MUST Do Exercises with Injured Foot or Ankle- Faster Recovery

MUST Do Exercises with Injured Foot or Ankle- Faster Recovery

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29 thoughts on “MUST Do Exercises with Injured Foot or Ankle- Faster Recovery”

  1. Can you do a video on how to make the ankles stronger? I chipped of a little bit of my left ankle bone in 5th grade and broke my right ankle in 2006. I was told in 2006 that I have weak ankles.

  2. I'm so thankful for this video. It's almost as if it was meant for me. Shoot, your whole channel is meant for me, so glad I found & subscribed to you guys! I'm on a health mission to be strong like bull. Hard to do with my injured ankle… Kudos to you Bob & Brad!

  3. I have a persistent nonunion after three foot surgeries. Cannot even put any weight on the foot— feels like I just had surgery and did not get a cast. Triple arthrodesis , smart toe implants ( against my expresses will), five screws and two staples. I do leg and hip exercises in bed or chair . It has been almost 3 years of big pain and loss of mobility (I used to be a hiker, climber, always active). Sucks

  4. Im on my post talus surgery, my doctor says that I should have my ankle exercise. Do this ankle exercise helps my talus too?

  5. Hi, after radius fracture and taking off cast fingers can't curl completely. 1 finger gap still remains even after physiotherapy. Will it recover on its own???

  6. Dear ones…i,m frm pakistan.and 53 of age.doctr diagnosis me osteoartharitis of knee.i hve swollen knees all the time.plz make a vedio to help people like me…plzzzzzz

  7. After arthroscopic surgery in 2012, and a bigger "do-over" in 2014 (Cotton & Evans osteotomies with PTT), my left ankle has decided to stay stuck at about a 4-week post-op condition, in regards to recovery. I've made the rounds with several PTs (some follow McKenzie, some are hands-on, some who are strictly exercise-only, etc), all referred by my Ortho docs. I have a growing collection of boots, braces, custom orthotics, etc., can write a book with my toes (doing the ABCs at expert level!) and on and on it goes. Still so much swelling, pain, scars look more like fresh incisions instead of 5-year-old scars.

  8. Bob sounds a little squeaky. Did you change your microphone or speed up the video? Love you guys. I always enjoy your videos.

  9. Thank You. I've Been In A Boot For 6 Weeks. 2 Fractures In The Right Midfoot And A Bone Cyst Right Behind Right Little Toe.

  10. I have low back pain (bulging discs) and a baby coming to our home in December. I’d love a video helping moms with back pain holding and caring for babies!!

  11. Thanks B n B, this is actually perfect for people with hemiparesis due to stroke. People who can activate at least a tiny bit of the affected leg, can do mini versions of these exercises, to try to maintain or gain back some strength, and to prevent atrophy. Thanks guys!!

  12. Wait! Does Bob have a new hairstyle? I’m already subscribed, but hitting the little bell so I can keep up to date on the possible new do. 😉👍🏼

  13. Thankyou for sharing this. I've been a mess since an ankle fusion coupled with many falls down stairs. I know this is the reason for all the falls now. Love all your videos

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