New Breath of the Wild DLC Hinted by Nintendo President | Austin John Plays

New Breath of the Wild DLC Hinted by Nintendo President | Austin John Plays

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What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
we’re all the Austin John plays here and right now I have some very special
information at the president of Nintendo that could possibly be hinting at future
Legend of Zelda breath of the wild dlc first of all happy Zelda muff it Zelda
month hooray so this is coming from Zelda informer
which this is actually a post by Zelda dungeon let’s take a look seas during
their financial earnings report last month nintendo president shuntaro fool
Kawa hinted toward future downloadable content for the switch’s largest selling
games including The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild his quote was we need
continuous growth we must keep releasing new software that includes DLCs and
other content for big titles that are already out hmm
according to the financial report three titles have surpassed 10 million sales
for Nintendo’s latest console breath of the wild Mario Kart 8 deluxe and Super
Mario Odyssey of which the last two have no future paid DLC the next best-selling
title is splatoon 2 which receive the octo expansion DLC back in spring and
there’s going to be future content in December during the meaning fool Kawa
also reported on some of the following the splatoon 2 World Championships and
the ongoing Smash Bros ultimate exhibitions are just example of the non
online events that the company are hoping to hold in the future switch
sales jumped up after e3 wonder why by the way I was at e3 Nintendo sponsored
every single person to have a lanyard that was basically a promotion for Super
Smash Brothers ultimate what’s that you work in Playstation you’re gonna have a
Super Smash Brothers ultimate necklace that’s just how it was it was beautiful
brethren wild Mario Kart deluxe super mario odyssey in splatoon – were all
described as evergreen titles their sales continue to grow with sustained
growth they’re just gonna keep getting bigger if you buy a switch you’re gonna
buy one or more of these titles over half of those who purchase Nintendo
switch online purchased an annual pass I did it just made sense it’s $20 for
the year why wouldn’t I over half of switch consoles have
downloaded oh we’re not going to talk about that one drug alia lost in tendo’s
newest mobile IP receives over 1 million pre-registrations currently holds a 4.8
star average rating on the US App Store cool other mobile apps are more Iran
Fire Emblem heroes increased downloads great so this is coming to us from the
Nintendo financial report of 2018 this is from Nintendo JP presentation
encouraging long-term play with Nintendo switch thanks really nice the smash bros
ultimate exhibition matches held in june of this year at e3 or two examples of
the variety of non online events we have also been holding I was part of the the
e3 competitive play semi-finals part of that we were planning all kinds of
events going forward in the Japanese market Nintendo Live 2018 is set to take
place in November whole future tournaments of splatoon aces arms and
Ultimates Rogers planning competitions we’re also planning events such as demos
from smash ultimate and let’s go as part of our wholehearted effort to prepare
events that a wide range of consumers can enjoy nice this is 1000 units listed
per here so this is 200,000 units 400,000 it was a little stagnant right
around 500k then III happened boosted up to 700 K that’s fantastic stuff will
continuously work to encourage those who have purchased the games to continue to
play Nintendo switch systems and also to pique the interests of those who do not
own the games by the way just just mentioning if you’re an adult and you’re
not gonna be gifted a Nintendo switch I’m gonna be purchasing one for yourself
do it now especially here in the US Black Friday is coming up make sure you
buy it before then best case scenario you’re going to get I
think they’re gonna do Mario Kart 8 bundled with the switch for 300 so you
get that game for free there’s a risk of not finding it and then after Black
Friday becomes really difficult so if you’re an adult to just just bite the
bullet and get it for yourself before Thanksgiving big
Commendation or you could be one of those people who take the chance on
cyber monday on amazon or does the amazon have like their own events Adam
here it is a number of evergreen titles that help to maximize the appeal of
nintendo’s which are already available honestly deluxe breath while splatoon –
so evergreen titles sell through trends this means that games that even long
after its come out it’s still going to sell well as you can see Mario Kart 8
deluxe is really comfortable almost have four hundred thousand every single month
Odyssey is about two hundred thousand every single month Zelda’s also around
200,000 and splatoon a little bit more than that
maybe – 2250 300,000 but overall every month they’re doing between these four
titles over 1 million except for September but back to school we all get
it but this is the most impressive part the
consulate at rate for the Nintendo evergreen titles this means that if you
bought a Nintendo switch the chance of you owning one of these four titles as
of January 2018 there’s approximately 12 million switches sold almost 60% have
also bought Odyssey 1/2 about Mario Kart 8 deluxe 45% bertha’s wild 35% splatoon
– those numbers have gone up here we are in September 2018 nine months after
these numbers mario odyssey has dropped a little bit lower it’s around 55 same
thing with mario kart a deluxe breath of the wild is now a went from 45 to now
42% it’s still very powerful and splatoon – has remained unchanged so if
anything the only difference is that Odyssey has gone down just a little bit
Mario Kart 8 deluxe has gone up just a little bit but that attachment rate is
fantastic that’s only ever seen on intend o consoles we can expect the
Evergreen titles to continue to sell as long as the hardware continues to sell
your dang straight it does Mario Tennis aces has sold better in the first 17
weeks in any other mario tennis game that makes sense most people who got the
switch online service got the full year we’ve read about that and then also goes
to mention how to work with people third-party developers so you have
civilization there Dark Souls StarLink minecraft is still doing super fantastic
in Japanese sales it really is talking about this octopus traveler over
1 million sales a fantastic game oh god if I could just play another one of that
I’d be happy and I play here on the channel you might do something with that
in the future out over all 1,300 titles on the market from over 500 companies
that’s fantastic listen Nintendo search is gonna do well
there at 17 million sales right 17 milli 18 million units there close to that 20
mil marker they’re gonna hit that I don’t remember if his 20 mil or 20 mil
for the entire year nevertheless they’ve acknowledged that these games have a
high attachment rate very good chance that they’re gonna want to capitalise on
that because you know money moolah dinero cash money young mula baby so
because that it makes sense capitalise on your investment you already have that
market they already purchased your product they’re obviously gonna be
playing online for you know half of the half of those titles right there making
money where you can you already have the audience fantastic guys that’s gonna
wrap it up this video later today or tomorrow have a very special video
coming out for Zelda month so be sure to stay tuned for that if you haven’t done
so be sure to leave a like on the video if you’re new to the channel be sure to
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Austin John out

100 thoughts on “New Breath of the Wild DLC Hinted by Nintendo President | Austin John Plays”

  1. Breath Of The Wild DLC Pack 3: The Ancient Rebellion.

    – new ancient tech lab

    – upgradable master cycle zero

    – new ancient gear

    – new "ultra" shrine including 4 spirit orbs as reward

    – New upgrade to the Cryonis and magnesis rune

    – new detailed storyline

    – several new armor peices

    – new ancient weapons

    – new challenges

    – new dungeon

    – and more…

    This Is my fanmade idea for dlc pack 3

  2. I really would love this. I have beat the game several times and would love more content. It's such a wonderful game. I would gladly pour the last of my money into this masterpiece 😂

  3. Kinda need something to do with the stuff from the DLCs. Kinda hit that "oh I have all this power but, nothing to do with it" wall. So yea need a actual expansion. Something to add more endgame of after-story stuff to do.

  4. Mario Odyssey needs DLC, I have like 700 hours into that game, while Zelda and mario are good switch games I feel that mario odyssey is funner to play.

  5. Let us play with zelda and get new outfits for her through whole game and new areas with upgradeable bows and weapons instead of all breakable and build bigger and more interactive house and make potions in cool bottles and just lots more stuff added to existing world and add new

  6. Dude they better do some post ganon stuff because i get depressed after coming to hyrule castle and still seeing ganon chilling on the map even though I killed him almost two years ago

  7. New swimming mechanics, flying/ swimming mount, underwater world, more crafting options for trapsetting, water monsters, fishing mechanic

  8. Man I hope you're right about this. Then again, part of me just wants a straight up sequel using the same mechanics and game engine but with a whole new story and world to explore. How incredible would that be?

    Some might try to say that it would just be more of the same but in this case with the game being as amazing as it is, can anyone truly say that would be such a bad thing?

  9. If we do get a Zelda botw dlc3 I would like it to have quest for the divine helms and other outfits cause lots of people can't pay 45 50 bucks for amiibos and to upgrade the salvager gear and to see smash bros outfits on link

  10. Splatoon 2 DLC: Add the original 1-player story mode of the original Splatoon 1 as DLC.
    Zelda, BOTW DLC: Add a cookbook compendium onto your Sheikah Slate to cook and collect all dishes. And to have a referable reference to recipes for when you want to recreate past dishes that are elaborate, like Creamy Heart Soup.

  11. what about we just stop theorizing everything and just sit back, relax and see what happens? i mean that just my opinion

  12. for the people who beat the game there should be 2 more chests in the shrine of resurrection that both have heart containers

  13. We may have Fierce Deity Amiibo already but we need an untold story of the fierce deity arc like maybe the fierce deity is Botw Link enhanced by the Triforce of Power or maybe bring back time traveling where you go back 10,000 years to help defeat calamity which will give us the entire story of how Calamity Ganon came to be and give us the story I'm sure all of us have been curious about like give us the chance to play the 10,000 years ago story. Or maybe give us a dlc that revives the Champions and an aftermath after the fight against Dark Beast Ganon.

  14. If they decide not to launch a dlc for breath of the wild at least they could launch the story in OVA format i really wanna play or at least see the 100 years prior to the begining of the game

  15. Well, Nintendo is SO stupid that they won't do it. It would be a dream coming true for me. They should have continued having 1 decent dlc every 6 months. What are they thinking of not doing it? Is is simple Math. You have to work 5 years to make a new Zelda that you will sell for 60$. If the title is "BOTW2" how many new gamers will join that haven't played the first one? I think VERY few. On the other hand, having a 20-30$ season pass per year, will bring you 100-150$ in 5 years (instead of 60) and because people will see the dedication of Nintendo in the game more will join. They won't release a 3rd dlc. The fact the we are missing 8 shrines and that we don't have enough room for the amiibo items, proves how stupid they are and that they TOTALLY dropped BOTW in order to start working on the next one (which doesn't make sense as I just proved). They could easily put 2-3 good months to deliver a decent dlc to fix all these and give us some juice after almost 2 years. Who plays now Zelda? Who? I put more than 600 hours in my 4 plays and I don't have anything to do (unfortunately)… The same thing happened with the amiibos. They were selling like hot cakes and it was IMPOSSIBLE to find them. They should have released millions of them so everyone that wanted them, to buy them. We are talking about BIG money (17 amiibos that give unique items times 15$=255$. The amiibos in total I think they were 22-23, not all of them give unique items though). But NO, we are Nintendo and we are very stupid to think of elementary school Math. I really want to continue talking about this one. Please reply guys.

  16. I think nintendo anounce theire will be no more dlc for zelda, they focus on the new zelda… well, that vid is 3 month old, maybe you already know that…

  17. Normally I'm not a fan of dlc for games if you have to pay for it, but I really want more Mario odyssey and botw content

  18. Two more DLCs with 4 new shrines each will be enough to have full stamina and health.

    First one can be a non-story DLC, while the other a pre-apocallipse Hyrule. Or one a pre-apocallipse Hyrule story and the other a post-ganon story

  19. I really need more than one save slot, this is the most important thing they need to add to the game. And then more story, not just shrines, trials, tests, etc… More story!

  20. Do you think they really will come out with a new DLC for BOTW? I've been playing recently and got all costumes for the game except for the amiibo outfits, I've been watching all you video guides and want to thank you man, deff couldn't of done it without ya, keep up the good work.

  21. I hope we get Breath of the Wild DLC where you go on a EX quest to revive the fallen champions which could slightly change the ending.

  22. A dlc where the game just goes on. Link is a hero, he can go take up the Gerudos offer to train with then, Maybe a co-op with Link and Zelda repairing each divine beast and the BAM Ganon reappears from being dormant under Hyrule Castle and Zelda and Link find him and then he gains power from the left over Malice in Castle Town and then the castle starts rising to reveal a new part of Hyrule where Ganon has a legion of Guardians and like 100 new divine beasts. Just saying.

  23. And now we have botw 2 being released. But that will be in a few years so they could add dlc while we are waiting

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