Live PD: Blue to Breathing (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Blue to Breathing (Season 3) | A&E

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– Wake up. Wake up. – Eric, come on already. [bleep] [police radio chatter] – Wake up. His name’s Eric? – Yeah, Eric. – Eric’s last name? – Eric, wake up. Hold on.
Hold on. Relax. He’s breathing. He’s breathing. Wake up. – I heard something. [sirens] – Did you give him one
prior to this one or just– – Two. – You gave him two? – Yup. – What are we up
to, four or five? – No, I just gave him one. That’s the one that
you handed him. Is that his second one? – Second one, yeah. – So that’s the second one? No, he’s only got two so far. – He’s all blue. I did CPR, but he had a pulse. Eric, come on, buddy. – Give him one more. – You seen somebody
drop him off here? – Yeah. – We just got back
from the store. – I don’t know his last name,
but he lives here with us. – Supposedly, he was
dropped off here a truck. [police radio chatter] – Dropped him and left. He was turning blue. She started administering CPR. They gave him a dose of Narcan. We got on and we
gave him two more. – Hey. Hey, what’s up? There you go. – We got to know what you took. – No, you’re not good. – Listen, you’re not in trouble. We just want to make sure
that we can help you up. All right, so you got to let
these guys know what you took. It doesn’t matter what it was. We want to make sure we
can help you up, my man. All right? All right, look at me. We gave you a lot of Narcan, OK? Listen to me. Look at me. Focus on me. All right, you were really blue. You weren’t breathing. We gave you a lot of Narcan, OK. And like this
gentleman said, that’s not going to last forever. OK, you’re going to probably
go back out for a little bit. So did you snort heroin? Did you shoot it? You didn’t do anything? You’re just sleeping on
the side of the road? You’re in the middle of the
street, you know that, right? You’re in the middle of the
street and you’re unresponsive. We’re just trying to help you. We’re trying to save
your life here, OK? You’re not good. You can’t even stand up. – What happened? – I don’t know. – Did we do this
not too long ago? – How much did you
take this time? How much? That’s a lot of
Narcan to wake you up. How much did you guys use? – This guy is very lucky,
when it was all said and done. We were up to about six doses
of Narcan to bring him back. It saves lives and
it’s a great thing, but a lot of these people are
using it as almost an excuse to take the drugs
because they know they have the Narcan there.

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  1. The fact that the medic knew him already is hilarious. Doesn't get more real than repeat drunks and overdosers. See ya in a couple of shifts dude.

  2. Just tell the officers what you took as long as you don’t have anything on you. When I use to work at mcdonalds I got high everyday and the owner came in and caught me i’m like just fire me i’m clearly high. They just made me clock out and come back the next day. A week later it happened again though I got fired

  3. What a job the police have, having to deal with these dopers is insane, such a waste of good men. Drugs are the worst, that boy will not live much longer, but before he pegs out he will cost the taxpayers a couple hundred large.

  4. 6 doses of narcan pne is enough for a person who took enough to od and die 6 he had to have take 6 leathel doses of drugs pure herion white or black no cut or fentonal

  5. At some point you have to ask if its worth all the trouble these officer's and EMT's are going through

  6. Depressing that those strangers have more respect for his life than he does.

    Inspiring that those officers have respect for a stranger who doesn't respect himself.

  7. I like how you guys try to have some sense of decency by filming someone dying on the curb by blurring out his face. If he came back to life it’s ok.

  8. As a recovering addict that's typical behavior, saying we're good when it's obvious we're knocking on death's door.

  9. You do any drugs today sir?

    Nope, none.

    Sir the med we gave you literally only works against opiates, so what did you take?

    Nothing bro, I had some water earlier.

  10. It’s scary to think that weed and heroin are in the same class drug, so all the focus on videos you see of weed busts, it’s focus away from the actual important harmful drugs like that

  11. going through an od is rough. you're doing something like walking home then bam theres 6 ppl hovering over you asking you what you took. your immediate reaction is usually to deny anything cause you think you're gonna get locked up

  12. I've ODed before so I know how out of it this guy must've felt. I kept fading in and out of consciousness. I woke up to a bunch of police officers standing over me while I was in my bed and was super freaked out by that. Honestly now I have very little memory of that night or the 2 days after that so I don't know if anything I said to the officers made any sense at all.
    Hope this guy is okay now and that he's still recovering from his addiction.

  13. People took drugs and overdosed on heroin Loooooong before narcan came about! People legit RISKING THEIR LIVES to do drugs ..Are most def NOT using narcan as an 'excuse' to use!!

  14. I completely support the police but they shouldn't spend taxpayers dollars to bring people back from making stupid decisions

  15. You hear what the cop said? “It revives people and that’s great but a lot of these people use it as an excuse to keep using drugs”

  16. No one wants narcan. It is not used as an excuse to do more drugs. This is misleading. It took alot of work to get Narcan otc here in my state and it saves lives. Period.

  17. People don't get that drug companies have raised the price of narcan, esp since the drug epidemic has grown. Six narcan alone costed thousands of dollars. Imagine if there comes a shortage due to the price hike, people will be dying left and right quicker.

  18. They've got to change the laws about possession. Find a gram or less of what he took= you're screwed.
    Have drugs in your system= send you back out.
    You get a ticket for public intoxication but not for using a lot of resources when you od

  19. you know youre a piece of trash when your mom has to say something like "thats my last thing of narcan"… just let them die. its their choice.

  20. Sad days when narcan is carried by all junkies can get narcan for free while kids are dying because they can’t get epi pens or insulin 6 doses of narcan to wake him what a joke

  21. Dunno about his last comment. Its only luck that your found… and someone calls the medics most addicts are loners and use in secret hideaways. Most addicts have no family ties or friends..its luck that you are found and in time.

  22. No one is going to address 0:15 "That's my last thing of Narcan" either the women is a nurse, or she has some junky friends. Judging from the state of that box, I would say it has been in her purse a long time. Also it was injectable. I guess no one is going to comment on this? You guys been watching too much Live PD.

  23. Goodness, this department needs to support it's officers more by giving them better medical cross training. This is a TV show so it could have been edited out, but as an EMT, I don't see ANY of the basics happening here until rescue arrives.

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