understand at all, they are selling the land. Sary Bur (Yellow Leaves) ritual is in the first month of Autumn, September. Winter is coming, and people give thanks for a year passing in peace, by making food and dairy product offerings like talkhan, kurut (hard cheese), and butter. For many centuries, they maintained this tradition. And now folk, having forgotten spiritual knowledge, are restoring it. Sacred sites, totemic plants and animals, recognized by Altai indigenous communities provide evidence that the first conservation movement arose thousands of years ago. Folk are reviving these old ancestoral traditions. This is an ignorant generation, people don’t understand each other. When there is another big earthquake, perhaps people will become more humble. Living on the earth, each person must respect their place. My Altai, my birthplace. It is the land of our ancestors. We must respect it, protect it, and it will give us life, it will give us health. A person must respect oneself. For thousands of years, traditional land use in Altai has been sustainable.
Living on earth, everything is connected and each person must repect their place….
it protects us, it gives us life, it gives us health. Director: Ivan Golovnev Made in association with Foundation for Sustainable Development of Altai and The Christensen Fund.

55 thoughts on “Land is Breath: respecting nature in Altai”

  1. Merhabalar

    Hazırlayanların ellerine ve emeğine sağlık

    bu güzel çalışma için teşekkürü bir borç bilirim

  2. beautiful region and great to see local people protect and cherish their environment.
    this region is also home to last of Russia's endangered snow leopards.

  3. That's a marvellous video. The man is certainly speaking a Turkic language but couldn't understand what branch. It was very nice to see practice of our old religion with breathtaking images of Altai mountains.

  4. There is origin of Turkic culture, this language is origin of Turkish , long live Altai, long live Turan!
    Ulu Kök Tengri Türk ü Korusun…

  5. I am Turk from Turkey and i understand altai turk language %80 when i listen carefuly.(it is very interesting and beautiful) because altai montains are motherland of all turkic people also turkey turks.. isolated altaic people has saving our original culture and religion (shaminism-tengrism) for thousands years…

  6. I hope and pray for the Asiatic nomadic people..and thier way of life to continue…to resist the rest of the world that has sold its soul for greed and gadgets that make them feel so important……peace

  7. we are all tribal people even if you don't know this you are go find the information on all tribes in the world and you will find yourself

  8. I would like to be a Turk as they are. Unfortunately we, the Turkey turks have changed, have been cut off from our ancestors living, mentality and traditions. Hope one day all Turkic people become like our ancestors, like these Altai Turks again.

  9. Surely there is a connection between the Telengits of the Altai and the Tlingit of the Pacific northwest coast of the US and Canada. Maybe it's a co-incidence, but I doubt it because names are too similar.

  10. Thank you, tweeted this out on @asiareportcom twitter channel. I am hearing a large chance for Dzud this winter. Our thoughts are with Mongolia and the Altai. Thank you for the wise life lessons. For sure, i am going to bicycle each day now. Did already in fact. Cars stink.

  11. altai people are Mongols! telengits are ancient mongol tribe! these altai people are oirat mongols! turanism is peace of shit! turanism means fucking islamist union!

  12. they are 100 percent aryan because tibbet people has most pure aryan blood and genetic code r1a1 also aryan always woreship nature gods.

  13. Lao/Liao & Thai people originally migrated from here Altai Mountain area according to our history All Mongol descendants. Liao & Lao the same(French changed our name from Liao to Lao reason the reason they cannot pronunciation)

  14. Balti is come from Altai in modern days word Alti converted into baltit ,and balti same people smiler language style and we use khan for only king the Kara kram range northern area of Pakistan here k2 is located

  15. european people have incest relation and mid asia people also barbaric uncivilised they eat cow baffelo not fellow hindu relision so its proved they are not aryan.

  16. Takla Makan (you go in you never come out) and Takla (Denecho) First Nation BC -2000 years separate the language from Tibet to all Dene. But there's NO direct connection. How about the word for earth energy, Life force, CHI, KI, and Chi Hi (Dene) – let's not forget our ancestors and where we have come from. They take everything from us, our land our traditions and we accept their insanity in exchange. Frack the UN.

  17. Место рождения P1-M45 – узбек. Алтай – это место, где развивалась наша исконная культура, защищенная нашими горами на протяжении тысячелетий. Оттуда мы распространились по северному полушарию. Путеводитель для чайников.

  18. My nationalism Kypchak this is my. People. 1922 – 1939. Joseph Stalin killed to meny Kypchaks some people take nationals Kyrgyz. Kazakh. World war 2. Adollf Hitler same time killed to many Judge Jurasalim

  19. He is from Kiptchak tribe, from which the Kuman people came.
    Hungary has 2 places in which the Kumans settled: Nagykunság – Great Kumania, and Kiskunság: Little Kumania.

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