Live PD: Just Wanted to Stop Smelling Bad (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Just Wanted to Stop Smelling Bad (Season 3) | A&E

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100 thoughts on “Live PD: Just Wanted to Stop Smelling Bad (Season 3) | A&E”

  1. You know you live in the ghetto when you’re surprised that someone actually got pulled over for shoplifting

  2. “she was able to describe the color of the bag so we know she had it at some point” lmao well yea if someone gives you something and says “here, hide this” you might remember the color of it 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️ not saying it’s not hers, but this seemed like a pretty stupid way to determine an arrest

  3. I feel kinda bad because it looks like they are living in their car and have an ADORABLE kitten and I can see why she shoplifted too. She was just was trying to smell better and I get its wrong and stuff. But seriously? The pot was too much..

  4. Shoplifter: pLeAaaaaaAsEEee I don’t wanna go to jaaaaaaaiiiil

    Also shoplifter: steals and drives away like it’s nothing

  5. I think there needs to be a hypocrisy charge when they cry about getting arrested after they get busted being criminals !!!

  6. Omg tha makes me sooooo angry like u can tell she was telling the truth and also, u can’t prove that she had it at one point bc she only said wa colour it was it might have been in his possession and she seen it but that doesn’t mean she had it in her possession she was probs living in that car wth …

  7. This video made me sad 😥. She was someone precious baby girl at one time ☹️. I want her to be better…poor thing ☹️. Jesus loves you come to Him as you are…

  8. She’s obviously still on the meth she’s acting exactly how my sister acts when she’s on meth (my family has tried to put my sister into a program and help her but she refuses)

  9. Here's a tip ladies: a little white vinegar mixed with water will re balance your ph level so your hoo hah won't get funky.
    Also, don't smoke meth. You're welcome.

  10. Thief: So just for a theft?
    Cop: Yeah, yeah.
    Thief: So I thought it's only a ticket.
    Cop: No, stealing is illegal.
    Thief: I thought it was ticket then flick it.

  11. i feel like a lot of cops are like this, super calm, and not rude. It is sad that there are cops that are super rude for no reason and are really full of themselves. these guys are amazing. him telling her to relax and calm down was definitely the way to handle her.

  12. When the girl said she just wanted to quit smelling bad I thought perhaps she might have been some poor trashy chick and I felt sorry for her. Trying to see the good in people can result in a lot mistakes in life.

  13. What, you mean I can't just walk into a store and take something?? What's wrong with that? It's just hygiene products! Do they really count as theft? I think a socialist government should just give these things away for free!

  14. I give these cops major props. This is exactly how law officials should act. They were professional and respectful

  15. Those cops are being unreasonable. Shes just a female. Females should get a pass on stuff cause of all the oppression they've dealt with. On behalf of all men I'd like to sincerely apologize to all females

  16. Just bc she knew the color of the bag doesn't mean it's hers…… he could have easily told her to hide it. Just sayin.

  17. These are the kind of cops we need in Dallas, not the ones that are racist, nor the ones that kill their own neighbors….

    Live PD, please hit up Dpd and hire some cops like the ones in this video please 🙂

  18. beans!! There is cats behind houses in my neighborhood and I named one tuna!!! And it’s not scared of me We feed it a chicken nugget Lol
    I want to keep it!! It’s a Stary cat

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