Même Après 99 ans,Vous serez en Forme:Voici Comment et Pourquoi?

Même Après 99 ans,Vous serez en Forme:Voici Comment et Pourquoi?

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Here’s Something That Keeps You In
Even Form After 99 years: here’s How and Why? Hello all the family, welcome to
this very very exceptional new video , I’m bringing you some photos today
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also on social media. Well in this new video, I would like to
let’s just talk about chia seeds , yes you have certainly heard of
because it fires in the world that whether on the internet, on TV in short everywhere,
I wanted to tell you about them because they are exceptional, these seeds are a
concentrated good things in one small seed; these chia seeds know everything
do, they contain so many nutrients important, and I’m going to reveal this to you,
first of all know that they come from a plant
called Salvia hispanica) – she is from from Mexico, it’s an exceptional appetite suppressant
sustainably, not to mention that provides minerals, important vitamins,
it is no coincidence that the word Chia Means Force in Maya, many people
confuse basil seeds with chia seeds, it’s not at all
same thing, it’s true that an appearance they are more similar, but the seeds
of chia are more rounded and colored brown while the basil seeds are
very black in oval shape, yes the seeds also are very important for
the organism. Chia seeds as I told you
, still called seeds of strength, are really remarkable, they are truly remarkable
by their amino acid, protein content, imagine they contain omega
3 from 18 to 20% and fatty acids than our body does not manufacture, so essential
for the proper functioning of our system nervous, but also intervene in the good
memory concentration, at the right health of the skin, hair, their content
in omega 6 up to 20% which have anti essential for protection
of the cardiovascular system, their soluble and insoluble fiber content
(up to 40%), essential for regulation of intestinal transit, intervene in the
prevention of certain cancers and diabetes type 2. their mineral content, especially
calcium * their antioxidant and vitamin content,
especially flavonoids, vitamins B and E. It should also be noted that chia seeds
are mucilaginous seeds, which means that on contact with a liquid, the seeds
swell and form a kind of gel, similar to
gelatin. This mucilage also has
many benefits. It is this incredible composition that
makes a food with many virtues for health. A concentrate of good things in a seed
tiny: chia seeds know do it all., you can use that
either to make pudding, with your muesli or in bread, they bring with
what to vary your dishes. But not only
: they are full of important nutrients. My loves I will reveal to you all
secrets of this seed native to Mexico. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CHIA SEEDS
ABOUT HEALTH ? Know that the seeds of chia, rich in
soluble and insoluble fibers, which are perfect for a
good intestinal health. You just need 20g of seeds
who will represent around 20% of daily fiber requirements. The fibers allow good digestion,
to relieve constipation, to treat syndrome
irritable bowel, and inflammation of the digestive tract, as well as regulate the
transit. The mucilage of the seeds, a soft and gelatinous mass,
will absorb and weigh down toxic substances from the intestine and therefore
facilitate their evacuation while gently, while protecting the mucous membranes. Consuming chia seeds helps regenerate
bacterial flora of the colon, de-ignite the whole digestive system, while expelling
the toxins it contains. Actions on the weight Chia seeds have
a strong satiating power. Indeed, they are very busy
protein and fiber, which when are ingested, gain volume in the stomach,
and make him feel full, suddenly the stomach sends a signal to the brain
to prevent him from stopping the sensation of hunger. So it’s a fabulous appetite suppressant,
which will help moderate appetite and amounts of food eaten, but
also to avoid cravings between meal. We also believe that they allow
directly burn the accumulated fat around
waist and abdomen, contributing to keep a flat stomach. The constitution of
chia seeds that they allow speed up metabolism
while promoting the digestion of fats, which has a direct effect on weight loss. Interesting effect, chia has virtues
sedative and relaxing to fight against stress and anxiety, states
often resulting in unbridled eating. Effects on cholesterol Among the main
seed components of chia, we find omega-3, phytosterols,
antioxidants, proteins, vitamins (especially B1, B2 and B3), minerals (phosphorus, calcium,
potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper), etc. Composition that makes chia seed
a great food for people suffering from excess bad cholesterol. It should also be noted that the omega-3 fatty acids
chia seeds from a vegetable source, they don’t contain cholesterol, so
that animal sources of omega, like fish, contain
saturated fat and therefore cholesterol. Chia seeds also contain
phytosterols and alpha linolenic acid, which have applications in medicine and like
food supplements. Indeed, it has been shown that consumption
daily 2g of phytosterols lowers cholesterol
and LDL cholesterol by about 10%. Effects on blood circulation and everything
the cardiovascular system The seeds are rich in omega-3, an acid
fat consisting of two amino acids : EPA and DHA. EPA has anticoagulant properties,
anti-inflammatory and makes the blood vessels more flexible
while regulating blood pressure, which has the direct effect of improving
blood circulation and prevent possible cardiovascular problems. Chia seeds are also rich in antioxidants
which strengthen the action of Omega-3, so that it does not oxidize. Also,
we know that antioxidants help to fight against premature oxidation
cells, and therefore help to guard against age-related diseases like
cardiovascular illnesses. Effects on age-related diseases
These are seeds loaded with antioxidants which prevent a large number
pathologies linked to aging. Indeed, they protect our organism against
free radicals that cause aging premature body cells. So antioxidants would help prevent
bad cholesterol, reduce the risk cardiovascular disease, the risk
onset of cancer, regulate pressure arterial, protect eyes from harm
such as AMD (macular degeneration age-related) or cataract, etc. This antioxidant intake helps fight
against the harmful effects of pollution like respiratory problems. In general, antioxidants allow
delay aging: aging skin and diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s,
etc. Effects on joint pain The seeds
of chia, by their content Omega-3 and antioxidants, have
anti-inflammatory properties, which allow relieve joint pain. Actions on diabetes
There are quite a few studies yet on this point but the mucilage and fibers of
chia seeds would slow the converting carbohydrates to sugar
and fat sugar during digestion. Slow the assimilation of carbohydrates during
digestion, avoids peaks of blood sugar. Effects on teeth and bones
chia is rich in essential minerals and in vegetable calcium, assimilate much better
that animal calcium found in cow’s milk (lactose) for example. This calcium and these minerals are essential
good dental and bone health, allowing to strengthen their solidity and contributing
to slow the onset of osteoporosis. Two tablespoons of chia bring
15% of the daily calcium intake. Effects on the brain
Always thanks to omega-3, the seeds of chia participate in the optimal action
of the brain. These good fats help build
and maintain cell membranes malleable, which is essential for
cognitive functions. It’s a real
brain fuel. Actions on stress, anxiety and
sleep chia seeds all bring acids
essential amines, including tryptophan which helps increase serotonin levels
and melatonin, two hormones whose action has a relaxing, anti-stress effect
and restful sleep. Effects on skin and hair The seed
of chia is a reserve of good things: healthy fatty acids (omega 3 and omega
6), minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, zinc, phosphorus, fibers, etc. This incredible composition makes him an ally
beauty with rejuvenating effect, excellent for the mine in general, moisturizer, etc. It’s mainly their
Omega-3 and antioxidant content to keep skin healthy. They neutralize free radicals and slow down
aging cells. Direct consequence: they warn and
reduce wrinkles, relieve skin dry, help repair the skin, speed up
and improve wound healing (perfect for acne), repair tissue
and help cell regeneration. These antioxidants also allow stimulation
hair growth and make it more thick and shiny. OTHER INTERESTING VIRTUES OF SEEDS
FROM CHIA Significant protein intake The seeds
of chia are very loaded with vegetable proteins, macronutrients
essential for the proper functioning of the body. These proteins participate in particular in renewing
body cells. The plant origin of these proteins is
much better than the original proteins animals who bring their lot with them
cholesterol. Proteins, and therefore chia seeds,
play an essential role in athletes, essential during intense physical effort
and extended, increasing endurance and physical abilities. They allow you to gain muscle mass
faster, train and strengthen the lean body mass. Binding properties Chia seeds are
often used to serve as a binder in place of eggs
in vegan recipes or people allergic to eggs. To find out why and how, see
our article on replace eggs with chia seeds. Gluten-free seeds
Whether it’s a fad or true intolerance, more and more people want to eat without
gluten. Chia seeds are 100% compatible
with a gluten free diet. HOW TO CONSUME CHIA SEEDS? For
summarize, you must consume, of any which way, between 25 and 50 g of seeds
of chia per day for an adult, between 1 to 2 tablespoons. Among all the ways to consume them,
let’s quote: * eat them directly * make them soak 30 min in a drink
: water, juice, etc. * cook the seeds: starters, salads,
main courses, desserts, breads, etc. * make them germinate * etc. CONTRAINDICATIONS AND ADVERSE REACTIONS
To summarize, it is not recommended for people allergic to other seeds of the genus, such as
than sesame seeds, poppy seeds or flax, not to eat chia seeds by
precaution. Always as a precaution, people with
prostate cancer, or under treatment antihypertensive and anticoagulant should not
not consume chia seeds. Fiber-rich chia seeds can
cause small gastrointestinal concerns temporary to sparsely populated
eat fiber. Theoretically, the effects of
chia could be added to those of drugs antihypertensives or anticoagulants. CHIA SEED IN 2 WORDS…
Chia is a plant from the sage family, cultivated for millennia in Mexico
for its nutritious seeds exceptional. The term chia is derived from chiyan, the name
of the plant in the Aztec language (nahuatl). Indeed, the Aztecs already cultivated
the plant for its seeds, which was a staple foods of these Mexican people. It was not until the end of the 20th century that
nutritionists are starting to take an interest and discover the value of consuming
small seeds. Which chia seeds to choose? We find
more or less brown chia seeds dark, white, beige or grayish and
to sum up, there is no difference between them. We hear that white women are
higher in nutrients and darker richer in taste but there is no
real difference, if not in terms disgust.

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