Nellie feels less pain after using cannabis oil | Drugslab

Nellie feels less pain after using cannabis oil | Drugslab

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As if there’s a pine tree in my mouth. I feel it. Hi, I’m Rens.
-And I’m Nellie. And welcome…
-In our Drugslab. Many people are curious about drugs.
You hear a lot about them… both positive and negative.
So what do they really do to you? That’s what we find out in Drugslab.
We try drugs and show you what happens. If you’re curious about a drug or want
to share an experience, leave a comment. Hectoes, Brian, AllahGineshi and Tim
were also curious about a certain drug. Namely…
-Cannabis oil. This is our cannabis oil.
It contains CBD and THC. It smells very herbal,
really like cannabis. It has a dark-green colour. Cannabis oil isn’t really a recreational drug.
It’s mostly used medicinally. It’s actually the only illegal drug
I’ve ever bought myself. Really?
-Yes. When my mother got ill,
I heard good things about it. That it alleviated pain
and made it easier to eat again… and might even help fight cancer.
But that needs to be studied more. Did your mother benefit from it?
-Definitely. It was already too late,
but she did benefit from it. Strange that it’s still illegal then.
-Yes. You can buy CBD oil in the store here,
which is legal. But CBD and more than 0.2% THC
is illegal. So we have the illegal version again.
-As always. I’m going to do it,
because I’m very curious. So am I, but I’m not going to do it.
-No. The most important cannabinoids
it contains are THC and CBD. THC makes for the high effect,
the trippy effect. And CBD is relaxing
and has a calming and soothing effect. Temperature, 36.7.
Heart rate… I’m such a calm person.
-Totally relaxed. It’s smart to start with one drop
and then wait for the effect. Some oils are stronger than others. Our oil contains 9% CBD
and 16% THC. So you’re going to be pretty high.
-It’s quite strong. Yes, so just start with one drop. Here’s
a mirror to make sure you take just one. Then wait for 15 to 30 minutes
before you decide to take more. Exactly. Because how you react
varies per person. Okay. Intense colour.
It’s completely green now. It’s as if there’s a pine tree in my mouth.
-I can smell it from here. Oh yes, it really smells like weed.
Very strong. It’s a bit
like when I smoked hashish. That herbal flavour it leaves in your
mouth. It has something very natural. Other drugs can be a bit daunting,
but with this I’m like: it’s so natural. But so are truffles,
and I spaced out on those too. Yes, that’s true.
It doesn’t say all that much. It’s inside. What cannabis does
is imitate anandamide. So the anandamide receptors in your brain
are being triggered by the cannabis. Those receptors affect your appetite,
your emotions and fears… your muscle coordination,
your memory. Cognitive functions,
planning and controlling movement… as well as your reward system,
making you feel good. THC can also make you really paranoid
and give you a bad trip. You have to guard against thinking:
I don’t feel anything, I’ll take some more. I did feel tempted just now
to take another drop. If it’s your first time, it can take up
to an hour before you feel anything. So you can’t have another drop yet.
-Okay. I am feeling really mellow.
-Are you? Yes. What’s funny is that I did
a lot of walking this weekend… and I was hurting all over. My body feels good now, but a bit slack.
-Do you have less pain now? Yes, a little.
-That’s nice. I must say that the vibe is very calm. You keep yawning and going like this. I’m so tired. I’m really very tired.
But in a nice way. If you have trouble sleeping
I can imagine that this is nice. Is it trippy as well?
-No. With that hash joint I already felt high
after a couple of puffs. That works very fast and…
-It’s very strong. Should I take another drop?
-If you think you should, go ahead. I’d find it interesting, because then
we get to see the really strong effect. But it’s your call.
-How long has it been now? One hour. I’m afraid I’ll get even more tired. That doesn’t matter, does it?
If that’s the case, so be it. It may take another 15 minutes
before the second drop kicks in. The effect lasts about 4 to 6 hours.
That’s quite a long time. You know what’s odd? Just now
I felt a bit muzzy and really sluggish. Now I feel I’m pretty clear.
Only my eyes feel a bit heavy. I’m not in my own bubble.
I can still make contact. You do seem less under the influence now.
-Yes, I feel that way too. Yes.
-Strange, isn’t it? But I must say I feel very good.
And I feel like doing something. That’s why we’re going to do
a reaction test. Oh no. When it changes colour you have to press.
The loser gets electrocuted. Ouch. That was a very subtle ‘ouch’.
You remained very calm. And then she starts laughing again. Someone’s very happy with all this food.
All for you. All for Nellie.
-All for you. I don’t know where to start.
-I want some too. Because the cannabis binds
to your hypothalamus receptors… you feel like eating, as those influence
your appetite, giving you the munchies. I think I’m getting stoned.
I feel like I’m in my own bubble now. But I find it less scary than a joint. Maybe because this contains more CBD
than the hashish you smoked. It’s a lot less tripping. I think you’re so busy with the food… you don’t pay attention to anything else.
-True. Your heart rate has gone up too.
-It keeps hovering around 90 BPM. Yes, that’s another physical effect
of cannabis oil. How’s your sight?
Has it changed at all? A bit blurry, and I really have to make
a serious effort to concentrate on this. You’re easily distracted.
-Yes, and I really have to laugh… I really have to laugh at the way you talk.
-Why? Am I talking differently? Yes, suddenly you articulate… I think my sensory perception is altered,
because I hear and see things differently. Don’t you see how stoned my eyes are?
-Yes, they do look different. It’s as if they’re clouded over. They’re not all that red, but you do
see that you’re under the influence. I feel it. The point of it still being fun is very close
to that of feeling a bit too high and stoned. And you’re experiencing that right now?
-Yes. But I’ve taken more now, of course.
I didn’t have that after the first drop. It’s getting a bit intense now.
It reminds me of when I took salvia. In the beginning I was in this bubble… and I notice that with the cannabis oil
I’m also going into that initial bubble. So I’m trying to keep calm all the time. I think it’s good of you to say so
and to come out with it. I can imagine that if you’re with people
you can’t share that with… and you keep it inside,
it only gets worse. Yes, while now it’s okay again. I’m glad.
-Funny. That goes to show
how important the setting is. It was going like this.
I thought: oh, here we go again. A bit of a paranoid feeling, like: Do I understand myself,
do others understand me? Can you imagine that people with pain
or cancer want to use this drug? Yes, I can. I notice that my body
feels more comfortable. Also a bit sedated.
So that can be nice. But you have to learn how to dose it.
You should really… We just built it up in a very short time.
I think you should build it up very slowly. Find out what feels good to you.
This is too intense for if you have pain. And you have to find the right balance
for you between CBD and THC. As a recreational drug
it’s exactly the same as a fat joint. I wouldn’t do it again.
-No. It’s slowly tapering off.
I wonder how long it will last. And how you’ll feel tomorrow,
whether you’ll get a hangover. So let’s check it out. As a soporific it works very well, because
I slept like a log from 9.30 pm to 7:30 am. It has to be studied more,
but if the effects are really that good… it should be sold at the pharmacy,
because it is natural, after all. To see more of us,
check our own Instagram accounts. It would be great if you followed us.
See you next week. Lots of kisses
and take care of yourself.

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