MISSING TEETH – What’s the PROBLEM (EP 07 The Dental Drive Cosmetic Dentistry)

MISSING TEETH – What’s the PROBLEM (EP 07 The Dental Drive Cosmetic Dentistry)

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16 thoughts on “MISSING TEETH – What’s the PROBLEM (EP 07 The Dental Drive Cosmetic Dentistry)”

  1. How are you living as a dentist? Do you own your own practice? And are you making good money? Please answer those questions I’m thinking about going to dental school at 38

  2. Hi Dr. O, contact me to become a guest on The Wellness Hour TV Show for a dental implant interview. I left a message with your office as well. My contact info is: 760-434-5559 or [email protected] http://www.wellnesshour.com/

  3. Hi, I need your help for my second option, I’m getting braces now but my dentist told me my lower part of my teeth can’t fix with braces, bcoz some of my molars teeth is missing, I just wanted to close the gap of my teeth, thanks

  4. I have one missing tooth.. What should i do.. I dont want crown cux i dont want to damage my healthy teeth.. I dont afford implants.. And partial denture irritates… What should i do.. Plz do suggest????

  5. I have braces and they will be on this October 3 years and coming off , I’m missing my laterial incisor and he said if I wanted option bridge crown or implant I don’t like the bridge implant because it’s abrasive to the other teeth so I should get an implant or am I OK to leave that to the open he said it wasn’t important if I didn’t want to?????

  6. Hello sir. My upper tooth 13 was removed by doctor. Its been around 6 years and I dont find any complications. Will other teeths change shape after?? How many years it takes to happen.

  7. My right adult lateral incisor was a peg tooth, and my left one never fell out. In 6th grade I got my braces, and they gave me the options to either shape up the teeth (which my smile would look off) or just pull them out. I chose to pull them out. I’m currently going through Canine Substitution with braces and I regret it so badly. I am almost 3 years in, so now the gaps are closed, but my bite still seems off. I am leaving my current orthodontist to go to another to see if there are any other options I could do with my teeth to avoid any and all later effects of canine substitution. Any suggestions of what I should do? I’m crying for help😩.

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