My Worst Injuries

My Worst Injuries

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Ok so if you’re here for an epic story about how I broke my legs while fighting a bear
on a snowboard in the Sahara desert you’re gonna be severely disappointed because these stories are quite dumb as you can tell by the fact that they all
happened when I was a kid. So I need to preface this by saying… I was a SUPER sensitive kid. I don’t know why but I would just get offended super easy and would overreact when I got hurt and avoided all situations where I might possibly feel an ounce of pain like football or even games where you run around like ‘Tag’. I didn’t like playing Tag as a kid because I didn’t like the way my legs hurt
after a while and getting chased freaked me out. So when someone was about to catch me I’d
pretend to fall over and start fake crying so that we’d stop playing. And I was really stupid about it too. Remember in my last video where I talked about how I was a good liar
as a kid? Yeah, sure I was a good liar but I was terrible at faking stuff. Don’t ask me how that works but when we would play tag for example I wouldn’t even try to look like I’d fallen
over (because I might accidentally hurt myself
if I pretended to fall over too fast obviously!) instead I would sit down CROSS LEGGED then start crying. I have NO idea why I was.. really annoying. *laughs* Let’s start with the youngest let’s say 4 or 5 It was winter & I was in Primary School. It was break time, or “recess” so everyone was playing in the snow. Well I say snow but it wasn’t soft and fluffy It’d, like, melted & re-froze again so it was more like chunks of ice. There were some kids having a snowball fight
but I didn’t want none of that I might get hurt! So I was out on the playground innocently
making a snowman a fair distance from the snowball fighting
kids. And one of these kids just happened to be
the strongest girl in the class. Like this girl was strangely strong for a
kid she’d constantly get into trouble for accidentally
hurting other kids for like, giving them a hug or something. And so it just happened to be her who launched
a snowball at this other kid who moved out of the way
just in time… for it to smack me right in the face. I didn’t know what happened. All I knew was, my face was wet, Cold and stinging. (death metal scream) The next story happened in high school and
involves dodgeball! I really really hated dodgeball. Because I was both good and bad at it. How does that work? Well I was good at dodging but I couldn’t throw to save my life. So it would always happen that I’d be the
last one on my team Vs like 5 other guys. And they’d always be these kids who threw
the balls needlessly hard. So what’d happen was I had 5 people throwing
balls at me super hard and I’d dodge them and then they’d bounce off the wall behind
me and roll right back to them. But there was another way to get players out which was to catch the ball that they threw. I knew that was my only option so I went for
it. But the ball went a little too high. I reached out and… *crack* (chip screaming in the background)
Sport coach: Well looks like the blue team
won! (chip screaming in the background)
Sport coach: Good job everybody! Another thing that’s happened throughout my
whole life was falling down the stairs at my Mum’s
house. I swear those are the smallest stairs with
the slippiest carpet in the world. There’s a railing but it’s not fixed into
the wall properly so not even that will save you. I’ve fallen down those stairs so many times that it doesn’t even hurt anymore. When I say those stairs are small I mean they’re
SMALL Like my foot doesn’t even fit on one step and I
have small feet. So what I started doing.. was going down sideways. That fixed the problem! But…now I can’t walk down stairs forwards
anymore. My room was upstairs right, so I ended up going down those stairs sideways
so many times that I’ve become conditioned to walk down
ALL stairs sideways. I only noticed it this year when a friend
pointed it out, and it’s so hard to break the habit. I can’t walk down stairs “normally” without
going super slow and it’s kind of embarrassing. But I’ll get there someday. Someday I won’t have to walk down stairs like
a crab! So luckily I never had any bad injuries only dumb ones. If you have any dumb injury stories of your
own please write them in the comments reading your stories is my favourite part
of making videos like this! Please consider leaving a like if you enjoy
my videos and be careful when you go down the stairs!

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  1. To Chipflake. Nice intro btw. I always like ur vids before I watch them. Their just cool and funny.


  3. When I took taekwondo, I was standing on one foot while blocking a kick from a 16-year-old. I was twelve at the time. My foot couldn't support the weight and it snaped. It was a sprain.

  4. One time my sister thought it was a good idea to "play dodgeball" with a soccer ball…

    Yea, the ball slammed against my finger so I got a bruise inside my knuckle

    Oh and it also hurt to bend it so for a week I kept accidentally flipping people off 😅

  5. This one time, I was walking down the street, and I fell.
    I just, fell. On my butt.
    No idea how. :/
    It was so confusing I didn't even care about the pain :/
    To this day I still don't understand what happened :/

  6. I was making bacon and eggs for my dad on an electronic stove top and as I served my dad, I put my left hand on the heating pad and got a third degree burn and lost feelings in my fingers.

  7. So The Barrel Part Of A Wheel Barrel Broke And So My Mum Got A Rope And Attached The Rope To The Barrel And Then Attached It To The Golf Cart And We Rode In It (The Wheel Barrel) And We Had So Much Fun Years Later My Uncle Does The Same But With A Four Wheeler And One Day I Done A Barrel Role (OOF) And Now My Spine,Head,Feet Everything Hurts And Im 10 Yrs Old And It Hurts My Back To Run
    R.I.P SALEM 2008-2019
    Me Watching Vid And Im 2 Mins And 3 Sec In Vid:DO I SPOT A EMO PLAYING IN SNOW NANI?!

  8. Falling off the back of a car and spranging my foot I have spranged my foot 5 times in all of my life and one of my feet now walk slightly to the right

  9. I ummm well I was like “I wanna be outside” and pushed through a screen and fell out a window.

    I saw kids jumping at the bars on the monkey bars “that looks cool!” Closed my hands too soon and fell to the ground and fractured my arm

    Went tubing and one of my cousins yanked me off broke my finger had to get it rebroken since I didn’t know it was broken and healed wrong.

    Yea I umm I have a high pain tolerance sometimes my mom finds bruises on me and freaks out and I’m just like “oh how’d that happen?”

  10. when i was 9, i was bouncing on my 14ft trampoline and i tried to do a backflip for the first time, so i jumped, got halfway, put my arms out to protect me and CRACK i was screaming my head off while my Grandad was like "Oh its fine you haven't broke your arm its fine!" and by that point i was hyperventilating and screaming "TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL I BROKE MY ARM" then finally they did take me to the hospital, i was in the waiting room from around 8 : 30 to the NEXT DAY at around 1 : 25 and when they finally did an X-ray on my arm, i broke both of the bones in my arm, radius and ulna… and just a few weeks after, my best friend John Shepley (72), died of cancer… i hope some people actually feel bad for me… it was a terrible year 🙁

  11. A few years ago, I was riding my bike and I was going pretty fast. That was when I slide off the back of the seat and scraped my balls against the back tire.

  12. Was I a dumb kid
    … Yes, yes I was
    I fell off my ladder that was attached to my bunk bed, an when I went down I slipped an fell from through the spacing an yeah, now I fear ladders.

  13. I was preparing the table for dinner, and i was putting knives. By a accident it slipped and fall down to my toe, well my cut wasnt really deep so …… But its so dumb

  14. one time i found a cactus in my toilet even tho im in england,east midlands and you don't get cacti here; when i was cleaning out my toilet it popped out of nowhere and got stuck into my hand.

  15. I have a problem with stairs, I can't walk down or up stairs without fear of falling. One time I fell while walking up the stairs with a plate of spaghetti. I cri…

  16. My worst injury was cracking my head open and my second worst injury was just two days ago. I got hit in the face with a hockey ball and broke my nose 😛

  17. Top 3 pain i felt

    3. My sister pushed me off a bridge it hurt but i didnt break anything

    2.smacked my leg with a metal baseball bat stll no broken stuff

    1.i stepped on a thumbtak

  18. I went skiing with my sister and some friends last year and tore my acl within the first 3 hours we were there… had to have surgery and couldn’t really walk for like 2 months! my knee still hurts sometimes and now I’m way to anxious to do most sports in fear of my knee breaking apart

  19. There was a chair.
    I sit in that chair.
    I put my arm behind the chair.
    I put my physical weight on the chair.
    The chair falls, in the opposite direction.
    I crack my bone.

  20. snow? you guys get snow??

    edit: I'm from Ireland and sadly we don't get much snow at all. yes there is some snow but most of the time the snow melts on contact with the floor

  21. oh and one time it was summer so i wore crocs. I was climbing the barrier of a small river and i jumped to the other side of the barrier (you can kinda see where this is going. and no i didn't fall into the river) my crocs got caught on the barrier and i was hanging upside down off the barrier like 3 centimetres over a nettle…three people had to pull me up

  22. I was talking to my friend in front of a staircase i stepped backwards and fell on my neck rolling down the stairs

  23. I feel off my bike when going down a hill, and hit with the underside of my jaw first, It bleeded so much I had to use my sock to stop it. I got into the ambulance and I had to sew my chin

  24. Hmmmmmm…

    Let’s see…

    Skinning my knee and chipping my upper 2 front teeth, the left chipped all the way to my gums and the right chipped into a dagger like shape(they’re both properly cleaned and capped now after the first dentist didn’t even clean my teeth before capping them, causing painful abscesses to form constantly above the left tooth) after attempting to do a sharp turn to escape the neighbor’s kids and the bike flipping and smashing the back of my head into the gravel in a parking lot

    Walking into a mailbox and getting a goose egg on my forehead

    Falling off a scooter and scraping my ankle

    Slipping on a staircase and knocking the wind out of myself

    Tire swing breaking and falling flat on my back on a solid dirt pile directly under it

    Walking a German Shepherd and spacing out, leading me to wake up and stare at my bloodied ankles

    Playing kickball in P.E. with a soccer ball and someone chucking the ball full force at my face(got to skip the rest of P.E. though!!)

    Learning to ride a bike and falling over(we lived with my grandma at the moment until we could find a new home and she lived in the middle of buttfuck nowhere with a rocky road), getting my foot stuck between the spokes or whatever they’re called in the tires… twice…

    And that’s about all I can remember.

  25. I've fell off a bike and split my head open on a concrete post. IT F**KING HURT LIKE A MOTHERF**KER. I didn't go to the hospital at all or get any treatment. I dealt with it…..

  26. I remember one time I when I was a lot younger I was at my grandparents house, I was going downstairs and guess what?

    I straight up rolled down the stairs. I fell and rolled. I hit my head multiple times in one injury, that’s probably the most times I’ve hit my head at once.

  27. I was an amazing dodger but sucked at throwing the ball back, I catched them to get players out and since I was so bad at throwing sometimes I would just dodge and wait for them to hit the wall and slowly roll some so I could grab and yeet it back

  28. me: (rides a scooter)
    also me: (flys 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 miles a hour off of my scooter)

  29. me: (rides a scooter)
    also me: (flys 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 miles a hour off of my scooter)

  30. one time earlier this year, like in January, i accidentally slipped halfway down the stairs in my house, and cracked my leg.
    i needed to be in a cast for the entirety of February and i couldn't walk normally till late april. that time really frickin sucked.

  31. 8 yrs ago, when I was 3, me & a friend were playing & gently chucking pebbles down an incline, there were houses down there, I went to get more, but I tripped on the curb, landed on a big rock protruding from the side, busted my head open, & got rushed to the hospital, all I could see was blood, my head was stitched back together, there were a lot more, although I think that's what made me emotionally & physically sensitive.

  32. The dumbest thing I did was putting my hand in a blender just because there was a coin stick in it. Honestly it wasnt spinning but plugged into the wall. I reached the coin and all of a sudden, the blender blade spun for a while and it stopped abruptly when the blade hit my fingers about 1cm deep. It didnt hurt but the massive bleeding really freaked me out. I quickly started thinking how am I gonna do this? My finger is stuck. So I took the plyers and literally bent the blades to an almost 90 degree angle. Enough to pull my finger out. My finger is really totalled but luckily its on my left. I do most things with my right hand. A few months later, my finger healed back into normal condition and I lived happily ever after. The experience was horrifying

  33. I have broken something 5 times. First my leg then left arm, then right arm, then right hand and again left arm. That almost happened every year lol

  34. I got a metal bar stuck in my FLIPPING KNEE PAD, wound was deep, cut was 5cm in total I didn’t notice

    I got it stuck by sliding down a mountainside

  35. The most things that hurt me was stubbing my toe when I was little
    It always happened when I run around

    For my worst injury, me and my mom would go with my aunt to buy groceries, that one time, I had stuff so I was putting the stuff down and sitting in the car.

    My aunt thought I was in the car so she started driving a little but the problem is that my foot was outside… So I felt like my foot broke.

    Then I had a recent injury where I accidentally stabbed my finger with my pen while being distracted by a video.

    The worst injuries I get are only foot injuries. It's been fun at least…

  36. My worst injury is me chasing for a toy then triping and falling and HAVINg To GeT 12 StItChes D:<

    thats mah worst injury.

  37. this one kid charged at me in middle school for no reason, like a bull. He was playing "pokémon", whatever that means.
    He was on all fours. Smashed his head on my stomach
    I fell and broke my wrist, then the next day my mom got so mad she went and started scolding and intimidating the poor kid lol
    He never talked to me again

  38. I tripped while walking into my sister's bedroom. I hit my head on her chair and my chin on her bedspring. My chin caught onto it and ripped the skin off while a bump formed on my head. I now have a scar on my chin. What's cool about this is that my parents also have a scar on their chins.

  39. one time I went in the woods with my sister and her friend I was skipping and I fell my whole entire knee was bleeding :c

  40. I’ve got two scars on both my knees because I’ve fallen on to a concrete path or sidewalk one’s quite big the other is tiny.

  41. Hearing heaving metal screams reminds me of the time I slid my finger while sharpening my scythe

    Never bothered washing the blood off the blade cause it looked cool to me

  42. Once at recess I was playin dodge ball and someone threw a dodge ball super hard I fell over and couldn’t stand up

    surprised I didn’t bleed

  43. Me riding down the hill at speed

    Tiny rock hello person I’m going to ruin your year

    Me falls of at an alarming rate hits my head brakes my Helmet an tears a hole in my shoulder

    It helped a year after

  44. Back in my day, when I was nine years old my aunty let me walk the dog near the road. Guess what happens next, I slid on the road with my right arm because the dog was chasing a truck and I was dumb enough to not let go of the leash. I was wearing my favorite Minecraft t-shirt to so yeah. And I played with a knife and cut my finger, don't play with knives kids. P.S. this one happened when I was 12.

  45. Never sustained any serious injuries myself, though there was a series of events I went through as a kid where I ended up skinning my knee three times before it fully healed


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