Layered Stencil Blending with Distress Oxides


– [Kristina] Hi everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today, I’m going to be
using a new stamp set and also two new stencils
from Paper Smooches. They have a blog hop going today, so even though it’s a Saturday, I don’t usually post on Saturday, I’m gonna have a little fun today and share a card with you for the weekend. So, the stamp set I’m using
is called Inhale Exhale, and it has these amazing like really encouraging greetings on it, these are fantastic, I
love how big and bold all of the writing is. And then I have these two stencils. This one here is called Patterns. And I’m also going to be using this one that’s called Starry. I love stars, all the stars, (laughing) which is telling since my
Instagram name is @starofmay. I love stars and I was born in May, so, if you were ever wondering how that Instagram name
came about, that’s how. And I’m gonna be using these together, and doing a little bit of blending, and then stamping on top. So here we go. I’m starting out with some Pink Lemonade My Favorite Things cardstock. I’ve had this for many, many years, so I really hope they’re still selling it, I imagine they are. But it’s just a really pale pink. I’ve scored it at 5 1/2 to
create a side folding card. And before you do any of the masking, I’m going to take some two
inch wide Post-it Tape, and I’m just going to protect
the backside of the card, just past the fold. I’m doing this on purpose,
because I’m gonna be blending onto this card front, while it’s open. So I wanna make sure that
I can blend off the edge off that corner, or off the fold. I’ve picked four different
distressed ink colors. These are Distress Oxides. I’ve got Picked Raspberry,
Seedless Preserves, Broken China, and Chipped Sapphire. So I’m going to be doing
some sort of layering of the different stars and elements, so what I’m gonna do is take some little bits of masking tape, just enough to kind of hold it in place. I’m first going to blend the
color over this entire area, and because I am going to be
doing quite a bit of blending around the star, I’m gonna
go ahead and mask off the other shapes around it. This is gonna make sure I
don’t accidentally blend the other shapes. Gonna start with Picked Raspberry, and today I’m going to be using the life changing blender blushes, from Picket Fence Studios. Because I want a really
nice, soft blend over these. ‘Kay, while I still have that down, I’m going to take this other stencil, I’m gonna put some patterns on here. And I’m going to once
again tape this down, the Seedless Preserves, I’m just gonna, this is just going to intensify the color. Before I move on, I’m going to go ahead and just clean off the stencil, ’cause I probably will
use this pattern again. I’m going to lift up my star here. You can see how cute
that that pink star is, right on top of that pink cardstock. And I think now I’m going to
do some Seedless Preserves. It’s gonna bring this in, try to get that color really spread out. I’m going to do another pattern, and I think I’ll do this striped pattern. I’ll have it just go kinda
right across that star. Adorable. So you can see how it
adds that pattern there. In fact, I think I’ll offset that pattern, and come in with a little
bit of this Broken China, just to see what it does. This time I’m going to
use the Broken China, just get that blue on here. I’m going to do these
little X cross things, (laughing) I’m not sure
what else to call ’em. And I’m going to do a little bit more of the Chipped Sapphire. Just put those right on top. And I think I want one kind
of in the center there too. There we go. (“Almanac” by Seth Parson) ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Who’s up who’s leaving ♪ ♪ Ah ah hoo wee ♪ – All right, to finish off
the front of this card, I think it’d look nice to
have a little bit of blending coming in from the edges. And I think I’ll actually have
it be in Chipped Sapphire. So I want a really, really
soft blend coming in on all of these edges. (“Almanac” by Seth Parson) Gonna set this aside, I’m gonna let it dry while I clean up my work surface here. All right, I can peel
up this masking paper. And I’m gonna hit this with my heat tool to speed up the drying process, because I am going to
do some heat embossing, so I need everything completely dry. Before I move on to the heat embossing, I’m going to test it
with embossing powder, to make sure that
nothing is going to stick to areas where I don’t want it. Looks like it’s nearly there, there are couple of spots
where the embossing powder is still sticking. So I just have to brush this off, and I’ll hit it with my heat tool again. And make sure everything’s dry. All right, I’ll test this again, looks like everything is
sliding off with no problem. So here’s that stamp set again,
it’s called Inhale Exhale, and I thought I’d do the
it’s okay not to be ok, and then one day at a time right below it. I’m actually going to use
a grid transparency sheet to help me get it aligned just perfectly. All right, I’m gonna peel that up. Now going to prep the area with
an anti-static powder tool. This is just a tool that
puts a little bit of powder onto the surface of the card. And that powder kind of
dries any more moist areas, makes it so that when I
stamp with my sticky ink, that really is the only sticky or wet part of this entire card front, so that when I apply the powder, it’s only going to stick to those areas. It just ensures a really
clean embossed image. Make sure this is right
there in that corner. And I’m actually going
to stamp this twice. I’m stamping it in Versamark
Ink, gonna stamp it twice, because the larger greeting is really big, and I wanna make sure that I
get a really good impression. I’m using some white embossing powder. This is Alabaster embossing
powder from Brutus Monroe. And I’m just putting this on here. And then tapping off the excess. And I’ll hit this with my heat tool. Okay, it’s not standing out
as much as I hoped it would, so I’m going to do something that I hope does not completely (laughing) ruin the card, we’ll see. I’m gonna take some masking tape, and I’m just going to use the
edge of the card as a guide, and put that on. And I’m going to mask out an area, and then blend over the top, and hopefully it’ll darken
the area behind the embossing, and help it to stand out. All right, now Distress Oxide ink will actually coat the embossing powder, and it’ll be a little
bit hard to buff it off, so now I’m going to switch to
the original distressed ink, this is one of those instances where it’s great to have both on hand. So I’m gonna switch to
the regular distress ink, and I think I’m gonna do some
Chipped Sapphire over the top. Switching to a smaller
blender brush as well. And I’m just gonna blend over the top. You can see how it’s already
showing that greeting more. And then once I’m ready to
buff off the color off the top, I can do that with just a regular cloth. It should slide right off
all of that embossing. All right, I’ve got a clean paper towel, and I’m just going to start buffing this, and it’s going to bring
back the brightness. All right, so that
buffed away all of that. I’m going to lift up my masking tape, and it’s going to make
that area stand out. I have a few spots here that the blue is really showing through, and it’s really bothering me. So I’m gonna take a white gel pen, and just kind of go over those areas where the embossing powder
didn’t quite cover everything. All right, and just because
this spacing here is bugging me, I’m going to do some additional last minute little fixing here, and I’m going to take a T-square ruler, and I’m going to draw a
line with my white gel pen, over that area, and it’s
going to extend past that masked rectangle. For a non intentional design element, I’m kind of really
loving it now (laughing). Okay, so that is the card for today. I’m really loving this card. I love how graphic it is, in fact, I might even do a
matching envelope for it. Make sure you head over
to Instagram to see that. I think I’ll film it
and have it as a video. So like I said before, this is for a blog hop for Paper Smooches, they have a brand new release. So many great things, including, I wanna show you another stamp set. Well there’s a couple, there’s
the patterns stamp set, it’s called Patternology, it
kinda goes with those stencils I showed earlier. And then this one, which
is called Inverted Notes. So many great sentiments
in here, fantastic. So there’s a lot of fun
things in the release, including some additional dies. I encourage you to check those out.. I’ll have links down below
to the entire release and you can check those out.
(gentle music) Thanks so much for watching today. On screen I have three more
videos for you to check out. These are going to be some
fun encouragement cards, if you were looking to send someone a little bit of encouragement in the mail. Thanks so much for watching, I will see you guys on
Monday for a brand new Make A Card Monday video.

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