Neutrogena Hydro Boost vs Olay Age Defying Gel   w/ HA DECODED

Neutrogena Hydro Boost vs Olay Age Defying Gel w/ HA DECODED

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So, have you heard about all the hype about
the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer as well as the Olay Gel Moisturizer with Hyaluronic
Acid? Well today we’re actually going to be talking
about some drugstore moisturizers. So if you’re experiencing dry skin this Winter,
you’re slathering on the body lotion, they’re not really working, we’re going to actually
break down the ingredients to see if it really lives up to its hype. So, FIELD TRIP! To the drugstore! Okay, so we’re here! I’m inside my car, and we’re about to go inside
Target. So, we’re going to review some drugstore moisturizers. And what I did is I put up a poll in the YouTube
Community, and for those of you who saw it, we’re going to do it totally based on the
votes. So today we’re going to be reviewing, of course,
the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel and Olay. Keep a look-out in the future for-, in the
YouTube Community that if we do polls, because basically the reviews are completely based
on your votes. Okay, so, when we go in, and I turn over the
moisturizers to look at the ingredients, I do first want to tell you that when the ingredients
are listed, that in order to comply, in order to submit their ingredients list that they’re
on the products, they have to follow an actual protocol in order for their products-, ingredients
to be listed on there, so they can be easily comparable to other products, and as well
as for safety reasons. So the first one is, they have to list their
products according to a standard, and it’s “INCI” — I-N-C-I — and it stands for the
International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. And what that basically is, is it is a standardized
format in the way that they list their ingredients. The second one is, it’s listed in descending
order. And so, like I had mentioned before, when
you’re looking at an ingredients list, it usually goes from the most, what the product
contains — usually it’s going to be water — and then in descending order. And then, if it’s-, so it has to be at least
one percent. If the ingredients that are listed are less
than one percent — or, you know, one percent or less — so towards the bottom, then that
usually could be in any order. So if you see something like “FD & C Yellow”
— which is a colorant — or “Methylparaben” — which is a paraben — even though that
could be more than the other ones listed, if it’s less than one percent, they can put
it in any order. So that’s why I always say that you want to
pay attention to the first third of an ingredients list as well as the middle, because that’s
what most of the product will be made of. So the most common formulation in moisturizers
in oil-in-water formulation. You have to have more water than oil. Whenever you have more oil than water, then
what happens is the product starts to separate. So that’s why they add emulsifiers. So emulsifiers keeps the oil and water emulsion
together so it doesn’t separate. So to give you an idea, when you don’t have
emulsifiers in there, so a good example of this is Italian dressing. When you see that they’re separating, you
hav-, actually have to shake it to blend them together. So, to keep from doing that in skincare products,
and hair care products, and detergents, and all those types of things, they add emulsifiers
to keep them to stay together. Okay, so the basic categories of moisturizers
— and I have a list here because it’s quite long — and this way you can refer to your
moisturizers to see if you’re getting the most for your money. So obviously the first one is going to be
water, or in some cases Aloe Vera gel, moisturizers — so those are occlusives and humectants
— thickeners, esthers, oil-soluble ingredients, preservatives, anti-oxidants, and then stablizers. So those are all the things that you are looking
for. So even organic products that claim that they’re
“organic”, they STILL have to have preservatives in some form or another so that it doesn’t
spoil. So before we go in to Target to go ahead and
evaluate the moisturizers, if you’re finding this information useful, and you haven’t subscribed
yet, what are you waiting for? Please go ahead and SUBSCRIBE and then hit
that notification bell. I usually put up videos every Friday, to let
you know, as well as go ahead and hit that “LIKE” button. So we’re going to go in to Target right now,
so go ahead and follow me along and we’ll go ahead and make those product reviews. So I planned to review the products while
I was in the store, but since it’s early in the morning, the Target employees are actually
doing inventory and was making a bunch of background noise. So we decided to go back to the boutique and
review the products. So what I was surprised to see was some of
the anti-aging products were locked up. And the beauty industry has done an outstanding
job marketing their products so well that women are STEALING their products! If you actually evaluate their products based
on the ingredients, women are basically paying for — or in this case, trying to steal — high-priced
silicones and esthers in a jar. The active ingredients are towards the BOTTOM,
which you will see when we go back to the boutique to evaluate the products and their
ingredients. So the first one we’re going to evaluate is
the Neutrogena Hydro Boost. Okay, so now we’re going to go ahead and break
down the actual ingredients. We’re not going to go through EVERY, SINGLE,
ONE of them, because that would just take forever. So we’re just going to go over the main, the
main part of it, the first third, or so. By the way, I do want to say that when I’m
doing this review, the companies do change their ingredients every so often, and actually
they do it more often because raw materials cost so much. So it may change from the time that I make
this video. I already did notice that there was a slight
change with the Neutrogena Hydro Boost at Target versus the ingredients list on the
website. So, the first ingredient was, of course, water. The second ingredient is Dimethicone, and
this is a silicone-based polymer. It’s a large molecule made up of smaller units
bound together. It’s SYNTHETIC because it’s man-made. Used in hair conditioners, anti-frizz serums,
and creams and lotions to give skin and hair a very smooth feel and look. And it fills in fine lines and wrinkles which
is why make-up primers are mostly made up of Dimethicone. Now, the downside to this is it’s an occlusive
agent, it can form a plastic-like film over skin. So for those of you who are breakout-prone
and bumpy skin-prone it’s not recommended. It’s also NON-biodegradable, so it’s very
hard to breakdown on your skin. Some sensitive skin types and reactive skin
types can not tolerate this well. It also has Vinyl Dimethicone, which is used
to adjust the viscosity or thickness of the product. Dimethicone Crosspolymer, or Dimethiconol,
it’s a hydrogenated synthetic silicone, similar to Dimethicone, and it’s basically a non-greasy
lubricant, and basically gives the skin a temporary PLUMP look. Polyacrylamide is also acrylic resin that
dissolves in water. It’s a stablizer, binder, and thickener, and
in-and-of itself it’s not considered toxic, but in some circles it’s controversial because
it can secrete Acrylamide, which is a suspect carcinogenic linked to mammary tumors. So you would think with the Neutrogena Hydro
Boost touting Hyaluronic Acid it would be higher on the ingredients list, but Hyaluronic
Acid is actually listed number seventeen out of the nineteen ingredients right before “Blue
#1”– which is a Petroleum-derived color additive, so it gives the blue hue of the product — and
Glycerin, which is higher up on there, that’s actually the main humectant that they’re using
to bring moisture to the skin. So if you haven’t seen my video on “Hyaluronic
Acid: What the Beauty Industry Doesn’t Tell You”, go ahead and click the link above to
find out what that is all ab-, all about. So Sodium Hyaluronate is listed very, very
LOW. It does say that it is non-comedogenic, it’s
a velvety primer, it’s 100% alcohol-free, and dye-free, so that’s not exactly true… Hy-, you know, HYDRO…BOOST! You know… Hyaluronic Acid… They, they make their jars BLUE, they, they
want you to think of Hy-, and it says “100% Hydration”! Well the Hyaluronic Acid is towards the BOTTOM. The other benefit they talked about is OLIVE
benefits. Sorry! Oh yeah… Okay, yeah. Okay. Sorry! And the other one is Sorbitan Olivate, which
is another derivative of-, it’s a fatty acid from the olive oil. And this time they’re using it as a surfactant,
or an emulsifying agent. So those are your two… “benefits”… So really… It’s not really a benefit, it’s actually just
to keep the product intact. The other thing that-, and this is the reason
why I said for those of you to tend to break-, break out easily, or you get bumps, this may
not be the product for you. Because according to the list listed on their
website, the fourth ingredient is Petroleum. So Petroleum is an occlusive agent, I understand
why they’re using it, it’s to keep the moisture that you’re adding in there from escaping. But it’s the FOURTH ingredient. It’s too high up there. And they’re already using Dimethicone. So finally, this is MY TAKE: And I know that
some of you are major groupies of Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel, but — and I’m probably going
to get a couple thumbs down — but I am just simply looking at the ingredients, I am not
brand-specific. If you are looking for a product that has
a HIGH amount of Hyaluronic Acid, then this is probably NOT your best deal. I would probably look at other products, or
even Hyaluronic Acid serum, that has the HIGHEST amount of Hyaluronic Acid. Now we’re going to go into our next product,
it’s Olay. This one is actually kind of similar to the
Neutrogena Hydro Boost, and this one is the Olay… Age Defense… Moisturizer… Gel Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid. So we’re going to go to THAT one next! So here are the major differences between
Neutrogena Hydro Boost versus the Olay Age Defense Gel Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid:
The Hydro Boost, the Sodium Hyaluronate is second-to-the-LAST ingredient versus Olay,
which is the seventh ingredient. And the second ingredient in the Hydro Boost
is Dimethicone where the second ingredient in Olay is GLYCERIN. And Glycerin is a very strong humectant, very
similar to Hyaluronic Acid. Now the Dimethicone in Olay is the third ingredient,
it’s actually a silicone-derivative, it’s used as a lubricant, and that’s the Cyclopentasiloxane,
and the fifth ingredient is Dimethicone. Now the benefit with the Olay versus the Hydro
Boost is, is that Olay DOES add ANTI-AGING agents in there. So it does have Niacinamide in there, and
it actually boosts other anti-oxidants. So in this case, Olay uses Vitamin E and Niacinamide. So Niacinamide BOOSTS the properties of Vitamin
E. So as far as your money goes for your value, as far as humectants, again, here is another
example where the beauty industry touts using Hyaluronic Acid, charges a little bit more,
but the actual MAIN humectant ingredient is GLYCERIN. So Olay is the better deal versus the Neutrogena
Hydro Boost. Olay Age Defense Gel Moisturizer with Hyaluronic
Acid is your best bet. Okay, so the next ingredient after the Dimethicone
— so I think it’s the sixth ingredient — is Butylene Glycol. Now this is Petroleum-based and it’s used
as a solvent. So, for those of you who are breakout-prone,
or you easily break out, or you tend to have bumpy skin, this may NOT work for you. Olay has a preservative, they use parabens,
they-, and they actually use three of them. They use Methylparaben, Propylparaben, and
Ethylparaben… Which is not that big of a deal, but it is
higher than I would like to see it. I think I saw it, like, towards the bottom
part of the MIDDLE section. It should be at the very, very bottom. So for those of you who are, don’t want to
use anything with paraben, Olay does have the parabens in there. So the CONCLUSION is: Is that the Olay Age
Advanced Gel Moisturizers WITH Hyaluronic Acid, even though that’s not their big thing,
the benefit is, is the Hyaluronic Acid ingredient rates higher in the ingredients list, they
have the added anti-aging — SOME anti-aging — in there. The downside to it is, is it does still use
a lot of silicones to give that smooth, slippery, glide feel, it uses artificial colors, synthetic
ingredients, you know, fragrances, and color. So for those of you who tend to break out,
react, have Eczema, Psoriasis, or some kind of auto-immune disorder, this is probably
NOT the one for you. And this is 1.7 ounces and this one is $21
dollars. $21 dollars. $21 dollars and 49 cents! Okay. The Neutrogena Hydro Boost, even though that
one touts the more Hyaluronic Acid, it’s actually nineteen out of the twenty-one ingredients. So, I don’t know why they’re making such a
big deal with that, and mostly it is a LOT of binders, and to keep it feeling soft, smooth,
silky, and to keep the suspension together. So I’m going to give you just some alternatives
to get the MOST for your money. So once again, I’m more VALUE-driven versus
price-driven. It’s not simply about price, I’m looking to
see what you’re PAYING for. So this one here in the Yu Be Moisturizing
Cream. Okay. This one has Glycerin. Now I personally like the NEW Advanced Hydration
Cream that they have, because this one has Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate, and it also
has Tocopheryl Acetate, which is Vitamin E. BUT they do have Methylparaben in here and
the other one is paraben-free. This has a camphor scent, which evaporates
very quickly, so it kind of smells like a, like a menthol smell — kind of almost like
a medicinal smell — the other one is fragrance-free. And I don’t have that one because I just sold
my last one, literally today. So, and that one-, the other one, which is
green, that one is has Chamomile in it — or Camellia Sinensis — which is a natural anti-inflammatory,
calms the skin down. This was, so this one’s great. It’s actually designed by a Japanese pharmacist
and it actually was tested by a mountain climber climbing Mount Everest. And so it was very hydrating to them. So I like the GREEN one and I’ll put the product
links below. So THIS one — I’ll put the links for this
one — this one you can NOT get at stores. It’s Post-Recovery Cream, and I don’t know
if you’re going to be able to see it with the glare. So this one here is actually designed for
people that have post-treatments. Whether it’s an acid peel, you’re using Retin-A,
laser treatments, anything that makes your skin really super dry, it’s peeling, it’s
red, it’s itchy, if you’re breakout-prone, it doesn’t have any of the breakout-prone
ingredients. And this is what the hydration of it is: So,
the second ingredient is Aloe Vera gel, so that’s very soothing, and it’s cooling, and
it has some humectant properties in it. It also has Squalene, which we talked about
before, also very hydrating. Cetyl Esthers, and it has Beta-glucan, which
is a anti-inflammatory — it’s the one that’s derived from the oat, the oatmeal. And the Camellia Sinensis, which is the anti-inflammatory
as well. It has Tocopherol, which is the Vitamin E.
This also has the Cetearyl Alchohol, which we talked about, you know, kind of gets a
little bit waxy when it dries, and it also has Glycerin. So this is not only, it’s very, very hydrating,
but the good thing about this is this does NOT cause breakouts like the other ones do,
because it is for post-recovery treatment cream. And I think this one sells for $36, and this
is for a 2 ounce one. But it’s very concentrated. So the good thing about this one and the Yu
Be is, is that it’s really, really concentrated, you don’t need a whole lot. So for your money, you’re, you’re getting
a lot, it actually addresses the dry, cracked, flaky, irritated, itchy skin. So, there you go. So if you haven’t seen it, go to my “How to
HYDRATE Your Skin” playlist to see all the rest of the videos. Thanks for watching!

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