Meaning of meditation-Self-analysis & How to meditate at home-Beginners guide

Meaning of meditation-Self-analysis & How to meditate at home-Beginners guide

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How to meditate for beginners: Guided meditation for beginners Meditation-
Explained by Spiritual Masters of Meditation just,
breathe in ….relax …breathe out
is not meditation,
there is more to it…learn meditation now! Before going ahead,let us little conversation on
meditation. You are watching meditation video, songs, music because :
1.You are a meditation beginner, or 2. you are stressed and want to get relief with meditation ,
or were Recommended by a friend,
or 4. You are curious to learn about meditation What ever is your answer, at least now are aware of the reason,
why do you want to dedicate next 5 min of your precious life watching this video. At least now, you know why and where to begin with,
rather than wandering aimlessly in topic of meditation on you -tube. Lot of you-tube viewers are wandering aimlessly about meditation ,
I am glad to know you have a specific reason to begin with meditation. Let’s begin step by step towards how to meditate for beginners-Guided meditation for beginners Before reading any of the meditation quotes,or tips on how to meditate for beginners,
ask yourself .. How’s this meditation quotes, meditation tips or meditation videos going to benefit me in my meditation?How? what are the benefits of meditation .how can meditation music,songs,videos help. Congratulations!what you just did is called as
“Self-Analysis about meditation” This “self analysis on how to meditate” is the key to successful meditation practice. In this video,How to meditate for beginners -guided meditation for beginners.we are going to unlearn all the mistakes of meditation and learn about how to meditate properly for beginners. But before that ,there are some important points to be taken care about… to meditate. Every body is curious to know…
how to meditate ,
how to meditate for beginners,
how long to meditate for beginners,
But such questions are of no benefit.. How to meditate daily,
Meditation tips and tricks for beginners,
How to meditate at home for beginners,
Zen meditation,
How to meditate before sleep.such question are of no benefit unless…. you are clear in your mind and body about
what is the meaning of meditation?
so ask your self ,
what is meditation ?
what is the meaning of meditation? What you just did is called as “Self-Analysis”.And this self analysis meditation is
also called as”Self – Inquiry” This self analysis is a step which many meditation practitioners fail to understand .. And these meditation practitioners get trapped in the vicious cycle of so called relaxation which is then misinterpreted as
meditation. This is a very important step in meditation called as self-realization … If you want to learn how to meditate ,then you must clearly understand this
self analysis. This self analysis is nothing but the hidden secret of meditation practice. Without understanding self realization …you will be lost ,and will not achieve any benefit from your practice of meditation. What is self realization in meditation ?
what is self analysis in meditation?
what is self inquiry in meditation? If one is not clear in understanding these steps …then it is impossible for one to meditate and continue practice of meditation. Such a practitioner who doesn’t know or fail to undrestand the meaning of meditation might relaxing ,dreaming ,visualizing or might be doing everything else but not meditation. Such is the importance of this meditation step called as “self analysis”. Without self-analysis there is no meditation …
But only…Relaxation! Meditation or Relaxation …Are you really Meditating or Relaxing? Think about it..Choice is yours! END of part 1/6-How to meditate for beginners -Guided meditation for beginners,
to be continued in ..
How to meditate for beginners -Guided meditation for beginners 2/6. Subscribe ,Like and Share if you wish to learn further.
coming up :
How to meditate for beginners -Guided meditation for beginners 2/6. meditation for all-share this video on meditation, meditation video, meditation song, and meditation music.

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  1. How to meditate for beginners-guided meditation for beginners.1/6, nice insight.
    Please upload other videos.

  2. True…. Accepting concepts blindly without analysis… Is it called Ignorance.?
    Nice video…. How to meditate for beginners at home guided meditation for beginners at home.
    Waiting for next video. I subscribed.

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