Measured Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation During Wim Hof Breathing

Measured Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation During Wim Hof Breathing

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Hi my name is Tim Begley. I decided to plug in this pulse oximeter which
is going to say my resting heart rate and oxygen saturation and do the Wim Hof breathing. I will do a few cycles here and just see what
happens. Looks like it went up and down a little bit. I will watch the video and see the full story
but definitely at the end after doing 2 cycles my resting heart rate is a lot lower. A good little meditative practice kinda check
in. I am at work right now so there is some noises
you probably hear some other people around it’s just nice to take a few minutes to chill
out. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you want to see more hit subscribe.

9 thoughts on “Measured Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation During Wim Hof Breathing”

  1. The results are kind of interesting since, if I understood the WHM and the often cited studies correctly, the saturation should drop much more during the retention. How do you interpret the relative constant saturation?

  2. Very strange, for the other guys, including me the o2 saturation starts dropping around half way through the hold, normally coming down to 70 or 60%.. I think that this is one of the main advantages of the breath hold (intermitent hypoxia), that should have many health benefits…

  3. Good video, seems like some weird results there, an oximeter is a great measuring device for the WHM but aren’t overly accurate, great for some guidance tho. You still training this type of breathing?

  4. Seems the man exhaled a bit too hard, it seemed like he was pulling his breath in while holding it also which are both things he did that could be throwing all this off.

  5. Good experiments.

    But why the O2 saturation was still as high as 99% at the end of hold? I thought it should drop by a few more percent.

  6. I tried that today with my Pulse oximeter. End of hold my Sp0 drops 84% and then rise back to normal when I start breathing again.

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