Laura Dennes: Diploma of Dental Technology

Laura Dennes: Diploma of Dental Technology

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Laura Dennes: My name is Laura Dennes and
I’m in Stage 3 at Randwick TAFE doing dental technology. A dental technician is basically
someone who makes any appliance or prosthesis in the mouth. So we make dentures, we make
crown and bridge, we make orthodontic appliances, anything that the mouth needs we fill the
gap. I’m waxing up a full on full denture, so a
denture for someone who has no teeth. So what I’m doing now, I’m setting these artificial
teeth in wax. You set the upper on an occlusal key like this and then you set the lower teeth
against the upper teeth. My favourite subject so far has probably been
crown and bridge, just because it’s very small and detailed and I really enjoy doing the
real nitty-gritty small stuff. The teachers here, they’re all very excellent.
They’ve all been technicians for many years and have a lot of experience and knowledge.
They really do care about how good you become because we’re the dental technicians of tomorrow. You usually do end up specialising in something.
You learn everything at TAFE and then you would go into just being an acrylic technician
or just being a crown and bridge technician, or orthodontics. The style of teaching works for me because
it’s very practical based. You do learn a lot on the job but having both really balances
it out and gives you an overall understanding. When I learn things at TAFE my boss then takes
what I’ve learnt and applies it to work and each individual patient and case. I really enjoy doing TAFE because it’s giving
me the skills to go out into the workforce and work as a dental technician. I’ve always
wanted to do something arty but I never thought it would take me in this direction.

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