Mobile Legends: Playing on an empty stomach and getting a MVP

Mobile Legends: Playing on an empty stomach and getting a MVP

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I think I’m going to lose this round because the opponent has Fanny. (Assassin) Borg, and this one, Sun. Fighting! I hate Fanny (the game character). It’s because that… she deals a lot of damage and she can instantly move about, like she swings her swings there. I can’t even catch up with her (movement). Well, I’m being screwed… Nice. {more mumbling} Come on, can i do it with my hit? No, I think I’m going to die. Shit. Ok. Lucky. You can get the kill. We need to defend (the middle turret). Right now, I’m in the Grandmaster rank, which is my limit. I’ve already dropped to Master and back up to Grandmaster TWICE. Two times, you know? I need to support *him. Shit. They have so many health (HP left). I want to see if I can kill him… Get *him (enemy wolf guy) in the turret. Go retreat. x2 Shit, Fanny (coming to finish off my ally). No. x4 Crap, I hate her Wish she died. She still haven’t (die) yet. Nooo… She probably teleport(ed) away already (via the recall button) Screw it… No x4 Shit. (another one came when I’m low on both HP and mana) I need to go back and recharge. Ok, there’s one guy (ally) near me. Middle (lane turret is in danger). What the hell is this?? (It makes my surroundings dark and isolates the vision to see both allies and enemies) If there’s no 2 person (to help me), I don’t dare to fight with the monkey (Sun), man. Ok, he says “wait”. F man, there’s 2- there’s 3 (enemies). Shit. There’s 3. Come on… Ok, I just need to lure them in. Are you kidding me? No x3 Screw it. We failed. What is this guy doing here? That guy’s (person playing Miya) a feeder. Damn it. -_- Great job (at defending), you feeder. How do you feel right now? This person (both allies) died twice while I died once. So annoying… Why (do) they all keep on juggling the *monsters? They (enemies)are probably hiding in the bush(es) or something. There’s one marksman over there (mid lane). Shit, too many minions. Crap. I need to like go help him before the stupid Fanny come. Nice. But what if I (lure her out)? Almost! (I screwed the timing) Oh, that’s (bomber) not my ally. Holy shit. T_T Run, come on, run. So close, omg. I almost died (again). Runaway… Great Job. [sarcastic] Come on, kill all of them~ Stupid, stupid ally (for not helping me). How is she (feeder ally) so weak?!? Oh, man… Depressed…(looking the scores) So fking depressed right now. They have 11 more kills than us, and each time we die, we need to wait for a longer respawn time… They are probably attacking the Lord…(later) Why are they all crowding there? Fighting *monster, what the hell? Shit, saw Fanny (from the map). Go die~ Almost… Don’t die! (whelp, disappointed) What? Come on ‘kay, let her off. (I don’t want to die when her allies show up) Stupid crap, stop chasing me. Yeah, you can kill her (for me). If you still die to her- Shit, we need to kill Fanny again… Nice, there’s still 1 more… She’s luring me to somewhere. Wait for it. {stomach grumbling} We need (to) help him. Holy shit. There’s one hiding in the bush(es). Escape, kill. KILL! Shit, stupid Fanny! Dodging (Fanny’s way).. No…(got hit and killed) What the hell? {stomach grumbling} {stomach grumbling} {stomach grumbling} Right now, it’s a 2v4… {stomach grumbling} {stomach grumbling} {stomach grumbling} {stomach grumbling} This is so bad, let’s see the score~ tsk, wtf The (person playing) Miya is the damn feeder *more cursing* Cannot go too near (to my ‘allies’) Ok, I can hold her. Shit, no. ‘kay, nice. (steal their kill) Kill the minions, kill him (Borg). Nice. What’s our score difference? 30. We’re dying, why are you not retreating (to heal)? No, don’t fall on me… Shit. *cursing* Come on, he’s almost dying Nice. Let’s escape. {stomach grumbling} {stomach grumbling} {stomach grumbling} {stomach grumbling} {stomach grumbling} {stomach grumbling} Shit, Fanny. No x3. She escaped. What the hell? {stomach grumbling} Great (only one currently still alive), I need to heal first right? (Feeling) so stressed Shit, they are attacking the left *lane {feeling more rage towards the fking feeder’s comment at this point} Don’t die. Holy shit. 🙁 ‘kay, let’s heal. They have 16 more wins, it’s almost 50% more *compared to us… Now, we cannot clear our lanes unless we kill all of their team I think they will kill the Lord Shit, I’m dead. 🙁 {stomach grumbling} What is this crap (with the sinister laugh)? Ah, it’s destroyed… {surprised, it’s still barely standing} Holy shit. (Their Lord is heading this lane). This is a *nightmare. Need to escape before I get killed… Shit. I can’t see anybody… We cannot die, if we die… Kill these minions, then they will get attacked (by the base) Shit, she will try to kill me this time… The middle (lane)! *cursing* So depressing…. -1 (star).>:( Silver? MVP, wow. One habit (of mine) is this… Reporting (AFK, feeder, poor playing, hacks, etc.)

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