Mindfulness of Breath Meditation

Mindfulness of Breath Meditation

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This short mindfulness of breath
meditation can be used wherever you are to anchor your attention in the present
moment with your breath. It enables you to take your attention back from the
reactive thoughts and feelings of the mind that would otherwise keep you
trapped in stress overthinking and distraction. It brings you back to your
center of pure being and awareness. So let’s begin. Sit or lay comfortably and
close your eyes. Allow your body to become still. Now focus on your breath as you breathe in and out, becoming aware of its movement without trying to change it. Noticing how the abdomen rises as you
breathe in and falls as you breathe out. Just allowing yourself to be with the
breath, giving it your full attention If you find that your attention becomes
lost in your thoughts or feelings notice this and gently bring it back to your
breath without judgement. Placing your attention fully on the
breath right here right now, as you breathe in and breathe out. Noticing the fullness of each breath. And now as you breathe in imagine taking
your breath right into your entire body being fully present to it and then
breathe out with your whole body. Breathing in and breathing out And if there are any sensations in the
body simply notice them and allow them to be. As you breathe into them and breathe out. Keeping your attention on your breath,
fully present in the here and now. Breathing with your entire body. Remembering that if your attention
wanders just bring it back to your breath without judgment. Breathing in
and breathing out, anchored fully in the present in your Center. Experiencing this
space of pure awareness and being, this place of peace within. Breathing from the center of your being. Here you are not your thoughts you are
not your emotions you are not your sensations.
You are a centre of pure awareness and being. Allow yourself to become more and more present here as you breathe in and breathe out. Keeping your attention on your breath,
being fully present. Now, when you are ready, gently and slowly open your eyes, greeting the world around you with greater presence, greater peace
and greater gratitude for life.

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  1. I want more!. I have been doing this short meditation as a starters for a little while and feel ready to do a little longer one. Will check the rest of your videos. Thanks for sharing 🌻

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