Love Island EXCLUSIVE: Maria Wild pictured ‘inhaling hippy crack’

Love Island EXCLUSIVE: Maria Wild pictured ‘inhaling hippy crack’

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New Love Island star Maria Wild has been snapped appearing to inhale hippy crack.The VIP host – joined five other beauties in Casa Amor over the weekend on the ITV2 show – was snapped with a pink balloon in her mouth at the Notting Hill Carnival The 22-year-old sporting face glitter can be seen sitting with a friend on a step while enjoying the three-day party which is notorious for the use of gas – real name nitrous oxide – also known as laughing gas Snapped: New Love Island star Maria Wild has been snapped appearing to inhale hippy crack while partying at the Notting Hill Carnival The Instagram model commented on the photo with seven heart emojis when it was posted in 2016 The picture was posted by celebrity eyewear company Shades Royal as a throwback to the summer celebration and appeared in the new Islander’s tagged photo section Her friend, with the account @kamisha_iivx_, replied: ‘You bussed, please believe I brang you here ‘ New recruit: The Instagram model entered the Love Island villa on Friday night along with five other girls, while six boys arrived at Casa Amor In slang, ‘bussed’ can mean being so high or drunk you have to get the bus home  What is Nitrous Oxide and is it illegal?Nitrous Oxide, has been nicknamed ‘laughing gas’ due to the euphoric and relaxed feeling people who inhale it can sometimes feel The substance – also known as ‘hippy crack’ – is normally bought in pressured canisters, commonly transferred to a container, e g. a balloon, from which the gas is inhaled.Although possession of laughing gas is not illegal, English law prohibits its sale to under-18s if there is a chance they will inhale it   Nitrous Oxide canisters and cigarette butts litter a roadside in Camden Town on February 11The effects of nitrous oxide vary depending on how much has been inhaled but they include:• Feelings of euphoria, relaxation and calmness • Dizziness, difficulty in thinking straight and fits of giggles/laughter.• Sound distortions or even hallucinations • In some people, a headache can be an unwanted immediate effect.Risks include:• Unconsciousness or death from lack of oxygen This occurs when the available oxygen for breathing is effectively pushed out by the nitrous oxide Maria joined Love Island on Friday night as part of the biggest shake-up since the new series began She is best friends with former Islander Danielle Sellers, who has given her insider knowledge Maria said: ‘I’m quite passionate – whatever it is I am doing, I’m very all or nothing I’m very loving. I really do care about other people a lot.’ She added: ‘I’m very close to my family, that’s very important to me I can be quite stubborn, I am an only child so I often expect to get my own way and I’m quite bossy ‘Gorgeous Maria says she has her eyes on Anton. ‘Deep down, it is Anton but I just can’t stop thinking about when he went in and talked about having a wandering eye,’ she said ‘When I first saw him, I was not attracted to him but now I’ve watched him and got to know him, he’s funny and sweet ‘Laughing gas shot into the headlines this week, after large numbers of campers were pictured inhaling it at Glastonbury It was made illegal to sell for psychoactive purposes in 2016, but the canisters can be purchased online for as little as £6 The Royal College of Nursing says inhaling can cause ‘choking or tightness in the chest, nausea or vomiting and a dangerously high heart rate’ In an alert this week, Britain’s most senior nurse said official figures showed there has been five deaths per year on average linked to the substance since 2014 A number of Premier League footballers have also been photographed in the past appearing to use hippy crack They include Raheem Sterling, Kyle Walker Mesut Özil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.Maria’s manager and Shades Royal have been contacted for comment Turning heads: Maria and the other girls are already shaking up the villa romances – and has her eye on Curtis

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