Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse: Marvin’s Roommate / Stripes’ Dental Fuss – Ep.6

Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse: Marvin’s Roommate / Stripes’ Dental Fuss – Ep.6

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(Hooves tapping) ♪ I’m Marvin
the Tap-Dancing Horse ♪ (Hooves clicking) ♪ He can dance,
he can dance, he can dance ♪ ♪ Just shine
that spotlight on me ♪ ♪ Every show
must have a star ♪ ♪ He can dance,
he can dance, he can dance ♪ ♪ He can dance
he can dance ♪ ♪ ♪ When the lights go down ♪ ♪ I’m ready to perform ♪ ♪ This is my home
upon the stage ♪ ♪ I’ll dance for you ♪ ♪ And we’ll perform
for you, too ♪ ♪ I’m Marvin
the Tap-Dancing Horse ♪ ♪ He can dance, he can dance
he can dance, yeah ♪ ♪ I’ll never get this off! What’s the matter Stripes? Look at the mess
on my cage, Eddy. Somebody left their
candy floss stuck to it. Why don’t I spray it off
for you with the water hose? Would you? Sure. I’ll have it done…
(Grunting) … in no time. (Grunting) Once I get it there. And the sooner it gets there,
the sooner I can have it back. ♪ Thanks, Stripes. ♪ Camptown ladies
sing this song ♪ ♪ Doo-dah, doo-dah! ♪ ♪ Camptown racetrack
five miles long ♪ ♪ Oh, doo-dah, day! ♪ ♪ Gonna run all night! ♪ ♪ Gonna run all day! ♪ ♪ I’ll bet my money
on a bob-tail nag– ♪ Hey, Marvin! I need the water hose
to clean Stripes’ cage! MARVIN:
Won’t be a minute, Eddy! ♪ I came down there
with my hat caved in ♪ ♪ Doo-dah, doo-dah! ♪ I’ll be back after he
finished singing his doo-dahs. ♪ Gonna run all night ♪ ♪ Gonna run all day ♪ Hey, Eddy, could you dispense
a little shampoo, please? Sure. Eddy, I think you’d better
take care of Stripes’ cage. I can wait until
you’re finished. Maybe you can wait,
but it’s getting impatient. (Gasping)
Uh-oh! (Straining) Hey, that’s what I need! There.
That oughta hold it. (Humming) Oh, dear. I need one more. Hmm… (Marvin humming) (Screaming) Ah! Eddy, I’ve got
soap in my eyes! Don’t panic. I’ll get you a towel. (Gasping)
Oh! This is just perfect! (Humming) Ah, that’s better!
Thanks, Eddy. I’ll just rinse off
and the hose is all yours. Good. I don’t
want to keep Stripes waiting too long for his ca–
(Gasping) Ah! Sorry, Eddy.
Did you say– ah! Oh, no! I’m coming, Eddy! It’s a lovely
little garden, Elizabeth. Oh, thank you. I do enjoy being
creative with rocks. (Rumbling) (Gasping) Oh! DIAMONDS:
Runaway cage! (Rumble approaching) Thunder?
Strange. It wasn’t in the forecast. (Rumbling) Stripes! Look out! Look out? Look out! I can’t look! (Crashing) Oh, no! My… home. Oh, no! Oh, my goodness! Oh, dear, this is terrible! Just terrible! Calm down, Elizabeth. Yes, everything
is going to be all right. All right? How do you figure that? Uh, what I mean is… Tell him what I mean Marvin. Well, because
you’ve got friends. Yes? And? Uh… And when you’ve
got friends, they, uh… They fix your cage! Don’t they? I guess we could try. Um, with all of us
working together, I’m sure we can fix it. So, which pieces
do we start with? You know, it’s getting
kind of late in the day to start a job like this. We should start in
the morning when we’re fresh. Yes, yes, I agree! Right. That’s settles it then. Hold on!
What about Stripes? My feelings
exactly, Eddy. I need a place to sleep. You can stay with me. It’ll be fun
having a roommate. Really?
Oh, thanks, Marvin. Oh… MARVIN:
Make yourself
at home, Stripes. Mi tent es su tent. As they say in,
um, somewhere. (Sniffing) (Sneezing) Marvin, there’s something
I have to tell you. Uh, uh, uh. There’s no
need for “thank yous.” I wasn’t going
to say, “thank you.” I was going to tell you
I’m allergic to straw. (Sneezing) Oh! You’ve got to
clear this out of here. (Sneezing) (Sneezing, sniffling) But, this is my bed. Well, it is for a friend,
and it’s only for tonight. (Yawning) Good night, Stripes. Goodnight, Marvin. Goodnight, Mister Grizzly. (Stomach rumbling) Stripes, is that you? It’s my stomach. I didn’t have
my bedtime snack. Bedtime snack? Graham Critters,
extra crunchy. Don’t mind me. (Crunching) (Sighing) (Animal noises sounding) MARVIN:
Ah! What’s that?! Relax, Marvin. It’s just my jungle sounds. They help me sleep. (Sighing)
Goodnight, Stripes. (Jungle sounds playing) (Snoring) (Snoring continuing) (Sighing) (Snoring) (Yawning) Good morning, Marvin. Good morning, Stripes. How about some breakfast? You go ahead. I’m not feeling
too hungry this morning. Suit yourself. A good sleep deserves a good
breakfast, I always say. See you later! Yeah, later. Finally!
Now I can get some rest! (Tools blaring) (Giggling) (Hammering) Hi, guys. Hello Marvin! Good morning, Marvin. How’d you sleep last night? I’ve discovered I don’t
sleep well in strange places. Where did you sleep? Well, it sounded
like the Congo, but felt more
like the Rockies. (Back cracking) Ooh, was that ground hard. What happened to
the fresh straw I gave you? It was making Stripes sneeze,
so I had to move it outside. Didn’t you tell him
it was your bed? He’s my guest. I wanted him
to feel comfortable. Well, don’t worry. We’ll have his cage
finished by tonight and everything
will be back to normal. Ta-da! You did it! I’ll never forget
this wonderful moment. DIAMONDS:
Jack will be very proud of us. We even have some
wood left over! We do? Yes, two pieces. See? Diamonds, those are the axels. Are they important? (Crashing) They support the cage. Oh… Well, we better
get back to work. And I’d better have
a talk with my roommate. Stripes, this tent just isn’t
big enough for the two of us. No, sounds too harsh. Listen, Stripes, you’d be
much happier in the staff tent. It’s so roomy. Yeah, that’s it. Stripes, I– (Jungle sounds playing) (Jungle sounds playing) Stripes? (Roaring) Gotcha, roomie! Isn’t this fabulous, Marvin? (Grunting) I’ve wanted to decorate
my place like this for so long. Thanks again for
sharing your tent with me. You really are my best friend! (Purring) (Jungle sounds playing) (Marvin yawning) Morning, everyone. Morning, Marvin! Was last night any better? (Snoring and whinnying) You don’t have
to answer that. Huh? Beg your pardon? We think you’re
the best friend ever! Well, for two nights
I’ve been the best friend ever. But now that you’re
finished Stripes cage, everything will
be back to normal. Um, why is Stripes’
cage up on blocks? Well, Jack ordered
some new wheels. They’ll be here in two weeks. Two weeks?! Two weeks! If you think
I’m living with Stripes for two whole weeks,
you’re crazy! No, wait.
Listen, Marvin. Do you know what
I have to put up with? First, it’s…
(Imitates Stripes sniffling) “Uh, can you get rid
of all your straw?” Oh, sure! It’s only my bed! But, that’s what
best friends do! Oh, dear. Marvin… I’m not done, Elizabeth. But, but– And then, it’s… “”Crunch, crunch, crunch”
for half an hour while he eats his
Graham Critters in bed! But do I complain? No! Because we’re best friends! And then it’s
jungle sounds all night. And then the snoring! And can I get to sleep?
No! But do I complain? No! Because we’re best friends! If I was bothering you,
why didn’t you just tell me? I really didn’t mean… And I thought
we were best friends! Eh, some best friend
you turned out to be! Me?! What about you? Me? What about you?! Hey, hold it, you two! Listen, we all know you guys
are best friends. Right? Right! But if you’re best friends, you’ve got to tell each other how you really
feel about things. Right? Right? Right. Right. That’s better. I’m sorry, Stripes. From now on,
I’ll tell you how I feel. And so will I. Good! So, if Stripes doesn’t mind
where his cage is parked, he can sleep right here. That’s what I was trying
to tell you, Marvin. Oops. I do go on
sometimes, don’t I? No offense, Marvin, but I think
I’ll sleep in my own cage. To be honest,
it smells better. Oh. Well… I-I’m glad
you’re being honest. Well, to show you there
are no hard feelings, I’ll help you
move your things. Thanks!
You really are a friend. Oh! What’s wrong, Elizabeth?
They’re friends again. I know! I just love a happy ending! (Sobbing) ♪ (Stripes groaning) Oh, what did I do to deserve this aching tooth? (Squeaking) (Groaning) EDDY: Hey, Stripes. Huh? I’ve got something for you. (Gasping) Hello, Stripes! Here’s a snack for the world’s
most ferocious tiger! (Groaning) Well? Uh, thanks. But, aren’t you
going to eat it? Or devour it in the blink of
an eye, the way you usually do? I’ll eat it later.
I– I’m reading something. Gee, it must be
pretty interesting. What is it? Let me guess.
Half-price chicken sale? (Marvin chuckling) (Chuckling) Look, I said I’d eat it later,
I’ll eat it later. Will you leave me alone?! Eh, sure, Stripes.
No problem. Okay, we’ll see you later. (Sniffing) (Groaning) I’d say someone got up on
the wrong side of their cage. He’s been crankier than usual. And he’s not
eating as much either. I wonder what his problem is? Oh! Oh! (Howling) What’s that?! It’s the call
of the wild, Eddy. I was afraid of this. What? Stripes is showing
early signs of “Jungle Fever.” “Jungle Fever?” Shh! You mean, like, hunting? And pouncing, and clawing and– well, what do you think
those sharp teeth are for?! Oh, no! Eddy, you look pale. You’re not sick, are you? No, I’m okay. It’s Stripes. Stripes? What’s the matter with him? He’s got “Jungle Fever.” Jungle Fever.
Oh, my goodness! Oh, dear! Calm down. This is no time
to start panicking. What Stripes needs right now
are some kind words of support. (Painful growling) (Gasping) (Growling continuing) Who votes for
doing it over the phone? Uh-oh, he’s gone! Oh, dear!
Oh, dear! I think
I’m going to scream. (Inhaling deeply) Elizabeth, no. We don’t want to draw
attention to ourselves. That’s right. We’ve got to find
Stripes, before he finds us. I’ll go to the
front gate and tell Jack. (Stripes groaning loudly) I’ll go with you. Me too. (Chuckling nervously) I’ll sneak over to
the midway and warn Edna. Be careful, Eddy. Don’t worry. I will. Edna, are you in there? Edna, watch out for Stripes, he’s got Jungle Fever! I do not! (Screaming) That’s the most ridiculous
thing I’ve ever heard! Stripes, what are
you doing in there? Uh, making some lemon ice. You don’t even like lemon ice. It’s for a friend. Who? (Sighing) Eddy, why do you have to ask
so many difficult questions. (Moaning) What’s the matter? Eh, nothing. Huh? (Gasping) Yes, I’ve got a toothache. Why didn’t you tell us? Because I don’t like dentists and I don’t want to see one. Have you ever met a dentist? Well, no. But I know they pull teeth, and that’s a good enough reason
for me to keep my mouth shut. Ow! But, you need help, Stripes. What I need is for you
to stay quiet about this. Will you do that, Eddy? Please? (Sighing)
All right. Thank you. Oh! Would you let me take
a look at your teeth? Why? You’re not thinking of
becoming a dentist, are you? No. But maybe all you need
is some dental floss. It might just be a stuck bit
of popcorn or a chicken bone. Hmm…
(Groaning) All right. But only dental floss. Only dental floss. Wider please. Be careful. I’ll be careful. Let’s see here. Not over there! Over here! Oh. Upper or lower? Lower. (Groaning loudly) There’s no sign
of Stripes anywhere. We have to find him soon. There’s no telling
what he’s capable of doing! Oh, dear.
I hope Eddy’s all right. (Stripes howling) (All gasping) Would you let go
of my arm, Stripes? (Gasping) I’ll save you Eddy! (Whinnying) (Gasping) (Grunting) Thank goodness
we got here in time. Did he hurt you, Eddy? No, but I think he hurt Stripes. Shame on you for
trying to eat poor Eddy! What? No, he wasn’t trying to eat me! There’s no point
defending him, Eddy! We know what we saw! He’s got Jungle Fever! No, he doesn’t.
I was just flossing his teeth! Flossing his teeth? (Chuckling) Marvin… could you
move your hoof please? Aren’t you glad you
don’t have Jungle Fever? (Chuckling nervously) (Huffing) Of all the silly
notions I– oh! Ah! What’s wrong, Stripes? If you really must know,
I have a toothache. That’s why he’s been
acting strange lately! It even hurts for him to eat! Oh, you poor thing! That’s awful. I think you should go
and see a dentist. Uh, oh. No dentists! I’m not going
to see a dentist! He doesn’t want
to go to the dentist. Oh, dear.
What can we do? If Stripes won’t
go to the dentist, there’s not much we can do. Unless we bring
the dentist to Stripes! Hmm… (Voice speaking inaudibly
over telephone) EDDY:
He has a bad toothache. (Voice speaking inaudibly
over telephone) No, he’s never been
to a dentist before. You see, he’s a Bengal tiger– (Clicking, dial tone buzzing) Hello? Hello? (Sighing) Well, there’s another dentist
we can cross off the list. And look, there’s only one
left who makes house calls. Let me try it this time, Eddy. Good luck. (Dial tone buzzing, dialling) (Phone ringing, voice speaking
inaudibly over telephone) Yes, Dr. Yankem? DR. YANKEM:Yes.I’d like to book
an appointment, please. (Voice speaking inaudibly
over telephone) Uh, actually it’s not for me. It’s for my friend from Bengal, Mr. Stripes. (Gasping) (Voice speaking inaudibly
over telephone) This afternoon?
Oh, that would be perfect. We look forward
to seeing you, too. Goodbye. (Voice speaking inaudibly
over telephone) What a pleasant fellow. Shouldn’t you have told him
that his patient is a tiger? What he doesn’t
know can’t hurt him… I hope. DIAMONDS:
Now, isn’t that more comfortable
than the floor of your cage? I like lying on my floor. And I don’t like
sitting on my tail. (Groaning) But this is better
for your tooth! Hmm… (Groaning) (Groaning continuing) Just relax and give it
a few more minutes, Stripes. It will make you feel better. (Sighing) Oh, all right.
A few more minutes. I’ve never made a house
call to a carnival before. Uh, quite colourful . Wait till you
see your patient. Oh? Uh, yeah. Mr. Stripes
is a performer. He’s a very colourful character. Now, he may seem a little gruff, but don’t let that bother you. He’s really just
a big pussy cat. Oh! Come on in and
I’ll introduce you. Dr. Yankem, I’d like you
to meet your patient. Oh, dear. EDDY:
Mr. Stripes! (Screaming) (Screaming) (Screaming) A savage dentist! A ferocious tiger!
Let me out! He’s not ferocious. Just look at him. Oh… He even has a teddy bear! See? Oh! Hmm…
Bad example. Oh, dear. This is a terrible way
to treat a nice visitor. Nice visitor?! H-he’s a savage dentist! (Growling) We’ll never get anywhere if you two don’t calm down
and get to know each other. ♪ Some bees buzz,
but never sting ♪ ♪ So you must
consider everything ♪ ♪ That some dogs bark,
but never bite ♪ I suppose you’re right. ♪ Not all cacti
grow to be prickly ♪ ♪ And you see ♪ ♪ I once met a skunk
that smelled real nice ♪ That’s a surprise. Really? Yes! ♪ So everybody recognize ♪ ♪ That we can all be happy ♪ ♪ It’s easy once you realize ♪ ♪ There’s good in everything! ♪ I suppose it wouldn’t
hurt if I just looked. Great! Open up, Stripes. Uh… all right. I’ll do it. But guard that
black bag of his, Eddy. Ah, yes. I see the problem. Problem?! I knew it! He wants to pull
my teeth out! No, no, no, no. There’ll be no need for that! It’s just a cavity.
All you need is a filling. Oh, I don’t like
the sound of that! It’s nothing to
worry about. Look. I gotta couple of fillings.
And it didn’t even hurt! Eddy’s right. And just think of
all the chicken you can eat when
your tooth is fixed. Chicken? I’ll do it. I thought that might help. DR. YANKEM:
There. All done. What?
You’re done? That’s it? That’s it. My teeth are all there! And there’s no more pain! Oh, thank you! (Grunting)
You’re welcome. Ooh! I think you’re
squishing him, Stripes. Oh, sorry about that! I’m just so happy! And we are too. He’s so gentle. Oh, I wish I had
cavities to fill. I suppose
I should be on my way. So soon? Can’t you stay for dinner? Well, I don’t see why not. Oh! Eddy, bring on the chickens
and keep ’em coming. I’ve got a lot
of catching up to do! 32 chickens coming right up. Well, Eddy, as usual
it’s been an interesting day. Yeah, this morning Stripes
didn’t even like dentists, and now he’s
having one for dinner. Oh? I thought
he was having chicken. (Chuckling) EDDY:
Oh, Marvin. ♪

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