Nellie gets confused after smoking weed | Drugslab

Nellie gets confused after smoking weed | Drugslab

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I feel like Snoop Snoopy Dogg.
-You look stoned. No.
-Yes, really. Hello, I’m Rens.
-And I’m Nellie. And welcome…
-In our Drugslab. In this lab we test all kinds of drugs
for you, so you don’t have to. If you’re curious about a drug,
leave a comment. This one and this one
wanted me to try weed. So do I.
-Really? This is our weed.
It’s the bud of a female hemp plant. It smells like herbs
and it has a greenish colour. It contains several active ingredients.
The most important are THC and CBD. We have a pre-rolled joint with
a very potent weed called White Widow. It contains about 15% THC
and very little CBD. THC makes you feel high,
while CBD has a relaxing effect. An average joint contains
0.2-0.3 grams of weed. We’ve tried weed several times before,
like cannabis oil and space cake. Now we’re going to smoke it. In America
they often use tobacco substitutes… to avoid smoking nicotine. I’m from Amsterdam and the Netherlands
is famous for its drugs policy. Weed is tolerated here. However,
not everyone smokes weed every day. It’s commonly thought
that everyone here smokes weed. That’s not true.
It’s mainly tourists… Yeah, you guys.
-You guys get stoned. Weed can impair your memory and
concentration, and make you apathetic. That’s why I have
a Where’s Waldo drawing for you. You have to find Waldo.
We’ll see how long it takes now… and how long it takes
after you’ve smoked weed. Bring it on.
-Three, two, one, go. I’m really bad at this. Have you found him yet?
-No. I can’t even concentrate now.
This isn’t fun at all. I don’t like searching for things.
Yes, there he is. It took you 1 minute and 22 seconds.
That’s not bad at all. Let’s get started. It makes my throat burn.
-Really? I feel like Snoop Snoopy Dogg. Snoop Dogg, if you’re watching…
-Drop by. Drop by and smoke a joint with us.
-That would be fun. He loves it. Dutch weed is strong, and
you often hear stories about artists… who are suddenly too ill to perform here. Probably because they smoked
too much and couldn’t handle it. That’s because Dutch weed is stronger
than most foreign weed. It’s important to gradually smoke a joint.
Don’t smoke it all at once. Take one or two drags, or three,
and then put it down… to check how you feel,
so that it doesn’t overwhelm you. Your heart rate has gone up.
-I can instantly feel the effect. I instantly feel like…
It’s as if my body is heavier now. Is it a relaxing feeling?
-It is. Luckily, I know the feeling. Because I can remember when
I smoked my first joint when I was 16… I didn’t know what was happening to me.
I felt that people were staring at me. At one point, I climbed on the couch
and told people: Don’t come any closer. It’s quite an intense feeling.
-It sounds like you were paranoid. That can happen to novice users.
It can make you feel paranoid. It can also trigger a psychosis,
if you are prone to them. You have to be careful with that.
It can evoke feelings of anxiety. If it happens to someone, make sure
they feel relaxed and don’t talk about it. You look very stoned. Cannabis imitates one of the chemicals
in your brain that transmit signals. This affects certain functions,
like memory, appetite, and emotions. I can notice that it affects emotions.
-Really? I have to laugh all the time.
-I’ve noticed. It can make you feel happy.
-Suddenly you’re very happy and then… That’s right, it can fluctuate a bit.
-Exactly. ‘It can fluctuate a bit’. Let’s do Where’s Waldo.
-Good idea. Great.
-Let’s do that. Three, two, one, go. Has your vision changed?
-It’s a bit blurry. I have to do my best to look clearly. It’s cruel that they’ve used
so many stripes. Where’s Waldo? Here?
-That’s not him, or is it? Yeah, that’s him. He’s all dark.
-Indeed. A little slower. A little slower.
-One minute 30 seconds. It didn’t take much longer.
-No, but it did cost more effort though. And I was in my own cocoon.
That’s a bit strange. I was able to concentrate
because I was in my own cocoon. You can concentrate briefly
and then you’re easily distracted. It really affects my memory.
-That can even last for two days… without you noticing it.
-Strange. We’re going to play another game
to test your concentration and creativity. Weed can make people creative.
We’re going to play the ‘Animal Game’. We’re going to take turns
naming animals. You have to start with the last letter
of the last mentioned animal. I completely understand.
-Great. Donkey.
-Yak. Koala.
-Aardvark. Kangaroo.
-Otter. Rabbit.
-Raccoon. That’s wrong.
-What’s wrong? I said racoon and then you said rabbit.
That’s the first letter. I said rabbit and then you said racoon.
-No. Really. We have the images.
-No way. I swear it.
-Guys? I said racoon
and then he said rabbit, right? Oh, really.
-Your memory isn’t what it’s used to be. It was creative though.
-True, but it was wrong. My concentration and memory are bad,
but it was very creative… because I thought it was a good idea.
-It was indeed a good idea. I decided to use the first letter,
so rabbit and then racoon. You could’ve told me
that the rules had changed. Do you know what just occurred to me?
-No. I was stoned and drunk
at the same time once. I mixed weed and alcohol.
Never mix weed with alcohol… medication or other drugs.
That can be dangerous. It’s very dangerous and unpredictable
to mix things, so don’t do it. It was long assumed that weed
was only mentally addictive… but it turns out that smoking a lot of weed
can cause withdrawal symptoms. These include: sweating profusely,
anxiety, and bad dreams. People go to rehab centres
to stop using weed. Weed is often underestimated because
it’s a ‘soft’ drug and not a ‘hard’ drug. It’s beneficial for many people,
but for other people, mainly teenagers… it has a lot of disadvantages,
you become lazy… you start procrastinating,
and you can become socially isolated. Be careful that you don’t do it too often. When you start needing something
to forget your problems… you shouldn’t do drugs,
because that’s not its purpose. If you have a problem with weed,
and you want to kick the habit… it’s not a bad idea to seek help. Ronnie Flex turned out to be addicted
and decided to go to a rehab centre. Ronnie Flex is a Dutch rapper.
He’s in rehab now. He wanted help, because it can be
really hard to kick the habit. It can last for another few hours.
The effect lasts 2-4 hours. So you’ll feel it for a while longer.
-I feel… mellow now. You feel chill?
-Yes, it’s not messing with my mind. I don’t have any weird thoughts,
or anything. It’s fine if it goes on for 2-4 hours.
-You can handle that. It wore off quickly.
I didn’t smoke that much. I learned this time that you can
manage how much weed you use. The previous times I used weed,
I was stoned out of my mind. That’s very unpleasant.
It was fine this time. I was relaxed. When it wore off,
I didn’t have the munchies, or so. Follow our personal Instagram accounts
and on: @Drugslab-BNNVARA. We have a lot of cool things in store,
so keep on following us. Lots of kisses.
Enjoy your weekend. Bye.

100 thoughts on “Nellie gets confused after smoking weed | Drugslab”

  1. "if you have a problem with weed and want to kick the habit it's not a bad idea to seek help" but in sweden if you ask for help with any drug abuse you get it in your register and it will make getting jobs harder, cause of swedens fucked drug policy

  2. Dat topje ziet er een beetje donker uit als jullie nog eens willen smoke zoek dan naar amesia een van de betere soorten 👌🏻

  3. The best and most precious drug if you guys can try. It is so much precious that you cant buy it.


  4. The best and most precious drug if you guys can try. It is so much precious that you cant buy it.


  5. The best and most precious drug if you guys can try. It is so much precious that you cant buy it.


  6. 1+2+3+4+5=Emc2

    The poppies are flowering their death.

    The earth revolves around the brain. It's like a déjà-vu all over again.

  7. Nellie is egt een heel mooi meid ik zou 10.000 geven voor met haar een nacht en die stem van haar word ik zo opgewonden v an

  8. 8:03
    I've smoked almost daily for over two years and stopped a little over a month ago because of finals and I was wondering if I would have any trouble with it or would notice any signs of withdrawal and I didn't really notice anything.
    But now that I read bad dreams here: I actually noticed that I would much more often wake up and remember my dreams and they were mostly completely ridiculous shit. I wouldn't describe them as bad dreams, but in last months I remember at least three instances where I woke up and was like what in the actual fuck was that.

    I will order some weed again once I'm done with my finals but I kinda don't want to go back to smoking almost daily, because its pretty expensive and it doesn't really add anything to my normal weekday evenings.

  9. ik zie deze ding nu pas maar ze rookt niet eens een fucking jonko misschien 4 inhaleren daar word je niet stoned van en anders gwn niet blowe

  10. Een jointje in de morgen is een dag zonder zorgen. A joints every day keeps the doctor away. Een tevreden smoker is geen onrust stoker. Happy 420 stoners

  11. One of my typical joints weigh around 1.3-1.35g. That is with paper and "filter". So roughly one gram per joint. 0.2-0.3g is enough to get you stoned when your tolerance is low. Tolerance can build up fairly quickly though if you smoke every day, at the end of the month a joint that usually lasted 5 highs gives you two. Just skip a few weeks and you'll be back pretty much on square one tolerance wise again.

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