Natural Dental Care: How to Use Tooth Powder & Tongue Scraper

Natural Dental Care: How to Use Tooth Powder & Tongue Scraper

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Let me give you the dirt on this tooth powder
alternative to traditional toothpaste. The Dirt Mouth Care Duo comes with Tooth Powder
plus a Copper Tongue Scraper. So the Tooth Powder is made from Bentonite Clay, which
boosts the natural re-mineralization process and gets your teeth all sparkly. And the Spiced
Cinnamon Orange Flavor tastes great with no sugar or xylitol. It’s super-easy to use,
just moisten the bristles of your toothbrush and dip into the powder. Tap off any excess,
and brush as usual; or you can even use an electric toothbrush. Step 2 is to follow up
with the Anti-Microbial Copper Tongue Scraper. Now, this might look scary at first, but let
me tell you it will take your fresh breath to the next level. It drastically reduces
the bacteria that brushing alone can’t. Don’t be surprised if you dipped your cream toothpaste
for good. This jar lasts about 6 months and you can even take it on a plane because there’s
no liquid or gel. You can pick up The Dirt Mouth Care Duo in the Vegan Cuts Marketplace
today. I’ll leave the links below. For more unboxings, previews, how-to’s, and just generally
cool stuff be sure to subscribe to the Vegan Cuts Channel. Thanks so much for watching.
We’ll see you next time.

6 thoughts on “Natural Dental Care: How to Use Tooth Powder & Tongue Scraper”

  1. Tooth powders actually preceded toothpastes. I tried making my own tooth powder when I was in college, using orris root and powdered myrrh. I didn't like the flavor of it though. The use of bentonite clay is new to me though – I'll have to give it a try.

  2. that you've adopted the well-known tounge scraper from traditional indian culture might perhaps interest you in an ayurvedic tooth powder vicco vajradanti. 

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