MIDSOMMAR | Official Trailer HD | A24

MIDSOMMAR | Official Trailer HD | A24

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– I told you that I wanted to go to that festival in Sweden. – No, you said it would be cool to go. – Yeah and then I got the opportunity and I decided to do it.
– Look I don’t mind you going. I just wished you would’ve
told me, that’s all. Dude, she needs a therapist. You’ve been wanting out of
this stupid relationship for like a year now. – And don’t forget about
all of the beautiful Swedish women you’ll meet in June. – Okay guys. – That’s not her again, seriously? – Babe, what’s happening? Dani? – I was so very sorry to
hear about what happened. – I’m sorry. – I invited Dani to come to Sweden. You know what she’s been going through. – Christian says you’ve got
this special week planned. – It’s sort of a crazy festival. Special ceremonies and dressing up. – That sounds fun. – Unbelievable. – Welcome and happy midsommar! Skål! – What time is it? – 9pm. – That can’t be right, the sky is blue. – This is what 9pm is like here. – How long have you two been together? – Just over three and a half years. – Four years. – Really? – Yeah. – What do you think? – It’s like another world. – Tomorrow’s a big day. – Is it scary? – What is it? – It has special properties. – What am I going through? – We just need to acclimate. – I don’t want to acclimate, I wanna go. – Absolutely not. – What’s happening? – I don’t know why you invited us. – That’s why you look so guilty right now because you know. – We only do this every 90 years. I was most excited for you to come.

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  1. All these movies have the same twist now and stupid as hell cast who sticks around when insane stuff happens that regular person would run away from.

  2. "Welcome and happy Midsommar" has the same energy with "Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor"

  3. I don’t mind the weirdness of the movie, I’m just bothered by the fact that Christian is deemed the bad guy and bad boyfriend in a lot of aspects. If anything, it should have been Dani inside the bear. That and the dishonor of what was supposed to be a Blood Eagle… just my opinion though.

  4. Such a weird movie. But a great movie at the same time. I just watched it for the first time last night and i was speechless. I’d definitely watch it again, but not for a little bit. It’s one of those movies that is a “once in a while” watch. It’s slow but very intense… the cinematography was beautiful tho.

  5. I'm somewhere halfway the movie now (when the rituals start) but I'm kind of getting thrown off because of the sillyness of it. It's like watching a parody!
    I also really wonder what it's like to watch this when you're Swedish, so when you can understand what they're saying?
    But I guess Sweden/Scandinavia is now the new European horror target after Eastern Europe (the recently released The Ritual also took place in Sweden and also involved a weird ass cult). It makes me feel like the message is "oh Americans don't leave your country cause look at these pagans, they're all weird and fucked up!" 🤣🤦‍♀️
    Also the decisions this main protagonist (Dani) makes are just completely nonsensical!
    I'll keep watching because I do think Florence Pugh is a great actress, and I'm still curious how it'll end but too bad they just make it all look a bit too silly!

  6. "I think I ate one of her pubic hairs"
    That pretty much sums up the weirdness in this movie. Best line of the entire film! 🤣

  7. Stupid question but do people in Sweden actually do that? Like, I know that most of those millions of people don't, but is there some small, odd village that does stuff like that?

  8. I feel like this trailer definitely shows everything(in the theatrical cut) yet without context, it’s meaningless. Seeing the whole thing play out was marvelous!

  9. I just saw the misandrist midsommar. It was trippy, I liked hereditary way better. But the blonde is gonna go places. She gave a profound performance ..

  10. This movie pretty much sucked ass. I just finished watching it now. It wasn’t near as good as I was hoping. It had great potential, but was a magnificent let down. Wouldn’t recommend watching, especially for how long of a movie it was.

  11. Yawn another boring ass re hashed horror movie. This looks like the Witch and the wickerman merge into a film. Ugh Im gonna watch it tonight. Same old Cult shit? Spooky Triangles? FML. Like a dumb version of get out and shutter island. Come up with SOMETHING NEW

  12. When I watched the movie, there were a couple of photos on the wall @ 1:44. But they are missing in this trailer. Does anyone know what could be the significance of those photos?

  13. As a Swedish person, this makes me sad…. I love midsommar and this movie really ruined one of my favorite celebrations…

  14. In a lot of zombie movies, zombies don’t exist in their universe. Apparently nobody has heard of any cults in this film’s universe lol.

  15. The best horror movie I've ever seen. Terrifying to the core. I cried in the cinema because the first death(s) were so shocking. The atmosphere it is able to create is insane. 10/10 experience.


  17. One of the worst movies I have ever watched. Don’t waste your time on this garbage. I felt like I was tripping hard after watching this movie and not in a good way.

  18. Why does he float? It’s not in the theatrical version or the directors cut. I need to see that scene and the rest of the forest trip scene. RELEASE THE 4 HOUR CUT!!

  19. typical – beware the sect movie
    this movie is really american and racist…1st black guy died, sweden midsommar is a real thing without killings ..so swedish people very dislike this movie …then and most important..director is a very small and thin jew

  20. Damn- I told my dad "Hey, me and my sister want to see this, I'll pay for it on Amazon" because she's a little younger than me..

    My dad was disgusted after watching the trailer, I could tell, but all he said was-

    "Aight'" aLrIgHtY tHeNnN time to SCARE THE SH*T OUT OF MY SISTAH

  21. lol it was so bad. everything that made hereditary good was missing in the movie and everything that made hereditary bad was overly present in the movie.

  22. be careful who you give confirmation and approval to. Give it to the wrong person, make 'em think they geniuses when they not, you end up with a movie like this. Btw can't call it horror. More like an unfunny comedy with occasional gore and a third grade interpretation of the occult. Honestly clownery at it's finest.

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