Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Reasons for Quitting Weed


-You’ve been making some
headlines, and I want
to ask you about this. -Uh-oh.
-Yeah, I know. -I’ve been really good lately.
-Yeah, you have. -I’ve been really good. You don’t see what I do
in the dressing room. It’s just like [Inhales sharply]
The whole thing. -No, Miley, that’s not at all
what you do. Because I heard, and I don’t
know if this is true, but I think it’s true because
I didn’t smell anything — you stopped smoking weed? -I did.
And you know what? I was just saying
that you, without knowing it, were kind of a reason for this because I’ve always been
very stoned on your shows. I don’t know if you noticed,
everybody. [ Laughter and applause ] So, yeah. It’s weird to be here —
-That makes two of us. -Yeah.
-Yeah, there you go. -Remember the last time
I was here? I think I was dressed
as, like, a bunny rabbit… -Yes, you were.
-…and then, like, a cat. There’s a reason for that. -Yeah. Okay.
-I was high. -And I don’t know
if this is much better, but I stopped smoking because —
And, you know, to sit here and to talk
about what I’m doing, I wanted to be really clear because I’m actually
the most passionate about what I’m doing with this
record than I’ve been. I say this every time, but I loved making this record
so, so much, and this record for me
at this moment is the most important album
that I’ve ever made, so I wanted to make sure that I’m super clear
about the way I’m talking. And I kept having
this nightmare. It was seriously horrible.
I wonder if you’ve had this. Not about this show. I had a dream that I would die during my monologue on “SNL”
for some reason, that I would just get so stoned
that I just, like, died, which I Googled,
and that’s never happened. -No, no, it’s not.
-No, thank God. But I kept having
this nightmare. -How much weed were you smoking? -A lot of weed. It’s like no one’s ever died
from weed, but no one’s ever smoked
as much as I did, so… It’s, like, they don’t really
know, so I don’t know. I was just thinking, If I want
to sit on this couch and really tell people what
I think about my new music, I wanted to sound as smart as hopefully I, you know,
think that I could be and really explain
what I’m doing. And, you know, I really
just want to sit at home and eat, basically,
when I’m stoned and play with my dogs
and the cat and the pig. I was spending way too much time
with the pig and not enough time
actually doing really anything. -But you ended up — Did you move to a place,
or you always lived in Malibu? -No.
Malibu is new to me. I never lived at the beach. I, you know, it says
I never came to the beach, I never stood by the ocean,
which is true. I went to the ocean one time,
which — I want to talk
to you about this. I went one time to Florida
with my family, and it didn’t go well because
we fist fought the entire way, and my dad promised he’d never take us on a vacation
ever again. And he’s a man of his word.
He never did… -That was the only vacation?
-…because it was so miserable. And finally, me and my brother,
we were fighting so hard — this is, like,
some hillbilly stuff — he locked us out of the car
on the side of the freeway and said that we needed
to figure it out. So we basically just had
to battle until one of us lost. -I love that he did that.
That is so… -Yeah.
-…Nashville. -And then we didn’t get
to get back in the car — -Y’all better figure it out.
-Yeah. -We’re pulling over. -…until one of us
were bleeding, then we didn’t get back
in the RV. So we never went again. And, you know, I don’t think — For me, like,
being from Nashville, it really is — it says
a dream come true in Malibu. It really is for me
because I never thought — I thought I was going to be —
I still get the pigs, but I thought my life
was going to revolve, you know, around farm life
my entire, you know, my life. I thought I’d always live
in Nashville. But now I’ve even found
a new love for Nashville. Now that I’m out singing
about how much I love Malibu — I’ve been promoting it —
-You can’t — -…and now I miss Nashville. I never know
what the hell I want. That’s why I’m, like, a panda,
and one day, I’m a cat. -Yeah.
-I don’t even know. I can’t even decide
between a panda and a cat. -As much Miley as you can,
you experience, you can never take
the Nashville out of Miley, and I will tell you…
-No. -…because you shot
the opening last night. We were here late doing that. And there’s the one where
you go up to the nut stand, you know, the hot peanut stand,
cashew stand. And you go like that, and you do the thing
that I do in the opening. -Yes. My first time, as well.
-Yeah. And you thought
that was called a bodega. -Yeah. [ Laughter ] Yeah, I told my manager,
who is from New York. He’s like [New York accent]
“What are we doing next?” [ Normal voice ] I said,
“I’m going to the bodega,” and then I went
to the nut stand. He’s like, “By the way, the” — And you saw I didn’t know
how to use a revolving door, which that’s not because
I’m Nashville. That’s just because
there’s something wrong. -So I got to the subway — -You were like,
“This is going too fast.” It’s just a revolving door.
-Yeah, and I couldn’t get through the revolving door —
two of them. And the one at the subway
was a little different than what I was used to,
so that was — -That’s a turnstile.
-It has nothing to do, though, that I am from —
Oh, okay. -Yeah,
that’s not a revolving door. -It’s not that I’m from
Nashville. I got a problem. -It’s basically
a revolving door. -Yeah,
it’s a door that revolves. It allowed me in or out
of somewhere and revolves, so, to me,
that is a revolving door. -It is a revolving — Technically, it is
a revolving door, you’re right. -Let me in or out.
-No you’re right, you’re right. -Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -I want to talk about — I want to talk
about “The Voice.” It has a new season
coming up in September. And you have a new judge,
a new kind of “foe,” a new enemy, kind of,
on the show, A friend — frenemy. -Yeah.
-Jennifer Hudson. -It always starts as a friend
until you get to the lives. -Then it gets nasty.
-Then all of a sudden — Yeah, no, it doesn’t, actually.
-I know. -We only all turn on Blake. That’s the only person
we ever turn on. -Because he’s just — he’s —
-Because he always wins. -I know. He’s the champ.
-And he’s so nice. He’s so nice,
so it’s so hard to hate, but, like, got to do
what you got to do to win. -Exactly, yeah.
Sorry about that. -Yeah, exactly. But it’s really a lot of fun,
and I’m excited. -Do you know Jennifer? -I don’t, but I’m excited that she’s never done
“The Voice” before because I was the rookie
the first time, so Blake and Adam
had that against me. And now I have, like,
a little bit of experience, so I’m trying to decide,
like, who I’m going to — I guess all three of us
can just team up against Blake, but I’m trying to decide who
going be my partner in crime because Alicia
was my partner last year, and it was really fun to kind of
go against Adam and Blake because they were the vets
and we were in it together. -I know. I think you have
to choose Jennifer… -I know. -…because Blake knows Adam
too well, now. -Adam’s ready to turn. He is not loyal.
I’ll tell you that about him. I’ll let you in. He’s ready to turn.
He texts me all the time. Like, “So when are we really
going to just knock Blake out of this thing?”
-Yeah. -As he would say [As Blake]
“Handle this thing.” You know, that’s Blake.
He’s like, “I’m gonna win this thing with you, Sundance.” -[ As Blake ]
I’m gonna win this thing. -[ Normal voice ]
But you know what? I’m going to come for him in,
like, the biggest way possible. I’m bringing my dad
as my mega mentor because when Blake —
[ Cheers and applause ] When Blake was in high school,
he was so obsessed with my dad that the teachers called
him “Achy Blakey” because he would do everything
that my dad did. And he was ruined
the minute he told me that because now he’s just a poser,
you know? -Yeah.
Exactly. -And now I’m going to bring in
the real deal, and I’m really excited
about that. -Yeah. Exactly.
This is Achy Blakey. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Now, your new album — your new album is coming
later this year. We don’t know.
People just drop albums now. We don’t say when. -I don’t even know when.
-We don’t even know when. Is that right?
You just don’t — -I kind of know when,
but kind of don’t. I can’t decide.
-Good. Don’t. -Because I really want to make
it the best that I can and it feels “done,” but I feel like every day,
I’m learning more stuff. So I want to be able to,
you know, put that on the record. -What is different
from this sound and “Bangerz?” I would say just from knowing
these two tracks… -Yeah.
-…it’s very different. -Well, actually,
what’s cool about this, too, is, like, right here,
this is in Malibu, and right there,
there’s in Nashville. My dad —
That’s on my dad’s farm. And so I think spending more
time at home that I got to, spending more time by the beach
than I got to, and I think that I — Right now I just feel really — I don’t seem calm,
but this is really calm for me. I feel very calm
and very, like, peaceful. -You are calm.
Yeah. -Yeah.
-Wow. -Yeah.
-That’s great. And you’re getting to —
-So I hope people get to see that,
because with “Bangerz,” too, I never tried to prove anything
or not be myself. Any time I say I’m being myself
whether I look like this or look completely different
or I’m a panda, that is myself. I’m always being myself,
you know? So it just depends what that is.
[ Cheers and applause ] -And don’t ever change.

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