LE GASP! | Dinner Party

LE GASP! | Dinner Party

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hello everyone it’s me Jayskibean and
welcome to dinner party and this is a game where you have a dinner party it’s
a dinner party simulation you got to have a good dinner party guys showed
these folks a grand old time and here we go what’s going on Reginald
Yvonne Jeremiah Diana and Chad so what am i what am I to do what am I to do
with you yeah oh wait all I see yo yo yo oh you gotta hit the keys
Oh when they brighten up you gotta make a I see oh okay this isn’t too bad I saw
Dave Reginald Chad and Diana and Yvonne in Newberry
Diana Chad and Reginald and oh no oh I say this did as a ruse oh okay all right
I see all right congratulations you score with 65 I don’t want to quit design by oh okay that can’t be it that
can’t be it huh I’m gonna get a better score I want
to try to break 100 is it possible to break 100 I know let’s start let’s do
this let’s have a dinner party evil Jeremiah
okay you gotta hit all the y’all I see okay so you get one wrong or you miss
one and your score goes down lot of sounds there make it is what yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo I have a dinner party I know I hit the wrong button Chad
you pawned some more – Chad not working all of it V harder than it looks it’s
Lauren you got to really know your layout on
the keyboard Oh anything this is a good little frigate
why is he keep saying it’s a ruse I had to have gotten better that’s a 62 I
didn’t write better that time what word no you didn’t there’s got to
be a better just got there’s got to be a way you got to get better score than
that B yo yo yo yo yo yo yo Oh yo yo yo oh geez can you hit them
more than once if he notices yeah I don’t know how I feel about this
yo yo yo yo football fuck ah ah hey Chad Diana your new Baron we are
Reginald shadow giant are mr. Vegas okay yes they’re all speaking out of turn
come on come on come on come on we’ll come on down every time but I’m doing
better every time I don’t get it I don’t understand why do dinner parties doing
that all right we’ll try having one more dinner party yo yo yo yo why I just moved it and everything I
like how it’s all cardboard E and I like it yeah for do various space I feel like
I don’t feel like I can really like fully influences there’s so much more
intuitive look uh Diana why D be concerned you know Jeremiah yo yo yo yo
yo yo yo yo you see what is it my belief is it my business is it my belief must
let’s try to keep it realistic uh I’m not lasting very long maybe is
because maybe is because I’m hitting the button more than 164 it’s better than
last time whatever okay this time I’m only getting the button once so does your belief go down as time
passes by yo yo yo yo I think you only have to hit it once soon because I’ve
been spamming uh yeah okay I see yep okay I see they come
in like waves yeah okay we got this this is easy
we got it’s gotta be love a more focus mode yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo okay okay I think we’re getting
somewhere booty booty crew getting somewhere now
chat again Diane the wand it’s such a believable ten apology I believe the
proof out of this one and that’s it I say it was a ruse is it always a ruse no
matter what score you get 78 that’s way better you know what that’s not keeper
I’m not gonna be able to top 100 I don’t think you can get a hundred but I hit
everything pretty much perfectly that run so I’m gonna finish the episode up
there that was dinner per touch the mic that was dinner party okay guys enjoy
watching me and my cardboard dinner party with all my friends Eve Alden
Newberry other people’s names that I can’t remember because my memory is
garbage and anyway if you guys didn’t enjoy make sure you slap that like
button underneath the video and until next time I’ll see you guys later you

3 thoughts on “LE GASP! | Dinner Party”

  1. If there's dinner and a party, how can it be a ruse?! I did not expect it to be a typing game. Have you played the typing game Ray Bibbia? I was surprised it was so hard!!

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