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It’s time for Fan Fridaaaaay! On this gloomy, rainy, type of day. We’re Gone to the Snow Dogs (dog howling) Alright for those of you that are new to this channel, This is Shelby, that’s Oakley, that’s Memphis, and I’m Jess. And today’s Fan Friday. Fan Friday is the day where we answer questions submitted by you guys, the fans All you have to do to submit a question is to leave a comment down below using the hashtag #AskGTTSD And next week we just might answer one of your questions! Let’s get to the questions! Alright you guys but before we get to today’s questions We do have an announcement The new limited edition, holiday Gone to the Snow Dogs t-shirts are now up for sale They will only be available for 7 days I will put a link down in the video description below where you can go to get your shirt Fluffy Bunny says “oh my gosh, I love these dogs” “My only question is how do you keep their fur so fluffy?” Well, lots of grooming, good quality dog food definitely matters We do try to brush their coats quite often And then we also use, as many of you guys have already seen the blower that we have Believe it or not, our dogs do not get baths very often Huskies in general are very dirt and water resistant. Um, their fur, their guard hairs that’s designed not to allow that stuff to cling on to them very well so like, even the dirt you see on Shelby’s feet right now when it dries, it will literally brush right off. I don’t have to bathe her to get that mud off It just brushes right off when it dries we take a towel when we walk them inside and just kind of brush them down. And that’s pretty much all we do Good quality food is definitely the most important when it comes to having a good coat on your dog and then grooming would be the second most important thing you need to do They do need to be brushed They do need to be cared for, right? You’re looking pretty floofy Memphis is looking pretty floofy But you are definitely the floofiest of them all Audrey wants to know if we’re going to do any Christmas dog treat videos Not only are we going to do Christmas dog treat videos you guys, I guess I can announce this today we are also going to be doing twelve days of giveaways on this channel That’s right, you’re gonna get twelve videos right in a row and in every single one of those videos we’re going to be giving something away Could range from Spirit Hoods to springers to I’m not going to tell you all of the cool things, but we are doing a twelve days of giveaways I hope to start it December 1st if not, the Monday after That’s the plan anyway So we’re pretty excited about that But yes, there will also be more treat videos Ecoloky(?) says what type of dirt or sand are you using for when your dogs dig? I want to make an area for my dogs but I have no idea what do use. We don’t actually put anything here. This is actually what our grand is like right here Where we live, our ground is very sandy so it’s pretty much just sand if you’re looking to make a sandbox for your dogs, you could probably just use play sand just type some type of sand filler and use that look at you, you’re like this ground is so nice and cool I love it but yeah, this is just what they dug up on their own and then we just rake it back in the hole every year and that’s pretty much all that happens we had some grass growing here, but we had a windstorm and it kind of like blew all this sand way out here so yeah it’s pretty much just sand that they dug up on their own Garrett says my dog has really bad breath, and I’m not sure if brushing her teeth with a regular toothbrush and toothpaste will be bad for her. do you know of any good ways to fix this problem? I wouldn’t use the same toothpaste that you use on your own teeth they do actually make dog-safe toothpastes that will be the first thing that I would try another thing you can try is like the dentist sticks or some type of dental chew bone ask your vet My vet has some, and I can’t for the life of me remember what they are but they have like a taffy center and they’re really really good for the dog’s teeth because like the sticky part kind of sticks to the plaque and stuff on their teeth and helps keeps their teeth clean if your dog is having bad breath though and it’s really really bad you may want to go see a vet there’re a lot of different things that can cause bad breath in dogs it can be teeth decay which can lead to abscesses in their mouth which can lead to infection it can actually be something worse than that like down in their gut area so if your dog is having really really bad breath, you may wanna just make a trip to your vet or even just call them, talk to them, see what they think can be done. Do you smell squirrel friend? I heard him behind me He’s on the other side of the fence I know he is But that would be what I would try We got some maaail, we got some mail! And the first thing! (squeak, squeak) Some squeaky tennis balls from Emily for Shelby and the girls! We also got a letter from Nicole with some drawings, and Nicole wants to know if she should get two huskies I say yes cause I think two is better than one and should she spay them, I, I say yes, but that is a personal thing and you can talk with your vet and decide what you want to do on that These drawings are so cute there’s an Oakley, and the other one was Memphis of course and a Shelby! Look Shelby, looks just like you Aw, and there’s one of Gretta and Shiloh They sent these awesome treats and the girls got some of their favorite treats from Meeshta(?) along with this drawing and Meeshta wants to know why the dogs’ eyes turn red when we take their picture that only happens with blue-eyed dogs brown-eyed dogs eyes turn green I looked it up once, but I don’t actually remember why I’m sure there’s a scientific reason, but I’m not sure what it is We got a drawing with no name, and it says when is Shelby’s birthday? August the 8th We got this awesome drawing from Aaron of Oakley is sitting on a pile of apples, very fitting for Oakley Got a Thanksgiving Card from Angel and Angel wants to know if the dogs get salmon treats Actually the treats they just had were salmon treats A Happy Thanksgiving from Kathy and Spirit and a Happy Thanksgiving from the Hall family and we got a whole bunch of cute drawings from Chloe Alright you guys, that’s all we have for Fan Friday today Thanks for watching, thanks for subscribing and if you did not do so yet, on Monday we put up a Thanksgiving themed treat video I know Thanksgiving is over, but you can still make the treat they were Thanksgiving meatballs for dogs our dogs absolutely loved them On Wednesday, we put up a Thanksgiving themed Bark Box unboxing video, you can go check that out and as always, if you want to see more of our fun with the dogs and our lives, you can check out our vlog channel, at Shelby, Shelby I think that hole is deep enough Shelby, I think we’re good Alright you guys, if you’re new to this channel and you liked what you saw, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button like this video and share with your friends As always, thanks for watching, thanks for subscribing Stay positive, dream big, and we will see you again, soon Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Christmas time is here! Goodbye! (music) We’re Gone to the Snow Dogs (music)

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  1. Your girls have such a beautiful coats, I heard a raw egg a day is good for dogs coat, (suppose to make it shiny). What do you think?

  2. #askgttsd Hi I have two huskys called Kody and bluebelle and I walk them a lot but I want to do different activities with them do you have any suggestions for what I can do with to tire them out.

  3. I feed my 12 week old husky puppy three times a day, how much should I feed my 12 week old husky each meal? I do 1/3 cup but, he's still hungry after. What is the right amount?

  4. #AskGTTSD Is possible to tell the dogs personalities apart when they are puppies? I'm afraid to choose a puppy and it ends to be crazy like Marley (Marley & Me).

    When I saw the videos when memphis were a puppy I couldn't tell that she was going to grow to be a lovable, kiss machine and snuggle monster dog.

  5. #AskGTTSD I wanted to comment briefly on the question about dog eyes reflecting red. The reflection is from a layer of cells called the tapetum lucidum. It helps with low light vision. The phenomenon is a type of iridescence and the color is somewhat dependent on the viewing angle. The color can be red, green, blue, white, yellow, pink, … It has nothing to do with the iris color. I had a Siberian with brown eyes, and his right eye reflected green and his left eye reflected red. Correct starboard and port – how cool is that? Both of my bi-eyed dogs reflect red in both eyes.

  6. #AskGTTSD Do any of your huskies ever growl at each other in a mean way not playing? They seem like they're always just awesome loveables! haha

  7. I love you my name Abigail I know that it's Judy Diemer my grandma's password I just want you to answer one of my comments love your videos

  8. #AskGTTSD What are some good ways to prevent fleas and ticks from getting to your dogs? Also if u ever have family over is it always really crampt having u guys, family and three huskies?

  9. #AskGTTSD Do you guys furminate your dogs? Also, do you think that a certain diet helps with shedding? Btw you guys rock 🙂

  10. #ASKGTTTSD When training any dog I know there's always expectations vs reality with the more stubborn breeds like my two especially! When training your dogs, what were the commands/habits you wanted to be sure the girls learned?

  11. #AskGTTSD A family member took their dog to Pet Smart to get their dog groomed and when they did they nicked his sphanz and needed a trip to the vet and meds. They made complaints so they could make it right but they never did, any suggestions on what they should do next?

  12. #askGTTSD my husky will growl and fight with every female husky's and it makes me scard to take her to a dog park what can I do?

  13. #askGTTSD How should I deal with my dog (mix pitbull helller) She Licks us all the time she's trained but she started again she's almost 1 and half years old but she's 1 right now

  14. #askGTTSD do you and Jamy (sorry if I spelt it wrong) want a child (human not dog) and would you apdotion or have your own child

  15. Hi Jessica, i'm really interested in huskies and would live to know what size lead you'd use for a husky? Also do you think a husky would be suitable in the UK?

  16. #AskGTTSD I have subscribed/followed you on all your social media accept twitter and face book because I'm not allowed to get them will I still be entered into your 12 days of Christmas giveaway?

  17. #ASKGTTSD I recently bought a husky mix and I was wondering how big should I build my fence to keep my puppy from escaping

  18. My dog Gracie has a chewing problem it's not normal. If we give her chewing bones she does not eat them, she won't eat kongs, she won't play with the toys we give her, if we put her outside she chews on the fence, we even tried putting her on a wire connected to a tree and she chews the wire. It's almost like she knows what we are trying to do #AskGTTSD

  19. #AskGTTSD do you have any reccomendations on what oils or foods that can be used on a dog with dry skin and also have you got the test results for oakley and shelby back yet?

  20. Our dog(she's a miniature schnauzer and we think she just had a stroke but we are not sure .. she runs around and jumps on the couch and acts completely lol she doesn't remember and she won't eat help!!!! AskGTTSD

  21. #askGTTSD my dog is scared of the doctor and freaks out when we take him to the vet is there any thing I can do to help him calm down.

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  23. #AskGTTSD Hello! I would like some tips for something serious. My family, on the 31st will be getting a male siberian husky. We already have looked into the breeder, ect. BUT, I have a full grown female dog named Fuzzy. I don't want to so this puppy more affection then Fuzzy, because she's the love of my life. Please, any tips onto give both dogs the same amounts of attention? Thank you for reading!

  24. #askgttsd I know you guys said you only bath the dogs like twice a year, but I've read online that you should wash your husky very often in order to keep the odor at bay. I've heard you should bath them as often as once a week depending on the dog. Do your dogs have a problem with odor and if so how do you keep it away without baths?

  25. #ASKGTTSD. After watching all of your videos. I wanted to ask if you have noticed that Menphis started to talk more on her own now that is past years same with Shelby, eating foods that she normally would not- example the apple-. And Oakly how she is been getting on beds and the beanbag. more comfortable items but still not laying on them but getting on them. I have noticed a little change in them.

  26. Have you ever had any issues with aggression or fighting between the dogs. I have 2 huskies both under 8 months and twice they have acted aggressive with our older Shih-Tzu. #AskGTTSD

  27. my puppy likes to tear up toys and we buy him hard toys but he still finds a way to tear them apart we give him plastic bottles and cardboard boxes I NEED TIPS PLEASE!!!!!!!!! #AskGTTSD

  28. #ASKGTTSD how do you choose a dog breed? ive been thinking between a husky, german shepherd , belgian malinois. ive researched all the breeds and i wstch your videos as well as pressrecords videos to see life with a husky. a friend of mine has a german shepherd and i dont know too much about belgian malinois's ive researched and basically came up with them being a very high energy high drive working dog who needs a job. i want a high energy dog for a good hiking parther and id love to participate in dog sports and other fun stuff with my dog but i dont know how to decide between the three. would you recommend see if some of the breeders ive looked into would allow me to come see there dogs and try to get a better feel for each breed?

  29. Gone to the Snow Dogs – my husky has recently stopped eating , he use to eat 3 times a day but now he only eats once a day ☹️ what do you recommend I do to help increase his appetite? (He's 7 months) #AskGTTSD please please help me I'm very concerned 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  30. #AskGTTSD My dog just started agility but sometimes he walks around the jumps. What can I do to fix that? And how can I provident that?

  31. #AskGTTSD I have a 13 week old puppy who's very playful with teenagers and adults but anxious around children. Even if the kids behave calmly when she meets them, she won't let herself be petted or touched by them. Everyone keeps telling me it's normal, but I'm getting a little worried. So far I've been using positive reinforcement, giving the children little treats to reward her with when she comes and sniffs them. Do you have any other suggestions on what I can do to socialise her with children? How did Shiloh, Shelby and Memphis behave around kids when they were puppies? I wish all of you a Happy New Year and many thanks from Josephine <3<3<3

  32. #GTTSD my husky always bite and she wont stop and how to keep a husky calm becuase his always playful pls help me and sometimes wont eat so again pls help me fix this im so worried about her shes my only hisky puppy and her birthday is in september 18 ok bye

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