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This 3D Printed tracheal implant saved this
baby’s life. And some cockroaches have evolved to avoid poison traps that use sugary bait.
So yeah. Vsauce! Kevin here – this is Mind Blow This robot tells you if you have bad breath.
Developed by CrazyLabo and the Kitakyushu National College of Technology the humanoid
responds to the smell of your breath with phrases like “it smells like citrus” – and
it works by using gas sensors that create a chemical footprint which can be matched
to specific odors. There’s also a robot dog that will smell your feet. While these are
novel applications – they have more serious ones for this technology down the road in
medical fields. Cosmologists believe they’ve found the first
hard evidence of multiple universes. Data from the Plank Satellite of cosmic radiation
shows large cold spots where according to our understanding of physics shouldn’t exist.
Theoretical Physicist Dr. Mersini-Houghton believes the anomalies are caused by other
universes pulling on our universe as it formed during the Big Bang and while many scientists
are skeptical of other universes these unexplained features of the map will at the least require
new physics to be understood according to the European Space Agency. Tracking Point has developed a interface similar
to a fighter jet display for their precision guided firearms. It not only displays information
like range, wind speed and shot angle but allows the user to lock onto the target with
a desired impact point. Critics say it takes the fair chase principle away from hunting
and other wonder if this technology should be in the hands of civilians and they range
in price from 17 to $22,000. Newly discovered mini-spider from china Antiquity music has developed the Wheelharp
a chamber string orchestra keyboard. It allows you to play 61 bowed strings – there are currently
four prototypes and they’re crowd funding the project right now – here’s what it sounds
like… Seal is a wearable swim monitoring system
that warns parents and lifeguards if someone is drowning. The neck band has four levels
of alert that can be set depending on the experience of the swimmer and when in danger
it sends a warning signal or full alarm to the monitoring hub. Find the link below for
more… Bare Conductive has created electrically conductive
paint. It allows you to apply paints to walls and other surfaces that enable a kind of liquid
wiring. It’s non-toxic and can be used for simple things like turn on lights or creating
interactive art or posters. Hot. Pink. Slug. Mobile eye visions technologies is developing
a camera-only autonomous driving system that uses just a few hundred dollars worth of materials.
While not as advanced as the self-driving google car it uses technology currently seen
in Volvos that predict and react to pedestrians and cyclists and they have plans to introduce
more advanced systems by 2016. Finally, Sonic Water is a cymatics installation
visualizing sound and vibration with the music of Kymat… I’m gonna leave you with a 3D printed robot
that plays pool and as always – thanks for watching.

35 thoughts on “LET ME SMELL YOUR BREATH — Mind Blow #65”

  1. Look around you at the speed of evolution, where cockroaches take generations to come up with a successful mutation that offers a single benefit… maybe, or just maybe, they all die.  Then look at mankind, where within a moment's inspiration we completely design and develop a never before seen, self mobile, fully autonomous, creatively intelligent  non-organic life form… capable and very willing, to give us the finger.  Speed of evolution versus the speed of invention… NO contest.  If that isn't GOD… what is?

  2. @1:39 "others wonder if it should be in the hands of civilians". Well lets see, the governments are the ones going around shooting people dead by the millions with guns vs. thousands for civilians. So yeah I'd say if they can have them then civilians can too.

  3. when I first saw the video I was thinking "whatttt, these things came out years ago" then I saw that it was uploaded 5 years ago (2013)

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