National Toothache Day – Chill Spot on CNA TV

National Toothache Day – Chill Spot on CNA TV

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Today we’re going to talk about national
toothache day. Yeah and you have a story to chew maybe for
about the last year. Well I suggested that he wrapped his head up
in some gause with an ice pack but then I had a better suggestion. Yeah I think you’re going to take a shot of
whiskey. Now swish it around. I was not going to ingest it swish around but
yes I have had a tooth ache and it was weird when you like over I’m talking about
toothaches today. I’m like Oh yeah. Yeah. Yes I agree. It’s a big thing. I used to. Before we get too far into the oral care is a
major issue in every care facility that I’ve ever stepped foot into. I cannot tell you why. And sometimes I wish I had an answer. It really bothers me because I’m hoping every
caregivers brushing their teeth before they go to work so I can never wrap my head around
why they don’t brush or residents teeth something that was done in one of my
buildings they put something in the oral care boxes like a prize and every oral care box. So then when all get ups were done and beds
were made you know rooms were day ready. 10:00 in our building rooms need to be day
ready. No bed made call like all the trash out. They’d go back through and check the oral
care boxes. Well you would have taken that prize if you
brush your resident’s teeth. I would be dead right. And they come right to you. You didn’t open your oral care box this
morning or Janet Thompson lets say and then they wanted to know why. So it’s a big deal so I’m glad that you’re
talking about good hygiene and oral care. The main thing out before I like her and talk
oral care stimulates the residents mouth they can taste better they produce saliva they
don’t have dry mouth as much. So it’s not just for a smell appearance
thing. Oral hygiene is important for so many
reasons. Yeah. One of the main reasons is which you can cut
down on heart diseases stroke pneumonia diabetes which that kinda I mean I was kind
of aware of it but the gum disease it if you develop this pair if I can pronounce right
periodontal this I think I’m not sure either. But it cuts down on your body able to use the
insulin. Ok. Yeah. And then dry mouth as you mention gum disease
because the food is left on their on their t horse germs food. And you also mentioned dry mouth and then you
have root root decay because the food is still on there. And then one other thing that I did not think
about is if the dentures are not placed properly the jaw will shift and cause
problems in there they’re eating it will start. Well that’s it’s forming to how their teeth
are placed in and properly fitting dentures can cause so many issues pressure sores is
another big one. And then people continue to put their
dentures in. They may be doing all the proper hygiene but
they’re not checking in their mouth to make sure there are no sores or opening. So that’s another big thing if you have a
resident that has dentures before you’re putting a man try to give a visual inspection
of the roof of their mouth and the bottom of their mouth to make sure there are no sores
that we’re just covering up dark not well aired area which is going to cause a lot of
issues. Right. And also you could be setting there assisting
a resident with their meal and they may sit there and just clamp their mouth down. It may be because they don’t like what you’re
helping them but it could also be their tooth their gums or something could be bothering
them. Yeah yeah. You know if you go to give them something to
drink and they kind of move away it could be because the liquid is hot or the liquid is is
too cold for them. I visit the dentist actually it’s not my
favorite place to go but I do because a nice smile is a great thing to have and I don’t
ever want that to go away. And working with your residents that do have
dentures are half of a partial partial. Yeah. Make sure that you check that because
sometimes when the wires come out in a round. That can also cause decay on the back of the
teeth. Or they could. And one thing that I always did try to make
sure is if you’re if one of your residents have dentures rinse them out after each meal. Medication could be caught up underneath
their food particles especially bacon. Anything that sharp just makes sure they were
in some out. And please take them out at nighttime and
make sure you clean them real good. Make sure that they are labeled where another
resides and get another set of dentures and stuff and hope your tooth starts feeling
better. So the recommendation I have is don’t give
any less attention to the oral hygiene of your residents than you do to yourself. Is important to their family is important to
everyone because you can cause long term issues by neglecting oral hygiene on your
residents. Yeah you can’t. So you know make it fun if there’s any not
good leadership team out there watching our show make a fun thing out of that. You know give toothbrushes and toothpaste to
your days and you know maybe put that little thought in their mind hey I need to go back
and make sure my resident’s teeth are clean and properly taken care of. So I want to close this week. I have an idea. Ok. So thanks for watching as always subscribe to
CNN TV. And until next time remember that teeth
matter. That’s a good one.

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