My Skin Care Routine for Hyperpigmentation

My Skin Care Routine for Hyperpigmentation

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Hey! Christy here. I’ve been treating
clients with hyperpigmentation, Acne, and other skin conditions for over eleven
years, and I’ve had quite a few requests to do what I do for MY skincare routine.
I have hyperpigmentation, I am middle-aged, and so I wanted to tell you
first off — so this protocol CANNOT work for every single person. But since you’re
wanting to know what I do — and I do change it up a little bit, especially now
where I get a lot of samples and I try the samples for at least a month to see
how it responds — but this is what I just keep going back to. Okay. The first one is,
you have to remember that skincare products is like clothes: You have to
adjust according to the weather. So, sometimes my skin is dry, sometimes it’s
oily, especially because I’m moving around and I’m working with steam. So, the
two ones that I do use on my skin, because this, what I have learned over
the years for me and most of my clients is that these cleansers with their pH, it
actually works well with a lot of the products that I work with. So when my
skin is feeling dry, usually in the Winter time, I use this very luxurious,
it’s MD Dermaceutical, it’s 8.5 ounces, and it’s really concentrated,
so you don’t need a lot. If you look at a lot of the cleansers, they range from
4 ounces all the way to 6.8 ounces, I think is the average? But
this is a great deal, it’s 8.5 ounces. It has a hydrating-exfoliating agent — Lactic Acid — so it’s not very harsh. So if you are using a
more assertive anti-aging ingredients, such as Retin-A, Retinol, Glycolic Acid, any
of those, this actually works very well with that.
So again, but I’m not using it right now because it is warmer in, in Southern
California. This one is Restore. So this is a
balanced cleanser for a lot of my post-, my waxing clients use this
because if your skin, if you’re using something that’s too alkaline, the
bacteria levels can grow on your skin, and so if you shave or you wax and you
tend to get lots of bumps, it’s because your pH isn’t right. So, then the bacteria
levels rise. So a lot of them use it for their face AND their body. This is also
8.5 ounces and this is also very concentrated. It is a, a gel-based
foaming cleanser but it doesn’t use any of the sulfates for foaming agents,
so it works really, really well. So this is great for normal skin, combination /
oily skin is good, and even sometimes I will use this to break up a lot of the
oil during Winter and then use this for the second cleanse. So right now I am
using… well actually, not at this moment. Because I am actually using a skincare
line that they wanted me to review their product line, so, but this is what I use.
Okay. So the next step is exfoliation. Exfoliation should usually happen at
night time, especially in the Summertime, and especially if you have
hyperpigmentation. So I use this one, this one is a three-in-one. You can use it to
boost exfoliating properties in your cleanser by using about a dime-size in
your cleanser — and I will put a link in the video so it explains more about this
product — but this is what I use almost, not quite, but almost on a daily basis as
my scrub at night, because it does have lightening-and-brightening agents. So I
don’t put it in my cleanser because my skin can now tolerate it using it daily,
alone as a scrub, and then once a week as a mask, I will use this because it has
lightening-and-brightening agents. Now my skin is prepped for absorption of serums.
Now with serums, there’s so many different ones that address anti-aging,
you know, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and that’s why
you notice that serums have the-, serums, actually and eye products, have the
highest amount of performance ingredients in them, which is why per its
size it’s usually the most expensive. So, I use, okay, so I’ve
been using this one. This is the MD Dermaceutical Age-Reverse Brightening Serum. It
is gentle enough and it does have Tyrosinase inhibitors to keep my
hyperpigmentation at bay. Any product that you use to treat hyperpigmentation,
if you are not using sunscreen, can slowly come back. So I do use this one,
and then this company approached me about this Hydrating Gel Treatment
because what was great about this is it has a lot of the humectants, like
Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Aloe Vera Gel, but it also has an occlusive agent so it
keeps it from evaporating, which is water dispersible. So that’s the unique thing
about it. So it doesn’t, it doesn’t create a lot of bumps for people who are oily
skin. So, I-, it’s been hot here, so I have been actually using this as a
moisturizer but you can use it as a serum, a moisturizer, or an overnight
treatment mask. So, I use that one, then I use this toner, and this is the one that
increases the efficacy of any anti-aging ingredients, and it’s created the pH is
compatible — I did talk with them on everyone from Rosacea, Eczema, it’s ALL
skin types basically. So I use about seven-to-ten sprays of this to really
hydrate my skin because I live in a very arid climate, and then while my skin is
wet, I will use one of the two creams. So this one is — since we’ve been doing
hyperpigmentation — I’ve been using this Intense Brightening Creme. And it’s
worked really well with this and this. Now Image also has a lightening serum
and also a skin-bleaching serum, but my skin reacted, I think it was because
it, it was just too strong for my skin, so I went back to this one. So this is an
Intense Brightening Creme. It also has Tyrosinase inhibitors and they use this with what they call “Vectorize Technology”, it’s a time
release of the lighteners in there. And if you watch my videos, you understand about
the time-release. So I would use this one. And you have to remember, treatment
creams, their primary goal is TREATMENT, not hydration. So sometimes when you use
a treatment cream and your skin still feels dry, that is why. So, this one has
SOME hydrating properties, but me and some of my clients will tell me that
their skin still feels kind of dry, so I alternate this with the MD Dermaceutical Overnight Repair Cream. This one here, why I love it is because it has a
unique blend of hydration and occlusive properties, but it has the THIRD ingredient
is actually a Vitamin C derivative, because when you are using
hyperpigmentation treatments or you’re using anti-aging treatments that have Retinol or Glycolic Acid, it can actually
irritate your skin and inflame your skin. And so if you inflame your skin, you can
get hyperpigmentation, and this type of Vitamin C derivative is NOT irritating
at all, at the same time increasing the efficacies of the other products, the
other anti-aging products as well as hyperpigmentation. So I alternate between
this one and this one. Now, so-, I haven’t been using it recently because I’ve been,
I’ve been testing out the other ones, but I CANNOT sell it online. And that one is
this one, this is the Collagen Synthesis Booster, and this is a pharmaceutical
grade one, and this is great, it stimulates Collagen growth and increases
dermal hydration. So I love this one here, but I’m not using it right now. And then
the eye cream that I use, this is an Eye-, Refreshing Eye-Firming Cream that I
normally been using, but I’m actually testing out another one. So, this one is
really good! I, I still have to wait, but I noticed that my dark circles are slowly
disappearing, and the SECOND ingredient is a Shiitake Mushroom
Extract. And when I did some more research — not in beauty journals but in
medical journals — it actually has shown consistency with hyperpigmentation, and
hydration, and anti-aging. So I will let you more about that once I finish it off,
okay? So anyway, but I’ve been using this one. Then, okay, so remember I was telling you
about multi-layering effects? If you’ve noticed, I’ve been using brightener, this
one has a brightener, this one has a brightener, this one increases the
efficacy, this one increases efficacy, this one is a brightener. Now during the
day they DON’T recommend for most hyperpigmentation products — I say most
because I don’t know all of them — most of them, they recommend that you do NOT use
it during the day because it can make your skin photosensitive. So, during the
day, so let’s say I’m using this, sometimes I use the Hydro-Gel if my skin’s feeling when I wake up and my skin’s feeling dry — especially if I use this
the night before, the Iluma Intense Brightening Creme — so I will use this one,
I will use an eye cream, and then (oops, let’s move this), this one, and then the sunscreen — that I
always talk about because this has lighteners-and-brighteners, it actually
has, like, three or four different combinations in here — so this one here. So
my make-up, I actually use the Image Iconceal, I use #2, which is the
“Natural”. So, it, okay, so first of all it has 30 SPF and the sunscreen ingredients
are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, so it cannot inflame the skin. It does have a
very high amount of pigments in there so I use a TAKLON brush. Don’t use your
fingers because it’s, it’s, there’s too much coverage — unless you need it, because
it was created to cover post-treatment procedures like acid peels, or face lifts,
or people who have Rosacea or Acne. So I use the #2, and it also helps with
hyperpigmentation. The reason why I like this is, if
you notice, this is SPF 30, right? THIS is SPF 30! So when you mix the two
you are NOT diluting the Sun Protection Factor because it’s both the SAME. Okay?
Then, actually in the Summertime right now, what I’m doing is after I put this
on I will take a big fluffy kabuki brush and lightly go over my face with the
Rice Powder — and I’ll put the link why I do that, because of the lightening
benefits of the rice powder — and I put it all over my face. If you have oily skin,
you can do an extra on your forehead, nose, and your chin, if you’d like. So I do
a very light amount of this and then I’ll take a smaller brush, and I actually
have, so I have some hyperpigmentation here, here, and then right here. So I’ll
take a smaller brush — compact — and, like, kind of buff it out on here for extra
hyperpigmenta-, to treat the hyperpigmentation, and then I will use my liquid make-up, and then on top of that I
will use a mineral powder, very light, and then again, because in the Summertime, I
do a very light, I use a big fluffy brush, and put it over again for that extra
shine protection. So, explaining this, this sounds actually really complicated, but I
can really do this literally in minutes. But, so that’s basically what I use. Right
now, I’m not using a Vitamin C serum because I’m using this other one… and I’m
not saying the name of it in particular because IF I don’t like it, I I tend not
to do reviews on products I don’t like because I don’t want to bad-mouth other
products, I just like to FEATURE ones that I DO like and things that have
worked on my skin. So, this is basically what I do, with some changes here-and-there, but pretty much this is what I’m doing. I’ve been doing this for YEARS, but
recently, since I’ve been getting so many skincare companies contacting me, I’ve
been stepping away from this, trying other products for 30 days, seeing if it
works, then, and so far… not very many have made
it… So we’ll see. So this other skincare
company, we’ll see on how that one works. Okay? So thank you for watching, and
remember, make-up is an ART, skin care is a SCIENCE, and if you have any questions in
regards to YOUR personal protocol, put the links below, and I’ll put all the
links to all these products — except for this one — in the links below.

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  1. Remember…everyone' s skin is different! I have done this routine for several years and this has worked well for me. However, I have been trying different products so my routine has changed from time to time but I keep coming back to this because it is easier to manage than trying to blast out my hyperpigmentation with stronger ingredients and then have it come back worse. I will let you know how my skin does with other products! Links are in the description. ; )

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