My voice on helium


Hi everyone! This is Wolfychu ..and SweetoToons And I’ve been getting a lot of requests for me to try out speaking with helium *laughing and BREATHE* So.. we are going to try that out (:o) Yeah.. we are not even going to be able to hear you I don’t think You’ll.. *laugh* I think only dogs will be able to hear your voice It’s gonna be great Just a quick disclaimer.. Do not try this at home, unless you have asked your parents first This is gonna be kind of hard to get undone so I’m just gonna try my best *Wolfychu makes an adorable noise* (DON’t JuDge mE) Really? (yEs reAlly) *laughing* Wolfychu: I’m sorry Sweeto: Man, who did this balloon up so tight? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *INHALE CHILD* *on helium* Hey everyone, it’s.. *omg xd* ..SweetoToons *keeping on laughing xd* Hey everyone. It’s SweetoToons *laughs* ..I’m here with Wolfychu *xD* Your voice is higher than mine *Sweeto w/ Helium>Normal Wolfychu* It sounds so weird See, it wears off so quickly. You want me to sing? *cute laugh* Wolfychu: Yeah
Sweeto: Okay. My upcoming song, “Coney Island”, here we go. Let’s.. *Coney Island music incoming ♪* Let’s see how this sounds ♪ “We’ll go to Coney Island!” ♪ “maybe..♪” ♪ “..then you’ll see.. that that we can do!..” ♪ *stops from laughter* That’s beautiful (ikr) It is so high pitched *laughing* Ok Ahh. This balloon is all shribbled! Sweeto: It looks weird
Wolfychu: It look gross yeah…. It looks like someone’s brain *more laughing* *OH! OH!* *YES! INHALE IT* *TASTE THE TASTE OF HELIUM* *more laughing* *on helium* HI eVeRyoNe, tHis iS wOlfycHu *OMG.. XDDDDDD* Wolfychu 2.0: My voice is kinda funny.. Oh my god! *more laughing..* (>O

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