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(crowd talking) – Oh my god! (laughs loudly) Woo hoo holy (beep)! ♪ Stump kitchen ♪ ♪ Stump kitchen ♪ (upbeat music) I got my focus to work! I got my focus to work! Yeah yeah! – Welcome to, the Lucky Fin vlog. – Today is the day of
the flight to the place! I just wanted to show you my shirt because it’s covered in little cactus. Cacti? Cactee? Cactila? See, I match. (both laugh) All right, let’s go to the airport! (upbeat music) [Alexis] Wow, I’m holding
this camera with one hand. With no hands! Look! Look I got my coffee. – Wow! – [Alexis] Look at this hero. – I like how you’re like this
stuff doesn’t seem that heavy. – [Alexis] Is it not heavy? – No, it is. – [Alexis] Oh! Duh nuh neh neh neh neh neh neh neh! Lucky Fin vlog! Lucky Fin vlog! We wanna be on the Lucky Fin vlog! – Cut an onion, slice it up. Put on some kitchenyup-e-yup! It’s the Lucky Fin vlog! Vlog! (laughing) (upbeat music)
– Let’s get going. – [Alexis] Are you excited?! – I’m really excited! – [Alexis] Are you excited?! – Absolutely! – [Alexis] Yes! Look at those cherries! – Cherries from Ernie! – Oh! (upbeat music) We’re one the shuttle to the plane! On the shuttle to the plane! Hello! Hello! (humming) – [Bus Driver] You have to
stop and pick up your six pack of Bud for the road! – What?
(laughing) No. Checking us in! – One bag for you, right? – For me, one? And for you one? – Well you might have to pay. – [Alexis] Oh, okay. – We’ll cover that – Oh! Benefits of traveling with your parents. (both laughing) (upbeat music) (announcement playing) Oh! (laughs) I just sat on Gerry’s cannoli thing. And our luggage is not- we don’t know where the
luggage is, like it’s– we’re not really sure. So we’ve been here for an hour, we’re waiting. We’re a little bit stressed. We’re making friends. I don’t know. So, wish us luck. (melancholic music) Nobody knows where the luggage is. And we’re on the shuttle to the rental car and it’s very late and… I’m sweating. Ugh! (cheering) It’s so late, and I’m so glad to be here. Our luggage is not trackable. Nobody knows where it is, so… Maybe we’ll get it, maybe we won’t. All of my crafts and
all of my activity stuff I’m doing with the kids tomorrow at the Lucky Fin weekend picnic- they’re all in the luggage. So that’s gonna really suck. But here we are! You know, the hotel gave
me a free toothbrush. That was really lovely. And a funny thing, when I got here, they wrote down the wrong room number so when I came up, there
were people in the room. (laughs) So that was embarrassing. Then I got the right room and now I’m in the right room! And it’s really great. I’m absolutely exhausted. I’m gonna get some Door Dash. So I’m gonna look and
see if they have anything vegan and delicious. (drum roll) (triumphant music) Bouncy bouncy bouncy! Okay! It’s 1 am, I’m a little weird but I rallied and got some Door Dash. I got some fries, falafel,
and humus and veggies. ♪ I’m gonna eat my vegan dream! ♪ I’ll see you tomorrow for the Lucky Fin! Goodnight. (alarm buzzing) Good morning! Oh my gosh, the day and
the night were so long. These are my morning angels. – We’re not wearing the same
clothes we wore yesterday. – [Alexis] Yes we are! – No, these are different clothes. – But it’s a new day and– – [Mom] It’s a new day! – And we’re off, we’re gonna
do all the good things. We’re gonna drink some coffee,
we’re gonna go get supplies, (yawning) and tonight we get to see all the Lucky Fin people,
so I am so, so pumped and we don’t know if our
luggage is gonna come. We’re just gonna wear the same
clothes and see what happens. (laughing) I kinda did my hair. My OOTD? Same as yesterday. (jazz music) I just checked the luggage notification. The delivery has been processed
or commencing or something so apparently (burping) Oh, pardon me! They’re on their way! So I might have toothpaste soon! Oh yeah! You do not want to smell
this breath right now. (exhaling) it’s pretty intense. (upbeat music) Mom and Gerry were such champions! How do you feel? – [Gerry] Great! – [Alexis] Yeah? – [Gerry] we’re going home, that’s good! (laughing) – Hopefully our luggage is
waiting for us at the hotel. I don’t know, but either way, we all said that we would swap clothes if it wasn’t. So we could wear different outfits. (laughing) (intense music) We did it! – We did it! We nailed it. – This is our grocery haul! Look at all the things that we got! (beeping) I was so excited at the Lucky Fin weekend that I didn’t do the best job of vlogging so I’m just gonna fill in
some gaps here as needed. Right now I’m waiting for
Molly and Ryan to arrive. So that’s this transition for ya. All right! (laughing) (beeping) – [Alexis] Is that them? (car honking) Oh my god it’s them! Yeah! She’s arrived! Oh Yeah! Come gimme some love! Ryan, you’re so gigantic! – Oh my god. – [Alexis] You’re the
biggest kid in the world. Give me a squish. (hugging) Hi sweetheart! Oh I’m here to help! I should really be helping. – [Ryan] No, I’m here to- (laughing) – [Alexis] You know, here we go! (jazz music) (water splashing) – [Alexis] Uh, hey there! Watcha doin’? (laughing) – We’re touching the water– – Don’t worry about it! It’s fine! (water splashing) (laughing) – [Alexis] I did it too! Hey Squidward! – Wassup man? – [Alexis] How’s it goin’? – It’s pretty good, how are you? – [Alexis] I’m good,
are you looking forward to Lucky Fin weekend? – Yes. – [Alexis] So what’s your name? – [Myla] I am Squidward. – [Alexis] Really?! You’re another one! What are you looking
forward to this weekend? – [Myla] The hot tub. – [Alexis] The hot tub? High five? (laughing) Oh hey there bad lighting. How ya doin’? But no, in all seriousness we got our bags! (applauding) I got to shower and it was very good. So now I’m going to go back down and welcome all the new Lucky
Fins and old Lucky Fins. So, let’s go! (upbeat music) – How hard can you go? Whoa! (Chris laughs) Holy crap! – [Chris] That’s what happens! – [Alexis] That’s real strong! You’re real strong! (upbeat music) Oh hello there, what’s your name? – [Myla] Hi, I’m Pie! – [Alexis] Hi Pie! You are so sweet! – [Myla] Oh thank you! – [Alexis] I hope you have
a great Lucky Fin weekend! – [Myla] Bye! – [Alexis] Bye! (angelic music) – [Alexis] We are having
a much deserved feast at the end of a long, hard day. Tell me, Fern and Gerry, how did today go? – It was splendid. – No matter what you expect,
so much more happens. It’s an incredible group. – You two were champions today, thank you for everything you did. – [Mom] No, we had fun. You were a champion. – But can I say like
the best part of the day was when our luggage arrived. And I was like– – Just shrieking in the lobby. – Oh we can shower! (alarm buzzing) – We’re going to the picnic! – We’re going to the- – We’re going to the picnic! – We’re going to the–
– We’re going to the picnic! Picnic time! It’s like twenty nine degrees. (barf noise) We get a little break right now because Gerry forgot the car keys. So tell me, um, how’s the weekend going? How are you feeling? – I’m feeling very very calm
and happy and my heart is full. – Mhm – Full of little Stump Kitchen people. Little tiny Lucky Fins. – Yeah. – And one special bigger tiny fin. – Me. – Lucky fin. (laughs) – Yeah. I just filmed an episode with Blakelee and that was really cute we made watermelon pizza. And we’re off to the
picnic to do our necklaces which I didn’t do anything for. (both laughing) Mom and Gerry did all the prep. Yeah, so we’re gonna go make some crafts and then tonight film some
more things, eat some dinner, and just bask in this
thirty degree weather. – Lovely day in Troy, Michigan. – It’s absolutely beautiful. – We saw a dove last night. – You saw a dove? – Up in the tree, over there. (cooing) – Exactly! That’s what he said! (upbeat music) (crowd talking) – [Alexis] Come on in, come do one. – [Mom] Want some more? – [Alexis] So yeah, so this has anything – Oh, I love that! Yay! – [Child] I’m not even done yet. I’ll just tie it for
you and then you can– (Photo snapping) – [Alexis] Tell me about your necklace! – I added Oreos and gummies. – [Alexis] I love it. – I’ll definitely eat all the Oreos. – [Alexis] Absolutely! – They’re good. – [Alexis] Thanks, Myla. (laughing) – [Alexis] Tell us about your necklace! What’s on it? – I put all kinds of
candy on it and pretzels. – [Alexis] Are you gonna eat it? – And life savers, and I’m gonna eat it. – [Alexis] Yeah you are! Way to go, have a great
weekend! Thank you! (laughing) – Mine I made with Oreos and other types and also I made something like this. – [Alexis] Whoa, that’s so cool. (laughing) – I put rainbows like a
rainbow like fruit rings on them so I can make a rainbow pattern and I also put gummies on them. And some spacers. – [Alexis] Are you gonna eat them? – Yes. (both laughing) – [Alexis] Way to go,
happy Lucky Fin weekend! – Thanks! – [Alexis] You’re welcome. – This year, my friends
and I, we raised $160 for the Lucky Fin Project. – [Alexis] And how did
you make that money? – Lemonade stand. – [Alexis] You had to
sell a lot of lemonade! Way to go, high five! High one! Boom! Way to go! That is- you are such a cool
role model, thank you so much. That’s so great. (happy music) – [Alexis] Whatcha got there? Dolla bill! Dolla bill yeah! Make it rain! – Lucky fins rock! Whoo! (laughing) – Jump! – [All] Whooo! (laughing) – Hey hey, Super-Abled comics! – It’s a comic anthology
about 6 stories written by limb different people
featuring limb different people! And we all did it! And we want great
representation in comics! – Yeah we do!
– Because it’s necessary. – Some of the stories are
written about disabilities, the person has a disability, but then their super hero body
doesn’t have the disability. Which only, like, perpetuates the stigma that disabled bodies are “less than”. So we are like, “nope!” We are going to change this! – We are representing
the disability community because we are the disability community. – [Alexis] Thanks folks! – Thank you! (cheerful music) – Hello! I’m Emily Griffin,
this is my first time at Lucky Fin weekend. I am a college culinary student, whoo! – Culinary student?
– Culinary! – Kay. I rarely get to
talk to other cooks, so this is so great. What is your favorite kitchen tool? – Um, the mashers are great,
but who needs a masher when you’ve got a fin? – Absolutely! (laughing) Right, it’s so good! (laughing) – Yes! Is that it? I’ve never done this before. (both laughing) – This is Alexia. – Hi. – We have very similar
names just by one letter and our nicknames are… – Lexi, Lex… – And we’re lucky fin twins. Like so when we five, here
can you five with both? We’re like mirror images. Look at that magic! Are you a limb different kitty? Are you a limb different
kitty with your six toes? Happy Lucky Fin weekend! (crowd chattering) [Alexis] Way to go Owen! – Yeah, yeah, yeah! (both laughing) High five! Boop! Aw, good one! That’s my nose! (beeping) Oh my god! (laughing) Okay, Woohoo! Holy shit! Oh my god! – Why don’t we make it
more fancy and do a lunge? – Okay! This is 150 lbs right here! Holy crap you are so strong! (Chris laughing) (screaming) (groaning) (laughing) – [Chris] I’m gonna eat shit (relaxing music) – Oh I’m not leaving! I’m coming right back! I’m just gonna say bye to my mom and dad and then I’m gonna come right back. Bye I love you so much! – Bye I love you too! – Thank you for–
– Thank you Lucky Fin! – I love you, bye! – [Mom] Bye, have a great day! – Thank you, bye! (relaxing music) (laughing) – [Alexis] Oh my god, I love you so much – [Angel] I love you so much. (chattering) – [Angel] Oh my God, I love you. – [Angel] Bye friends! (laughing) Bye Friends. (relaxing music) (sighing) – Hi. (exhaling) (clearing throat) I don’t know how I could even
begin to recap that weekend. And to like, I don’t
know how to close it off because I don’t want to close it off. But today is the last official day. It’s Sunday. It’s like one o’clock everyone’s gone, um… There’s chocolate and raspberries
on my hotel room walls. This is what I’m left
with, it’s pretty amazing. And every year at the
Lucky Fin Project weekend every year I’m left better. Like, my life has been changed again and it will always be
changed every single time. And just like watching
peoples’ transformations and growth and seeing people be celebrated and loved exactly for who they are for the first time this weekend has been, yeah, just almost too much
for my heart to handle. So I think the next few
weeks are gonna be a lot of just soaking in stories,
letting it wash over me letting it wash over the
internet, and just trying not to forget anything that happened. Um, yeah. What a good time. And I just really want to
thank you for watching this because the more people
that can watch and learn and celebrate limb difference, the better our world is
going to be for folks with limb differences,
with diverse bodies, with disabilities. So, you’re actually
helping to change the world just by being here. So I really appreciate that
and I love you so much. And yeah, thank you so much for watching and subscribe to Stump Kitchen
if you haven’t already. Support me on Patreon if you’re able to. To help this work continue. Thank you so much to all
my incredible patrons for making this work possible. We’ll see you next time on Stump Kitchen. Bye! (uplifting music) (beeping) – Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow! – Oh my god! Oh my god! (gasping) – Wait, wait, wait. Shhh, shhhhh. – Oh my god! You’re doing it though! You’re doing it! Oh my gosh you’re my hero! (both laughing) Thank you that was so good. Hey have you ever been tickled by a stump? – I don’t get tickled. – Oh. – I have no ticklish. Nope. None. (laughing) Zero. – Who are you? It’s too many muscles! (beeping) – You’re gonna catch me double dipping. – What? You just double dipped? (plates rattling) It’s gonna be a full day. Oh god! (laughing) Welcome to Stump Kitchen! (laughing) (beeping) – Well slickle my pickle
and call me muggle, I’m in! Lucky Fin! (laughing)

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