MASTER MODE FUNNY MOMENTS – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

MASTER MODE FUNNY MOMENTS – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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*Musical tone* Mr. A-Game plays Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild And it’s really fun!!! The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of the Wild….MASTER MODE. Master Mode isn’t as bad as people think, you know. Like it’s hard and stuff. But thanks to- HEY! *incoherent mumbling* No, no, I warned ya, I WARNED YA! I told ya you little JERK! *Grunting noises* (Unclearly) Get up! get up. *insane eating noises* Hah, great. They put a Lynel on the Great Plateau. That’s excellent, that’s just what we want. Yeah, sure, yeah, we’ll take him on. All my skill has lead up to this moment! Right…. *triggered gamer* Today on Mr. A Game we gotta show you the skill of master mode! Enemies are harder, you need to beat ’em quicker. We need to be better, stronger, faster. And this, is what we do here on Mr. A-Game Look at this skill right here, that is absolutely perfection RIGHT THERE! *cheering crowds* *eagle in the distance* The eagle is the symbol of freedom, for America. *Destroys America’s symbol.* *England flag intensifies* Makes a good stew as well, if ya know what I mean? Ooh, yeah there’s no way you can get me like that ya dumb Lynel, hahaha! *mumbling* Yeah yeah take the flame, take the flame boy. Oh, wait, hold on nah I was just playin’ haha. Let’s just- Nevermind, There’s no shame in losing to a Lynel, espesically when you’re on the Great Plateau in Master Mode. *Korok is found* *Smack* Shut up. Philsophy 101: If a tree falls onto a Bokoblin and kills it, did it really fall down? We’re gonna get out my special weapon. Look at that, look at that. No harm done, but at the same time, a deadly weapon. Link’s gotta use this more often. This is pretty good. *Deep breathing* What? They spawned me right next to it!? Come on, come on, get him right in the fa– Oh, nonononono runrunrunrunrunrun *Slow clapping* *Maniacally Laughing* Nope, nope! Uwahh! Here we go! *Grunting noises* Oh no. Why is this game so hard? You people don’t understand the power, of my LEAF Ow, LEAF! *Maniacal laughter* Yeah, that’s right, lets poke the bear a bit more. Oh woahwoahwoahwoah hold on. What, He’s got bomb arrows!? Run man run, Don’t do it man, *Crying laughter* I’m already dead! We going back to the real weapons here on Mr. A-game Let’s use the sword, this is some good stu– Ow You know what? Nahnahnah going back going back to my OP weapon. The LEAF Get out of there you flaming mongrel get out of there Three for three. Lel I AM THE ONE THE ONE YES I’M Just a simple shrine, simple shrine. It’s the motion control one. All nice and easy, just uh, that’s it. Put my arm behind my back, there we go, excellent. Beautiful. I need a key. Hello darkness my old friend. Line up the shot, eh oh woahwoahwoahwoah uh *Slow clapping* Heheheheh, you’re so dumb. Can’t even climb a hill. Hey! Oh man. That’s actually really embarrassing. Here you go Bokoblin! *Kicks bomb* Hey. Don’t come any closer. No, don’t come any closer, don’t come any closer! Nope, nope! Fight to survive, fight to survive! Get the stick, get the stick! Bokoblin you want the stick? Go get it! *Maniacal laughter* Ooh, you want the sword as well, then go get that as well you dummy! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh Now, we’re using real weapons. How you like the taste of flame? *Maniacal laughter* Taking your stick! Can’t have it. Wait, where did it go? Experiment time, let’s throw the flame stick! Oh, Let’s try again! Oh, Let’s use a bomb instead! *Maniacal laughter* Roasted. This reminds me of Lightning McQueen KACHOW I’m not even trying to attack it. Just look at him! *Crying laughter* *Music* Freefalling! *Maniacal laughter* Good, he’s finally left me alone. Finally! Ooh, hello friends. Oh no, no, no, not again! No, no, NO! This is how it ends! Dang it. I just want to get over there. This is the weirdest thing I have ever done. I’m free! I’m finally free! Aaaugh I literally have NO idea what i’m doing. I’m on a deer, I don’t understand. Alright. This time, i’m sure of it. I’m sure that — GET OUT. Not, not. NOT No no, no no Ooh, get him, get him, get him, get him! Wait, hold up, what is he doing with his stick? Like, how did he even hit me? Freedom, is a beautiful thing. I’m finally out of there. We’re finally– *Rage* NOT Nonononono, come back, come back! Ooh, maybe if I hit it on it’s ankle, it’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. Oh, I didn’t mean to do that. I really didn’t mean to do that. I’m sorry. I AM THE ONE THE ONE YES I’M Go, go, go, GO! Yes! We’ve done it! We done it! I’m gonna miss that Lynel. So many memories. So many fun times we had together. Just me and him playing. I’ll never forget him. Most caption by: Kirbytalks. Pls sub

100 thoughts on “MASTER MODE FUNNY MOMENTS – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”

  1. This was the first video I ever saw of Mr. A-Game. It had come up in my recommendeds quite a few times and I had ignored it, thinking it was probably going to be just as boring as the other BoTW Funny Moments I’d seen in the past, and probably wouldn’t be appropriate either. But my curiosity got the better of me, and I eventually decided I’d try it out.

    And DANG I was not disappointed. This was the most laughs I’ve had in so long, and I subbed pretty much immediately. And the fact that you’re family friendly? Just the cherry on top of the already amazing cake. This is the one time my recommendeds have really won in my book.

  2. 4:28
    You want a sword as well? Go get that as well you stupid bokoblin

    That’s my favourite part

  3. 5:44 when you don't think your going to have homework but your last period teacher thinks otherwise

  4. 3:46
    I was at that area and I thought I had the key! And when I realize I didn’t have and I am like “….I THOUGHT I HAD THE KEYSSS!!!!!”

  5. I love this video so much!
    I saw this and then i abboned ((sorry for my bad English) but ya I love your account and all your videos so ya 💕 that Lynel should LEAF your alone! 😂😝
    I thought he would shoot you when you was flying 😂

  6. Good one that was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 I need to start posting the funny stuff that happens when I play

  7. You're basically forced to do the 2nd method to get the warm doublet (climb mount hylia to its highest point)

  8. Me: “This video is hilarious!”
    Mr A-Game: “I actually really don’t like that video it’s the most famous video I’ve done but still.”

  9. Dang your low.I have the Master sword the Hylian shield and I defeated all divine beast I’m about to kill Ganon

  10. Bruh the ending was so good pretty close to making me want to cry because you escaped the lynel then you played that music and you were talking about how you will miss the lynel and all the fun times you had with it

  11. One time when I was on the great plateau I didn’t know there was a lynel in the great plateau so when I went to the old mans house then some bombs shot and I was like “Did a barrel do that? And next I heard a roar and then i turned round with a lynel right there and smashed me with his crusher. SINCE WHEN WAS I READY FOR A WHITE MANEL LYNEL CARRYING A CRUSHER TO BATTLE ME????????!!!!!!?!?!?!?!!??!!

  12. Bokoblin logic:
    1 throws rocks if mad enough
    2 can lift a lynel crusher and swing it even tho it’s like 3x there weight
    3 is scared of barrels
    4 can’t swim
    5 plays kick ball with bombs

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