Mindfulness Exercise 1: Focused Breathing Technique (Springboard Beyond Cancer)

Mindfulness Exercise 1: Focused Breathing Technique (Springboard Beyond Cancer)

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[Music] Cancer and its
treatment can be stressful, but practicing mindfulness
strategies can help. Let’s talk about a specific
mindfulness technique called Focused Breathing. Let’s try it together: Find a quiet spot
where you can be by yourself for
a few moments. Set yourself up for success by
minimizing things that might distract you. Put your phone on
silent and out of reach. Sit comfortably in a
chair with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Place your hands on your thighs. Your palms can be
face up or face down. Sit up nice and tall, relax
your shoulders down your back, and either close your eyes or keep a soft gaze
down to your lap. Notice how you
feel in this moment. Take a full body scan. Start at the top of your head
and gently guide your way slowly down your face, taking
time to notice where you feel heavy or light,
relaxed or tense. Not trying to change anything,
or passing any judgment on how you feel—just simply
painting a mental picture of how your body feels today. Now bring your awareness to your
natural resting breath and just observe it for a few
cycles of inhale and exhale. Now consciously begin to make
your inhalation and exhalation longer and deeper than normal. Take control of your breath, rather than letting it
happen on its own. Breathe through your nose. If at any point you get
distracted, it’s OK! Focused breathing
takes practice. Acknowledge the distracting
thought and gently guide your focus back to your breath. Let there be a natural pause
at the top of your inhalation as well as after
your exhalation. Notice the effect the
pause has on how you feel. This pause will help lengthen
your breath and remind you to slow down and focus on
the process of your breath. This pause is the first
step to meditation and quieting your mind. Start to notice how your breath
moves around your body. Where does it go? Draw your attention to
your ribcage and your chest. Inhales make the body expand;
exhales make the body contract. If your mind drifts away, gently
guide it back to your breath. Listen to the sound
your breath makes. Feel air entering into your nose
and filling up your lungs. After a few minutes of the
Focused Breath technique, let your breath
return to normal. Stay seated with your eyes
closed or soft and compare how you feel now to
when you first started. Commit to making time for
these moments of mindfulness in your day, and check out our
other videos for more tips. Manage cancer your
way with Springboard. [Springboard Beyond Cancer]

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