Master Your Breath in 10 Minutes a Day | Vocal Lessons

Master Your Breath in 10 Minutes a Day | Vocal Lessons

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100 thoughts on “Master Your Breath in 10 Minutes a Day | Vocal Lessons”

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  2. i cant inhale for 10 sec,do it rather fast and exhale for 30 secs…Can this be a reason for my muscle tension dysphonia ?

  3. Thanks a bunch for the video; now I really feel like I've found a good technique to master my breathing while singing! Thing is after doing 10 breaths like she said I feel kinda light-headed and sweaty. Oh well…

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  5. I just had my first vocal lesson with a professional vocal coach. This was the first exercise my coach taught me. Lol. Good to know I'm getting the right advice.

  6. Yes breathing is very important And I have a problems when I start. And What helped me a lot are these online courses 🙂

  7. I dont know if anyone has asked this but I can breathe out for 15 counts no problem but breathing in for 10 I seem to run out of space for air by the count of 7 or 8. Is this normal?

  8. i started to actually sing since about 5 or 6 years ago and the first ever vocal exercises i used was hers. to anyone who wants to actually improve their singing i suggest starting with her vocal exercises, because they helped me ALOT.

  9. pls i sub u and like u so i cna easy find u help me how i can improve my timing decti and voice singing and quality is there already but timing dection and breathing is my major major problems…=(

  10. This one is the most impressive one I have ever come across. It has strengthened my voice greatly. Singing has become easier for me and much more enjoyable. It contains valuable information that every singer should know.

  11. Is it okay if I alter the exercise in that I hiss out for 20s instead of 15s? Does it affect the effectiveness of the exercise?~

  12. When I first started vocal class, this is the first thing they taught me, and we did it every course. It is the basic of other more advanced technique like staccato, and dynamic control. I recommend doing this and the vocal scales

  13. hi, after inhaler for ten counts and exhaling for fifteen counts by hissing. i still have alots of air in my lungs so should i just push the rest out after 15 count or go on till all the air is out

  14. I must say inhale was the hardest part i only could do 6 sec inhaling meanwhile i could do exhale 15 sec easly. Is that why i felt like i could breath better while singing acapella rather than singing with music?

  15. Thank you very much. I really appriciate to get those kind of tips for free.. I like singing but i get in trouble because i lose my breath to quickly.. So really thank you <3

  16. Thanks for this video. This is really great.

    One question: Is there a reason why you don't recommend doing this standing up?


  17. I'm losing count when I'm already out of breath,should there be a little pause after you exhale then inhale again? I'm using the stopwatch of my phone so that the counting will be accurate.

  18. Thank you mam for your valuable advice about breathing exercise, and request to you getting bass voice what exercise I have to do ?

  19. Why the slow inhale? When singing, your inhales are usually less than 1 second most times less than half a second long. So I would think inhaling slowly isn't realistic for performance. Unless there's another reason for it.

  20. top class video.I have tried many,many Youtube videos;no one else explains it so well. This has become my regular exercise! thank you!

  21. excellent. among youtube supposed singing coaches – you;'re actually got it right. I'm unsubscribing from everyone else

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  23. I know that thid video is old and I'm late but still could you help me out? I tried doing the excercise but I'm having a hard time about prolonging my inhale I could only do 5 counts though I can do exhale 10-15 counts. How can I fix this?

  24. Why to inhale slowly? When we sing we need to inhale fast in order to be ready for the next line. Can anyone explain please?
    And what about exhalation? Slowly or fast

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