Martin Short Has Worked with Some Foul Breath

Martin Short Has Worked with Some Foul Breath

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23 thoughts on “Martin Short Has Worked with Some Foul Breath”

  1. Wow I can literally relate.. I had this girl I had to kiss for two different shows and it was fucking torture. Tic tacs didnt even work it was so sad..
    on the bright side i can now hold my breath for a long time

  2. Sometimes people suffer from halitosis (bad breath) for medical reasons. Therefore, unpleasant as it is…it is not within their control. It is coming from inside the body. Not a question of a meal that included garlic. Perhaps, it might have been a kindness to tell the person in a diplomatic fashion? That is what I would have done Martin Short. Fellow Canadian. I am from Quebec, Canada….greetings!

  3. Tonsil stones maybe? It doesn't matter how good your oral hygiene is, if you're unlucky to suffer from tonsil stones your mouth is going to smell like a sewer regardless.

  4. That's why it's so important to have good breath at ALL times!

    Sounds like the lead lady had a serious mouth issue!

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