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*earpiercing beeping*
just skip to 1:20 already, no thanks (heads up, headphone users!) what an
E x c i t i n g G a m e p l a y™ ! le sarcasm hehe :/ LITERAL EAR RAPE JUST END THIS SUFFERING ALREADY A AA AAA AAAA AAAAA fret not just skip a bit, like 1:30 was a fun part thank me later (not really, im too lazy to edit that one out anyway) but for real tho who came up with that idea up yours too, buddy *auto-heal potion* (sighs in polish) *headlines:
GUNSHOTS IN A KIDS GAME* (back to being useless i guess) (friendly fire) wonderful, he even act wonderful he even actuall *unintelligible mumbling* (wasting precious potions on healing from teammates’ friendly fire attacks, thank you From Software) *missed* *missed* *himself takes poison damage instead* back to slav squatting comrades (even more friendly fire to soothe the pain) YOOPIE! FIRST BLOOD *gets the irony* (headlines: STILL LITERAL GUNSHOTS IN A KIDS GAME but this time it misses P R A N K
[SERIOUSLY] [No joke!!] [I almost died]
[2nd subscriber special]) *sarcastic tilting in polish* (headlines: SUICIDE USING SHELL-AMMUNITION WEAPONRY IN A KIDS GAME
[Peta INFORMED] [FBI investigates]) *painful realization of one’s inability to cope with all this* noe (Enemy uses: AUTISTIC SCREECHING) (ITS SUPPER EFFECTIVE) Next frag, one more to go, guys! I mean, wait, which one was the bad guy again?

The one winning, the fg do you mean?! Up yours, but with controller, again ?or so i think FUGGIN WEEBS REEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *self-value damaged* im not sure if its a bug… or a ‘feechoer… (14 “turns” to instadeath left…) cause it doesnt look like a feechoer whatsoever… (13 left) … 😀 i might actually be able pull that one out (off, is what i meant) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ive got like nine seconds left or something *cracks* HE COULD JUST DIE 🙁 HE COULD JUST STOP DAMAGING ME ANY FURTHER (provided to you by: A rebelious teenage tantrumgirl) (here goes) *inhales* HE’S NOT EVEN A REAL JOURNALISM HE’S NOT EVEN A REAL BOSS YOU KNOW I just stumbled across him (did you just assume it’s gender) on my way a c c i d e n t a l l y I didn’t even save my game since then (??) :c this is so sad can we hit 1 likes no)_ (HAHA HEARD YOU LIKE PLAYING WITH YOURSELF) (HOW ABOUT YOU GO PLAY BY YOURSELF NOW) fffff awesssomee… yos here we go again (a boring pause) *realized the insteadeath counter stopped* *glowering gasp* SHE CANT EVEN DIE YOU KNOW im just WAITING here tbh smh (you spin me right round baby right round) *tilts* *frowns* so like.. idk maybe ill just go like grab a snack or something and just kinda leave it recording *adjusts the camera in polish* ok brb *fearful moan* *sounds of actual living after all these days of farming magic for guardian force junctions* believe it or not but you the viewer can actually go away too since even i left really nothing happens just those subtitles are they really that amusing to you? are you expecting a paranormal activity like I had when I rewatched the recording, or something, you sicko? *here we go again with bad breath move* E V E R Y O N E ! YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND BABY RIGHT ROUND LIKE A RECORD BABY RIGHT ROUND RIGHT ROUND that im not gonna subtitle fkoff so i grabbed meself an icecream, see to cheer myself up a bit :c i dont think its wise to design a game that keeps playing itself by itself (sudden sexual arousal) and what’s more, loses XD with itself V E R Y L O U D I C E C R E A M A A A A A mm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) thats some fine icecream mate flavour is… uuummm …. (well?) too dark for you to see what flavour it is no shit? blueberry (i couldn’t see either frankly) fuck you capitalist scum you might wanna share with us with that delicious mouthwatering ambrosia !! I can maybe kill the sucker down !! nope she didnt manage to kill the sucker down :c OOF G A M E O V E R lo who could have possibly be able to guess that was going to be the outcome D: *rattlesnek* wew *spiteful sigh* *gazing inhale* yee boi *tired smooch* perhaps i have no other option than to load my previous save state my dear precious intelligent audience C: *harm’d sniff* *smack* i wonder (no you dont you sarcastic b!tch) where i had saved last time (i already know that) ’cause I ??? havent saved the game in a in a in a while now oh yeah there it is, my savefile AHA – Take on me “taaake~” AHA x2 so like i probably have to get here… (on the floor) (everybody walk the dinosaur) its not T H A T far away from where I stopped but its somewhat frustrating Thanks for that, Lori : -) Appreciated. (not rly) the least amount of good news (get over yourself dude, it happened hourly in DooM II) ya — i get it (i dont :v) *running in the 90s* (to the adressee) you might be wondering why I hadn’t played as Squal (like now) there, before perchance had I played as Squal I could have survived p e r h a p s had I played Squal I could have survived (why yo repet yoself niBBa) but a c t u a l l y I may not use him because I may not use him wot Circular reasoning (Latin: circulus in probando, “circle in proving”;[1] also known as circular logic) is a logical fallacy in which the reasoner begins with what they are trying to end with.[2] The components of a circular argument are often logically valid because if the premises are true, the conclusion must be true. Circular reasoning is not a formal logical fallacy but a pragmatic defect in an argument whereby the premises are just as much in need of proof or evidence as the conclusion, and as a consequence the argument fails to persuade. Other ways to express this are that there is no reason to accept the premises unless one already believes the conclusion, or that the premises provide no independent ground or evidence for the conclusion.[3] Begging the question is closely related to circular reasoning, and in modern usage the two generally refer to the same thing.[4] woa (a wild g o o b b o i appears) WHAT WILL A$$ DO? [FIGHT] [BAG] [CHOOSE] [RUN] *retardily) g o o b b o i XD stfu thank you for your cooperation exactly *very clearly* l e a d d a w a i p l s alas! I must regain what once I lost.. (dark poetry) yas oke *violent choking* yo mam ghey yo pap les yo tranny a granny wait (turbulance) mhhmmmmhmm oh yes senpai faster f a s t e r (a stimuli, an audiovisual representation of the lovemaking via the usage of a dual shock controller and a live human hand) (a moment of silence) (relief) (slow tapping) (cant save here) ok.. right.. why would they have to be letting you save here anyway owo *inhuman language* m h m m h m :* T R U S T …better than… …it would prolly be better than… (well..???) (better than what???) …than we i’d have to leave…. talking.exe has stopped working AGAIN …Rioah in his (Zell’s) hands… …but I mean, Zell was the captain, not Squal, when they all… …got killed by that sucker… laughter? cry? yeeeee *very clearly* W E ‘ L L S E E A B O U T T H A T yeah dont you forget about her being a sorceress and stuff so powerful yeah (to be fair, she did survive the longest) to be fair, I had taken away really the.. the worst fighters, the worst… (and went fighting with the most powerful ones,
is what I implied) no (?) unadvanced (unexperienced, is what I meant) (ffs) aha x3 aha x4 ok ur getting squal’s abilities yass (◕ ͜ʖ◕) brilliant mhm yea in polish yea not in polish *zip* *piz* (to the adressee) you must be very confounded of what just happened (confused, is what I meant) or you ain’t watching this tbh since we’re already at 10 min mark zip piz but if youre watching this then I am thankful (: because you are reliving these painful moments here with me ): #sorrynotsorry *adjusting the focus* (pop-up about storage on the phone while recording) The space is running out?! D: o h n o e (yay less subtitles) in that case we’re gonna make a little transi – – B E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E P AHKAY soo in other words (???) (inaudible.. again) Squall (our brave main hero) got blown up (taken away, is what I meant, not literally blown up) literally blown up (no you dumb fuk) thereforee *asthmatic* we are forced to pick new heroes and build our own (new) team (is what i meant, lmao) and for that I needed to leave J U N C T I O N (as of, the Guardian Forces and magic abilities settings) of Squal, here with me but it hadn’t helped me anyway since I forgot to do T H I S (actually you [I] did not forget, the game threw the f#%&en Malboro at me three steps outside of the city, but I have no way to prove it, even though I tried to summon him later) o o p s (unironically magnificent worldmap soundtrack ever) *SUDDEN CLICK* Much better (to the adressee) you think we’ll summon them again? (no) and of course we have our car no more (ENEMY ENCOUNTER) (Just imagine it’s Malboro again and our film would be happily concluded with buckled composition.. frame narration? fucc there is no translation of “kompozycja klamrowa” into English! what the dick?!) NOPE (exactly! nope. That’s why our story not yet foregoes…) nope this time alas we haven’t encountered him terrible RNG with an enemy…. that.. is able to strike… in the first place, even before your characters… before you can pick a move on him is powerful as a gameboss (actually i think he was a miniboss indeed btw but what boss engages at random on the worldmap anyway wth) and for……. (intelligence cut) …like, what? five minutes! you can only watch as your team is immobilised through his one move that is effective on your whole team and then kill – – *loses focus* ooh aw n i c e ye you spin me right round baby right round bah!! WHO DARES INTERRUPT – – D: could it be…? is he back?! BACK FOR MORE?! *haha nope* sad okay i guess we’ll end here then E

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