Leslie Smith Has Stomach Tumor Removed | EXCLUSIVE Footage Not For the Squeamish

Leslie Smith Has Stomach Tumor Removed | EXCLUSIVE Footage Not For the Squeamish

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Josh Barnett, last week Amy Dardashtian sat
down with a panel of fighters among them was current UFC bantamweight Leslie Smith. She revealed that she had a tumor, a benign
tumor on her stomach. We’ll note that because of the piece the UFC
did reach out to her to help with this situation. She did have the tumor removed today. She wanted removed right, and she did share
with Inside MMA some exclusive video of the surgery. I should warn you, if you are squeamish look
away now… Holy cow look at that thing! That thing is gross. That looks like it lives in the ocean. I’m totally going to take it home. well that was nice of the Ultimate Fighting
Championship to cover that for Ms. Smith. Josh for those who may not be at the top of
the pat scale, who can’t afford that $600 a month health insurance premium, what do
you think is the solution? We’ve talked about unions, we’ve talked a
little bit about everything. I know you are under contract with the UFC,
got a fight coming up with Andrei Arlovski, but what do you think realistically can be
done to help the fighters? Well, in this case, this benefits the UFC
in every sense of the word, not just positive press but hey she’s under contract. These people if they are under contract, in
your company and you need them to go out there and fight and bring those matches to the masses,
if they’ve got tumors and what-have-you and things that are impeding their ability to
be at their best, well then you don’t have a product. So, it really behooves the UFC to do so, but
I’m glad it was a benign tumor and that she’s doing well.

16 thoughts on “Leslie Smith Has Stomach Tumor Removed | EXCLUSIVE Footage Not For the Squeamish”

  1. Cool that the UFC took care of her. I'm not sure they even had to and I thought it was kind of an irrelevant thing to complain about when talking about a union and what the UFC is liable for. But if the UFC starts doing things like this for all their fighters it really is only a great thing.

  2. Às 16h20min ver isso só me causa uma sensação………………
    Fome, não vejo a hora de chegar em casa e fazer um bifão de picanha bem mal passado……

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