le clou de Girofle a énormément de vertus ,voici comment s en servir

le clou de Girofle a énormément de vertus ,voici comment s en servir

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Bad breath can be extremely
disabling. Some people wash their hands teeth regularly, nothing and done, the smell
is persistent. At issue: alcoholism, smoking, cavities, dentures
or just inside the stomach , the friendly, in short there may be millet
and a reason. So what to do? here is some tips to fight effectively
it But of course as usual before returning
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In number one, the BA BA, brush them up teeth,
Use a manual toothbrush. Some people with halitosis or who are getting
worry for their breath always take away a toothbrush wherever they go.
Take a small tube of toothpaste. If you do not have toothpaste, know that
you can also reduce the odor caused by the microbes that accumulate after
meal brushing your teeth with water the tap.car usually the smells come
a very bad dental hygiene, think also to use dental floss then I often told you about
cloves I come back with this recipe here simply because the
clove is exceptional for your teeth, I told you it was
a powerful antiseptic antibacterial but above all it calms the
toothache toothache but to soothe the toothache and of course to
help you to have oral hygiene improved so here i’m going to show you
how do you use it in combination of doliprane even dafalgan is enough
simple but you found by the then you can use it
for several other ways such as the painful rules, at men
and urinary tract infections and in women urinary tract infections too
so we’ll see you can you use it in many ways but
especially especially especially remember that if you combine these two products
that way not only are you take care of your donations
and it will improve your health general so here we go
Anti-inflammatory action, relieves pain muscle or rheumatism. Aphrodisiac.
Antibacterial actions. Soothes infections urinary tract (kidney stones or cystitis).
Attenuates the various stomachaches: aerophagia like bloating. Very good anesthetic
local. Useful for relieving the cough of affections viral.
But also externally, it has Antiseptic properties: Cloves allow
to disinfect wounds. He can be, also, used as a remedy against
bad breath. It is also used against dental pain.
It also heals dental pain. he also has an antibacterial and antiviral action.
It relieves muscle pain, rheumatism and it has anti-inflammatory properties. restores energy and helps fight
against fatigue. It is also an antidepressant. The clove that you see was
used by traditional Indian medicine for its medicinal properties. In China,
it allowed to have better breath, before to meet the emperor. In the thirteenth century,
cloves become one of the bases of phytotherapy, especially in oral treatments,
to relieve pain or anesthetize. The clove is used most often under
essential oil form. The dosage differs depending on the problem to be treated and the essential oil
of clove will often be combined to that of another plant.
– Against the dental pain, make a mouthwash with 3 drops of essential oil
in half a glass of warm water. – The same preparation will be used in
case of viral hepatitis, with massages on the upper belly.
– To reduce the dental pain, it must be frictions at the level of
painful gums. Precautions for use of clove CONTRAINDICATIONS
Clove is not recommended for children under 12, pregnant women or
who are breastfeeding. SIDE EFFECTS
Overdose can cause disorders gastrointestinal symptoms, such as vomiting,
OR COMPLEMENTS Clove essential oil can be
used to treat mild disorders. By associating it with other plants, it is
possible to optimize the effects. To treat states of fatigue and exhaustion,
RECOGNIZED BENEFITS So for you gentlemen as you see me
do from the beginning if the treatment is internally, take a quarter of a spoon
clove powder and drink with a tablet of dafalgan before going to bed
If it is externally take the clove powder , mix with a little karate butter
and apply in massage, and I assure you it will help you, to remain very powerful
and enduring Thank you for watching this until
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  2. merci grande soeur et mes félicitations pour les 1.millions ďabonné merci bon continuation ma grande soeur cherie coco je t'aime

  3. merci grande soeur et mes félicitations pour les 1.millions ďabonné merci bon continuation ma grande soeur cherie coco je t'aime

  4. J’ai pas compris svp on mélange le clou de girofle et le beurre au dafalgan où on utilise juste la capsule ? Merci de me répondre et bne continuation

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