*NEW* How To Get the Divine Helms with Champions Amiibos in Breath of the Wild | Austin John Plays

*NEW* How To Get the Divine Helms with Champions Amiibos in Breath of the Wild | Austin John Plays

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What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and today I’m gonna be showing you guys what the
brand new champions amiibos doin Legend of Zelda breath of the wild roll the
intro see I’m just like you guys I thought my amiibos at Best Buy
at 10:00 a.m. soon as they open so today the brand new amiibos for Legend of
Zelda breath of the wild are officially released including our Bosa MIFA diruk
and ravioli I know this part must be like painful for any amiibo collectors
out there would never take them out of the box just seeing them being ripped
open and their packaging defiled I don’t collect them like that so well get is
having a toy you can’t play with it that’s what I said ever since I was I
don’t know a baby or toddler toy age so let’s get all four out first also some
pretty exciting stuff I actually just got to meet with the team who do yes
oh-ho or yes Oh Jo the world’s first Nintendo switch doc slash all-in-one
projector video coming on that soon be sure to stay tuned so here are the four
brand new champions amiibos including including diruk Ravalli Barbosa and the
lovely meifa so right here we are in Legend of Zelda breath of the wild this
is my 100% playthrough do keep in mind in order for the champions and me bows
to work you need to be on version of the software 1 point 3 point 3 that is the
newest one that also got you the xenoblade chronicles outfit of rex
great so tarrytown let’s go to amiibo and first let’s do diruk so we’re just
gonna be scanning diruk and from the sky we get a bunch of rock salt some flint
and a treasure chest and in that chest we are going to get a stone smash our
next we’re going to be scanning ourselves our Bosa we get a whole bunch
of meat that falls from the sky open up the chest the moonlight scimitar number
three we’re gonna be doing me feh we had a whole bunch of fish that fall from the
sky very fitting and inside of our chests we are going to get ourselves the
silver scale spear power of twelve with long throw I think that’s that’s the
least cool out of all the champions weapons and lastly ravioli ravioli
ravioli show me the formuoli we’re gonna get some acorns apples berries some
arrows oh I can’t pick up any more arrows and we’re going to find ourselves
the Falcon bow power of 20 durability up yeah Duke’s is definitely the best
weapon just saying alright so that is all of the weapons how do I get the
really cool armor though retrieve helpful items for your adventures you
could even get rare equipment related to the champion oh no it’s time for closing
out software system settings system date and time make it tomorrow let’s get ready for
some some really fun of me bow grinding so just like we’ve done for all rare
equipment in Legend of Zelda breath of the wild we’re going to make ourselves a
hard save point I changed the date because I needed to now we’re going to
scanner Bosa go right for the chest oh okay immediately the vana boar is divine
helm a treasure gifted to the one who controls divine beasts of omnivorous and
endow sits user with enhanced abilities wow that was fast
okay that could very well be just luck or is it possible that they decided that
to make it so the first time you scan them you’re going to be getting the
equipment and the second time you scan them you’re going to be getting the
divine helm so right now we’re gonna be doing daruka we just did a hard save
third and aruch and in the chest we’re going to find nope stone smasher ah it
was I thought it was too perfect it was too perfect too perfect
alright I’ve done daruka bout 17 times and I still have not gotten him so from
now on I’m just gonna do all three at once like in succession and that way
we’re gonna have less load screens I got her bow saw on the first try cuz
her bow selects me cuz I like her she’s thick as the 18th try for diruk MIFA ravali oh there we go
meifa on try number what was at three Livan Rueter divine home a treasured
gift to the one who controls divine beasts Verona and endowed this user with
enhanced abilities very nice alright so we have two left we have Jarek was about
nineteen attempts so far and we have Ravalli who are on try number three
Farouk Ravalli come on diruk nope bali oh there we go
the Valmet Oh divine helm a treasure gift to the one who controls divine
beast Vaughn meadow and in Dells its user with enhanced abilities cold
resistance very nice that means of the only one that is left is to route to
route number 22 oh there we go 22 tries with the route thanks buddy
the varudhini a divine home with flame guard ah it’s about damn time so let’s
check out all of these armors so here they are borrowed Anya Wow
that is kind of creepy looking but just all the eyes there although it matches
the ancient armor so well the Val meadow from the front looks totally normal and
from the side we got this super long nose and then the back is just kind of
tied on like a mask and the same thing with the chin strap Lavar OODA big elephant trunk
I think they couldn’t meet the trunk a little bit bigger feel like this one
doesn’t have any rope holding it like oh no for the chinstrap it does also how is
link seeing out of these things like there’s no way to see out of that last
one Vanna Boris in that one you could
actually see links eyes oh and it comes down the back with the spine that’s
pretty cool super dope alright so let’s head on over to the great fairy see what
it takes to upgrade these for the vana Boris divine helm it requires ancient
screws and ancient Springs oh all of them require that at level one you need
five of them well good thing I have a lot of a lot of ancient materials so it
a power level to it now has a defense of seven instead of four for level two or
requires fifteen Springs and ten gears now it has a defense of twelve which is
pretty awesome yes set bonus agent proficiency is active so on something I
just want to note here is that yes we have the shock resistance however we
only have two sets of the ancient damage resistance I thought in its in its
original documentation we were thought we’re going to get a chip resistance and
the added resistance with shock resistance or whatever it is but it
turns out we don’t get the agent we just got the shock flame cold or swim speed
up so for level 3 requires 15 shafts and five cores so a level three of a power
of 18 defense and for level four we require a star fragment and to ancient
cores I don’t have any I’ve worn Inchicore oh boy gonna need to find a
place to farm those new austin john video in the making let’s see so I’m
gonna spend some time here upgrading the rest of my clothing but this is pretty
much gonna wrap up this video on the new ancient armor for Legend of Zelda breath
of the wild the Varadhan eeeh the vana Boris the Veneto and The Vow
routed divine homes and there’s there’s some rumor and talk that as of this date
we’re going to be getting an official date for DLC pack two that anyone with
the season pass they’re gonna be able to get that so that’s pretty exciting and
if you enjoyed the video as always be sure to drop a like if you’re new to the
channel subscribe turn on notifications until next time Austin Jon out be sure
to LIKE this video and subscribe I’m gonna be giving you guys lots of helpful
videos in the next following days and weeks till next time Austin Jon out

100 thoughts on “*NEW* How To Get the Divine Helms with Champions Amiibos in Breath of the Wild | Austin John Plays”

  1. afff, nem acredito que esse cara detonou a embalagem dos Amiibos (u_r). tudo bem que é dele, mas ainda sim é horrível isso que ele fez quando foi abrir as embalagens.

  2. I got my pack of 4 champions ambiios set on Saturday 1st June 2019..I scanned them on my WII U and they are giving me mushrooms meat and fruit but no chests???? And all my other amibos give me chests I don't understand what's going on..the ambiios are brand new and boxed does anyone know why I am only getting food and no chests please?

  3. It's hilarious how everyone swears out Nintendo doesn't do microtransactions in their games, but then you look at, well… amiibos. Nintendo walls off content in certain games with Amiibo unless you purchase them.

  4. I don’t have a Switch, so you need to explain something to me. When you tried to reset the game for the first time (that you showed) so you could time travel, there were icon thingys for other games. So does this mean that once you put a game’s cartridge in a Switch, you can play it without the cartridge in the Switch? That’s what it looks like to me. Someone needs to help me and explain things.

  5. rudania is the best looking one but naboris could have looked better if it covered the face properly instead of being positioned on the forehead and looking like its always staring off into the sky

  6. If you think of how he sees as a vr type screen inside the mask and instead of showing somwthing from a desktop and instead shows what tge eyes in tge mask sees

  7. did he chhanged the date every time he got one becuse if not i donnt know how he did it becuse if he reloded when he spawn the 3 he wold loose the one he got but if he stiaght he would have needed to wait a day

  8. Does anyone realize for the 4 races in the game, the weapons have 3 tiers
    For example:
    For the Zora: zora spear < silver scale spear< Lightscale trident

    For the gorons: Cobble crusher < stone crusher < Daruk’s weapon I forgot the name

    For the gerudo: gerudo scimitar < Moonlight scimitar > Urbosa’s sword

    Gerudo (shields):
    Gerudo shield< Radiant shield< Urbosa’s shield

    Rito: swallow bow< falcon bow < great eagle bow

  9. Meaby Link in mask have some kinde of monitor or this can work like oculus for android, you now show everything from eyes like oculus show everything from back camera
    Sorry for my English but im not good at this

  10. I do the same thing with my amiibo whenever my parents don't let me open my amiibos I beg them I beg them beg them beg them until they let me open

  11. When you work at best buy but still can't get these Amibos…
    My one great fear was arriving to work to open the store and see people waiting for something before I even clock in.

  12. I dont know what best buy he went to because every one that i went to doesn't habe any amibos but pichu ryu and luke

  13. Um… none of those are the Champion's Weapons. They're what you need to MAKE new ones when they break.The Champion's Weapons are Scimitar of the Seven, Boulder Breaker, Lightscale Trident, and Great Eagle Bow

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