My Favorite At-Home Anti-Aging Gadgets (part 2)

My Favorite At-Home Anti-Aging Gadgets (part 2)

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Luke I am your father feels like it’s digging into
my skull hi I’m Darnell Cox with live young
style and today we’re doing an updated version of my favorite at-home
anti-aging devices. So you can spend thousands of dollars getting
professional treatments in salons but there’s also a lot of great at-home
anti-aging gadgets that work fantastic so I’m going to tell you about a few of
my favorites now. if you didn’t catch the first version of this video make sure
you check that out because some of my gadgets ended up making the second cut
and there are some new ones so what you’re gonna do is you put it on
your skin make sure it’s slippery push it up a little bit and wait for the beep
and as soon as it beeps you move to the next section but I’m not gonna be doing
any sort of tutorials today because there’s a lot to go over. This is the
Clarisonic. Now you have to start with with clean skin you can wash your hair
once a week but you have to wash your skin every day because by starting with
clean skin is how all of your products end up sinking in a lot better and the
Clarisonic gets your skin six times cleaner than just using your hand it’s
gentle on all skin types and you can use it twice a day now I only use this at
night because I want to make sure I get all of my my makeup and all of that
stuff off so that I can bring in my really powerful anti-aging skin care
products now make sure that you click on the link below that also gives you my
morning skincare routine and in my nighttime skincare routine it all starts
with this because you need to start with clean skin
so that’s the Clarisonic love this and next my favorite is Nurse Jamie uplift
now I I only found two colors because my daughter’s always steal these. This is a
simple simple tool by nurse Jamie I love this and it’s basically a massaging
beauty tool now have you ever woken up and you’ve had like puffy skin or you
just have those bags under your a little bit instead of you know putting
on an eye cream sometimes I’ll just wake up I have this on the side of my bed and
I’m rolling out the puffiness this is also really good to have in your bag
when you travel because we all kind of puff up when we travel so it stimulates
your skin and it helps with lymphatic drainage then it kind of contours
because it’s again it’s causing lymphatic drainage so I love this so
next we’re gonna go on to dry brushing now I have if you were to see over here
I have tons of dry brushes because I am a big-time believer in dry brushing it
stimulates collagen it helps with circulation it helps with lymphatic
drainage it also helps kind of to reduce the
appearance of cellulite this dry brush is actually one that I really love this
is by karma Mays you I can’t find this anymore
so if you know where to find this please please please reach out to me because
I’ve tried to tell other people about this dry brush and I can’t seem to find
where to purchase it anymore so that’s one of my favorites I found this on
Amazon again the link will be below but just kind of you know stimulating your
skin it also helps to slough off that dead skin brightens your face up it’s
really really important exfoliation is important so dry brushing believe it or
not is a big giant anti-aging game-changer so this is derma flash and
I love this because you know it’s it’s a myth that women if you shave your face
that your hair will grow back thicker I’m not sure how that myth started but
our hair so our fuzz is gonna grow back exactly the same that is a genetic thing
so I love this you turn it on it vibrates and then you basically can
shave the little peach fuzz off of your face now
the great thing about this is it not only shaves your peach fuzz off so if I
just got a little peach fuzz on me but it also helps to kind of exfoliate that
dead layer of your skin so it works in two different ways the vibration and the
little razor part help to get all of the peach fuzz off which means that your
makeup is going to go on a lot smoother it means that your products are going to
sink in a little bit better its exfoliating that last kind of layer of
your skin and the reason why I love this is look at this it’s like a disposable
thing so you click on the button and this thing shoots out and so when you
want to use it again you slide this on and you’ve got a brand new razor so I
love this derma flash the next thing we have is the new face Trinity I have been
using new face for gosh I want to say probably since it came out and the
reason is because it works if I I’m no matter what when I do these kind of
videos which I’ll probably do another one next year I guarantee you new face
is going to be on it this is the new face Trinity it’s rechargeable and it’s
it basically stimulates your your muscles it is an FDA cleared facial
toning device I love this now it says Trinity because there are two other
attachments to it this is for around the eyes
so you basically pop this off which is super easy to do and you can put on this
other attachment and it goes right around your eyes so I love that in
stimulating that area around the eye again you can glide it now I’m sure
there’s gonna be a lot of people that say how are you doing that on a full
face of makeup I have no makeup on so I just want to make that clear
I should have said that in the beginning I have eyelash extensions so it looks
like I have makeup on but I have a little bit of lip gloss and I’ve got
some eyelash extensions so you want to make sure you do this on a very clean
face but you will definitely know the difference okay so the nether attachment
that you can do because it is called a Trinity is the red light therapy No
we’ll get to red light therapy in a little bit because that’s a whole other
subject itself I do like to use this on the chest so I’ll watch TV or watch news
in the morning and just kind of put this on different areas of my chest it helps
with all of those little decolletage wrinkles that we tend to get so that is
the new face Trinity facial toning system they do sell it only with the you
know the facial toner on it I this is the main thing that I use I
don’t really use that as much because I can get right up to my eye with this as
well love love love the next thing is the nurse Jamie ionics
this is just again a simple simple tool by nurse Jamie I love this because it
just has a little bit of vibration so when you put on your favorite eye cream
it just kind of helps that to like waken up your eyes brighten your eyes up it
helps your your products kind of soak in a little bit better but also it just
kind of vibrates those bags out so I will use it around my eye on my eyelid
around that brow bone I think I’d probably use this every morning after I
put on my eye cream nurse Jamie ionics love it next we’re going to talk about
micro needling now I am a giant micro needle fan Dearest I have micronesia
Singh systems like all over the place but I want to just go over some of my
favorite so this is just a micro needle er it’s its point two-five again I’ll
have the link down there on where to buy this I am NOT a brand ambassador for any
companies so don’t think that by me showing you these devices or giving you
a link that I’m making a penny off of these I’m not these are just things that
I really feel work and micro needling is one of those technologies that really
works and the reason why it works is because we stopped producing collagen at
the age of 25 25 I’m almost 52 I need all the collagen that I can get so this
kind of device create little micro traumas in your skin that
then signal your collagen signal your body to produce that collagen and go and
fix it so that’s how this this works so it helps with fine lines and wrinkles it
helps with skin discoloration with elasticity stimulating collagen all of
that stuff it is great this is one that I just started using that I love because
it does add a little red light therapy to it and again if you’ve seen my video
on red light therapy you’ll know that there’s a lot of healing and anti-aging
benefits to red light therapy but this glow Pro has a little bit of a massaging
so you can feed there’s a little vibration and again you use it just like
you would the other derma roller so you’re gonna go one direction you’re
gonna go the other direction you’re gonna go horizontally you know
and you want to do it five six seven times in one spot
before you move on and vertically so you’re trying to get every single angle
now my face could get a little bit pink but it’s it’s not anything that is would
be dangerous or you need a band-aid for it just gets it a little bit pink and it
doesn’t really it doesn’t really even hurt you know it just kind of feels a
little prickly again this is glopro I love this and it comes with well
actually it doesn’t come with I bought this separately this is the glopro body
so this is for the other attachments that come with it so they have one for
lips and again it comes with this little container that you can just fill with
alcohol let it sit for five minutes they have eyes there’s a large one for the
body and these all attached to that glopro so you push on this little button
lips I just press them on and this just this disconnects you put the body one on
and you’re good to go and now you can do your entire body
which I do I love that these are big because I do my entire stomach I do the
back of my arm so you don’t get that kind of wrinkly you know creepy thing
that happens with our elbows and I do this on my knees love love love
so if you don’t like that the fact that these are rollers a lot of people there
was a lot of comments in my last video that saying that the rollers actually
create more of a triangle kind of trauma and are more traumatic to the skin I
think if your skin is getting pink it’s not bleeding I’m all about creating a
little bit more trauma but if that is something that bothers you
there’s the nurse Jamie skin stamp now this is more it’s going straight in
straight out I really kind of like to use this again on my eyelids and around
my eye because I feel like I have more control of this so you can do your whole
face with just this stamp and all you’re doing is stamping in stamping out and
you’re making sure that you’re doing across the same area five or six times
changing the direction of the stamp with each pass of that so nurse Jamie’s skin
stamp also microneedle err love it the last one is red light therapy now I
love this kind of technology I did a whole video on red light therapy where I
was at sunset tan and I laid down in the red light therapy bed which I loved
took a nap felt great but red light therapy helps with circulation helps
with everything that you can possibly imagine wrinkles fine lines skin
discoloration it’s really kind of a breakthrough kind of technology that was
now just coming out with all of the at-home gadgets but I’m gonna tell you
right now it’s been very difficult finding a red light therapy gadget that
I felt oh this is the one so I’m currently testing about five or six
different things and that’s going to be in a future video just on red light
therapy anti aging gadgets and I’ll make sure that I let you know when that is
going to be out and if you like these kind of videos subscribe and if you want
to be alerted when a new video is released click on that little alarm
button and an email be sent to you every time that I drop the video so doing a
little home self-care with anti aging gadgets that actually work while you’re
saving money from professional salons that’s a really good way to look young.

11 thoughts on “My Favorite At-Home Anti-Aging Gadgets (part 2)”

  1. I am very happy you are testing red light therapy gadgets. I will hold off purchasing one…until I hear your results.

  2. Hey Jenny, I have a great question to ask. Before I pay out $500 + for the Trinity by NuFace, have you had ANY issues with the batteries and plastic parts breaking on any of yours you’ve had over the years? There are tons of negative reviews on QVC, Amazon and even on their site of people complaining about it, quite honestly a lot more reviews than I’m comfortable with. What’s your experience if you don’t mind.

    Ps, there are many, many, many great reviews which is why I want!

  3. cant wait for the red light therapy video since I really want to buy one, because it seems like it is "the one" to get it, wrinkles, collagen… but I just have the money to invest in one so…

  4. Please make a video about how to get tight perky boobs and treating saggy boobs, please please please.

  5. SAVE YOUR PEACH FUZZ! They retain moisture and nutrient and physically protect your skill from outside elements. This is all info from my dermatologist aunt, if you disagree please explain what the benefit to removing it is

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