Mt Shasta Teachings: Holy Spirit, Holy Breath Meditation & Miracles

Mt Shasta Teachings: Holy Spirit, Holy Breath Meditation & Miracles

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Dr. Pillai: I’m in Washington DC. I’m
very happy to join the call. It’s a very, very, special day on a personal level. So
I am very happy to talk to you guys on the phone, thanks to the technology that wherever
you are, you are able to reach out to the people to whom you want to reach out. That’s
why my teachings have been changing to accommodate the use of modern technology. So that’s
where I am, I have always talked about how in recent times, about how my teaching changes
even by minutes because that is due to my desire to change the reality as quickly as
possible. One of the things, if you have been following
me, my teaching, is that I am more interested in going into microseconds, and then understanding
the microseconds, and then cut off all of the pain of waiting, and then do something
to change whether it is a financial problem or whether it is a relationship problem or
if it is a health problem. All are related to prolonging the issue as if there is no
way out, “I have to endure this financial problem or I have to endure this relationship
problem or I have to endure this health problem because there is no other way.
So what of all of these problems involve is the one issue and that is our appreciation
of the processing of time. And if we can find a way out to bypass this slow moving time,
then the problems will be solved. And I am very, very focused on this and all of my meditations
are focused on that. So that’s why the people I have been teaching, “I’ve been studying
with you for so long, what’s new?” I think everything is new, especially from
now on. Because I am outdating everything so that we can get into the dimension where
we can appreciate the microseconds, and change that. And if only people can believe that.
You know, they can at least create a conducive environment from which they can operate. Then
there are the techniques. The techniques used by these Yogis who are
all impatient towards the waiting; they all want to go right away into it, you know, just
thought manifestation. Why can’t we do that? In order to do that we have to really get
into the processing of time from a very, very, quiet level. A very quiet level and going
beyond the cortex which is involved in creating time and waiting, into the Pineal Gland where
there is the possibility for changing your Timeline very quickly. And that is associated
with the Breath. So one of the things that I have discovered
in recent times, is the use of this Being or this Energy, this Bio-psychological Energy,
the Bio-physical, Neurological Energy, that is named as the Holy Spirit. I call The Holy
Spirit as the Holy Breath. You know, I have been involved in Patanjali’s
Yoga Sutras. And these are techniques to do Miracles through the use of sounds, and through
the use of certain Meditation Techniques, all because they have one goal. Patanjali’s
Techniques have one goal which is to do Miracles. Miracles are extraordinary happenings. And
to make extraordinary happenings as the day-to-day happenings through the discipline of Yoga
is the paradigm of Patanjali. Now the Holy Spirit that I just came to know,
experience, and work with in recent times, has given another additional dimension that
I have been talking about. And I invite you to the show tomorrow [July 12th]. On Sunday,
I’m talking about the Holy Spirit. And then I’m going to continue to talk about this
for a year about it; that’s one thing. So what does the Holy Spirit do? The Holy
Spirit is for one, an Energy that impregnated [Virgin] Mary, that also helped Samson to
pull down this building, and it also helped Jesus to do all of his Miracles. So my finding
has been
because of my continued research from the standpoint of comparative religion, to identify
this Energy, this Spirit, and then with one goal. My goal is how we can really use it
for instantaneous manifestation. And that’s the reason why I came to this earth plane.
And I’m very, very, happy about it. So far the findings have been good. And I experimented
that in London when I wanted the Sun to come here, and I told these people that this Miracle
is going to happen. You know, I was just using this biblical technology that God said, “Let
there be Light.”And the Light was there. And I was just doing it, using the Holy Spirit.
And the Light was there because it was very dark. And then later on, a month after, I
went to New York to do this Program. And I couldn’t do it because the Holy Spirit just
gave another information, “You know, why, you know, do you want to do these things?
There are better things to do.” So, the reason why I am saying this is because
it’s a constant learning and a constant improvement of what we knew in the last month
or last week or even yesterday. So, I want to be very precise so I don’t want to go
“Blah, Blah, Blah.” I want to give you something very tangible, useful, that can,
you know, give you the experience of accelerating time so that you don’t have to wait. So
that’s precisely what I’m going to do. So it’s all about the Breath. The Breath
is: the Holy Spirit is the Breath. That is my thesis now; it’s my thesis point. The
Breath, you have to understand the Breath. Now, you have to do it all of the time, as
much as you can remember: putting your attention into the 2 Nostrils because this Breath indeed
is the Holy Spirit. The Breath is Life. And Life is a mystery and Life is the Highest
Consciousness. And we have to understand what Life is, what God is. You have to understand
the Breath. Not through the Mind, because all of the understanding that the Mind gives
is not useful. To say that is beyond the comprehension of the mind, and words, and concepts, all
of these things. Just put your attention: [Meditation of the Holy Breath]
Close your eyes and Put your Attention in the 2 Nostrils.
Go inside the 2 Nostrils. Keep putting your Attention.
You are breathing. Don’t pay attention to the breathing
but only Attention on the Attention itself. Just put the Attention inside the Nostrils.
Just go inside the Nostrils. Now I’m shifting your Energy from the Breath
to Attention. This is very, very crucial That’s why I told you: don’t put Attention
on the breath/ Just only remain aware of
concentrating on the Energy inside, the Attentional Energy inside the Nostrils.
Identify a place in between the 2 Eyebrows, where the 2 Nostrils meet. And
what it corresponds to is the Pituitary Gland within the brain, the major gland.
Put the Attention inside the Nostrils and at the Pituitary where the 2 Nostrils meet.
You have to concentrate and become One with the Attention.
You and the Attention merge. Now what is happening is that you are trying
to understand Life itself, Consciousness itself. Life is Consciousness.
That’s why when you are dead, there is no Consciousness. There is
no awareness of the body. Take your time.
This is the time which is most conducive for the Holy Spirit to descend into you
and change the entire Body, Mind and the Soul. Now this meditation you can do anywhere. You
can open your eyes. Come back and open your eyes.
You can do it anywhere, anytime. Even if it takes, you know, like 2 – 3 minutes,
just complete it. The most important thing is the negative Mind will kick in, “Nothing
is going to happen.” “You know, I’ve done all of these things,
and nothing is going to happen.” That is the reason why, during my Birthday
I invited people to stay with me for 21 days, but now I’m changing. In Singapore, I’m
doing 3 Weeks in 3 days because I’m compressing time because the technology is getting better.
The same thing I’m going to be doing in, in Mount Shasta. And the time is perfect because
the Guru Purnima is the most powerful time. And I am determined that before I leave this
earth plane, I will end human suffering. It is not right at all, whether you have money
or you don’t have money, for humanity to have this life is not acceptable. And that,
if I have one meditation, that is the meditation that I do.
And I am very happy that I could find some time for you, and I then gave this one. And
this is the one that The Buddha gave his son too. Remember that I have refined the technique
more and I have brought forth the concept of the Holy Spirit. But The Buddha said to
Rahula his son, “Only observe the Breath, and you’ll be enlightened.” But then that
was a very time consuming process. Now we are not going to let time, the gross
time, to rule us. So, at this point I am praying for everyone, every human being with whom
I have a Soul relationship, every one of us that belongs to the family of the human beings,
the human race. And then we collectively pray that no one should suffer, whether physically,
mentally or emotionally. We have to end this and then make Heaven on Earth right away.
So that is my goal. I’m happy that I could talk to you. And
Mount Shasta, I am personally expecting a lot of Miracles. Because It’s a few days
away. In the meantime I’m going to India, Israel, Europe, and I’ll be back. Then I
will see you in Mount Shasta which is one of the things that I have committed. And the
time is very precious. So I’m happy about this time of the year that all of these changes
can happen. God Bless.
[Mohini:] Everyone, please stay on the line. I’d like to go through the exact steps to
the powerful meditation that Dr. Pillai just gave. And then for those of you that want
a most profound experience of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Pillai will be doing extended Holy Spirit
Meditations, and Initiations at Mount Shasta, and I will talk about how that has been added
to the program. [Mohini’s Meditation /Technique Steps]
So for the steps to the meditation, as you can see it’s quite simple:
1) First, put your Attention inside the 2 Nostrils. Dr. Pillai said you are not paying
attention to the breathing. 2) Feel as if your entire consciousness is
inside the Nostrils, and that’s all that exists.
3) Then, shift you attention to the Pituitary Gland. And you can just naturally find the
place between the 2 eyebrows, where the 2 Nostrils meet.
4) And then again, focus all of your Attention there, and feel as if all of your Consciousness
and all of your Life Energy is focused there at that exact spot, between the 2 eyebrows.
5) Then, bring the 2 together with your Attention and Focus simultaneously inside the 2 Nostrils
and at the Pituitary, between the 2 eyebrows. 6) Now at this point, this is where you become
totally receptive. And then just become open to the Holy Spirit descending into you and
changing your body, mind and soul. 7) You can visualize that.
8) The most important thing is to be receptive. And you can even make a prayer, “Holy Spirit,
descend into me, fill me, fill my body, mind, and soul. I surrender to you.”
So those are the steps of the [Holy Breath] Meditation.
And it is very exciting that at Mount Shasta, Dr. Pillai will be giving people extended
experiences of the Holy Spirit. And how is he going to do that? He has to bring it down
and anoint you. And that’s why Mount Shasta will be the greatest Initiation of all of
the Great Initiations. As you know, Dr. Pillai will be touring throughout Europe, the US
and India, but in Mount Shasta you will be with him for almost 6 days.
And during those 6 days, he will be empowering and transmitting his profound energy, but
what’s most important here is there are 3 components that come into play in order
to get the most profound experience. You need the right Spiritual Technology, the right
Place and the right Time. And that is the perfect combination of Mount Shasta. It is
the Full Moon of the Guru. That is the Number One time of the year for Initiation because
that’s when all of the Gurus are on the earth plane. And they are very alive and present
in order to transmit their spiritual power to the earth beings. And we will be in Dr.
Pillai’s presence. And that is the perfect time when he can transmit the Holy Spirit
to truly anoint you, and you can have a very profound experience of actually feeling the
Anointing of the Holy Spirit filling your body, mind and soul.
Then we have the Place. The Place is very important because of why Power Spot trips
work. They work because when you enter the energy, you become transformed. That’s Mount
Shasta. It’s the place for Spiritual Ascension. The Telosians under the mountain are there
in order to transmit their Light Technology, and are just waiting for people to come to
the mountain and be receptive. So as Dr. Pillai opens you up to his Initiation, and this tremendous
Holy Spirit fills you, then you can communicate with these Telosians.
And then the Technology that Dr. Pillai will be introducing beyond the Now-izing of body,
mind and soul, will be his new Hydration Initiation. And he has to use water in order to anoint
you fully with the Holy Spirit. So that the Power of God will be with you as powerfully
as it was with The Apostles of Jesus or the Great Ascended Masters. They all have the
same kind of power using different technologies. But Dr. Pillai now sees that Hydration Initiation
is the technology that he wants to use in order to Anoint you with the Holy Spirit,
or the Holy Breath, which is the Power of God.
So now I would like to turn the call over to Jai Radha so that you can hear more of
what will happen at Mount Shasta. [Jai Radha:] You are welcome.
Thank you so much, Mohini. And thank you everyone for joining today on
short notice. And I believe we still have on the line if it’s not too late, Gudal are you there?

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  1. These deep stillness with Dr. PILLAI is exactly what I AM waiting for! still waiting in patience, while sending blessings and LOVE to the world! All my next steps are difficult to make without helping hands, which means the amount of money to  take the Power of LOVE into deeper action! see YOU and LOVE YOU even more!  HOGGO

  2. Why is it that I get a mild headache or my head becomes heavy after I do any spiritual activity that is brzee meditation, calling the holy spirit which I did for the first time shown by Mohini and Dr. Pillai. Does it mean anything?

  3. The Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost is a wonderful comforter Yahushua sent, many don't know how to receive the Holy Spirit, So Pentecostal Churches tell you to repeat the name of God until the spirit comes and you begin to speak in another tongue as the spirit gives utterance

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