New Teeth in One Day Smile Makeover with Dental Veneers and Crowns

New Teeth in One Day Smile Makeover with Dental Veneers and Crowns

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– What’s up, guys? This is Doctor O from Innovative Dental. Hope you’re having an awesome day. It’s good to see your smiling face, and welcome to another smile of the week. This one is a full-mouth
smile transformation. This gentleman came all
the way from New Jersey. Can’t wait to show you how we
took this smile right here, and we gave him a brand new
smile by the end of the day. Came in one morning and left that day with a brand-new smile completed, so pretty cool technology
helps us get there. In today’s video, I’m gonna
show you how we did all of that, so stay tuned, we’ll
do all of that for you. By the way, I just want to
go ahea and say thank you to the channel once again. We’ve got 40,000 subscribers. Wow, that’s pretty cool. That’s a lot of people just tuning in to listen about talking about dentistry, so thanks so much. This would be a good
time to give a thumbs up, like the channel, share the channel. That way more and more
people can learn about the best and latest in dentistry, what I think is the best at least. We can debate about that, but anyways, I hope this video shows you
some pretty cool treatment that really helped make an awesome story. For us, that’s what this is about. It’s cool the technology’s great, but it’s just a pure
joy in life to be able to help somebody live
their live to their fullest and their best, and this guy
is a great example of that. When he came to our office, I believe he came in on a Thursday, he just stopped by and said hello, because he’s just so
excited about his treatment, and then we did his treatment,
I believe, on a Friday. We transformed his smile. Started at eight o’clock. Finished sometime in the
mid to late afternoon with bonding all the permanent veneers in, and we make that here. Let’s go ahead and dive
right into this smile, and I’ll show it to you,
the technology that we used, to make this all possible for him and give him such a cool smile
in a short amount of time. First thing we do is we use this technology called the cerec machine. It’s an amazing piece
of technology that has a cool camera on it. This camera allows us to
take 3D images of the teeth and create models, and
so on this software here, you can probably see we have
a model of Michael’s teeth. By the way, Michael’s given us permission to share this story, so I’m
really thankful to you, Michael. I’m thankful to all the
patients that let us do that. You don’t have to do
that when you come here. I’m gonna probably have to
say that in like every video, but we are honored to be
able to share that story, and it helps other people, and he wanted to help other people, and if you don’t want to share it because you’re a little
more shy, that’s fine too. We have a lot of people
that do that, but anyways, we got his permission. You can see this this
smile here that we’ve got, on this impression that we’ve
got all of his teeth prepped and prepared for the new
crowns that he’s gonna get to help open and raise his bite back up, so we can go from what you
see in this beginning photo, to what we’re gonna create
here for him in this model. Let me show you a little bit closer detail of the lower arch as well. Put those two together. I don’t know what that thing was. I just did that. Oh well. There we can kind of see
those two arches together. Let’s go to the design. This is gonna be the most impressive part. In the design work we
can create this smile all in this software and
fine-tune all of the positioning and shape and length and
width and height of everything in the mouth there. That way we can kind
of fine-tune the bite. We can fine-tune the aesthetics. After we design the
smile for Michael here, we spend some time doing that, do it all in the software, and
after that’s all completed, then we’re able to send
all of these restorations. This happened to be 28 teeth. We’re able to send all of
those to our milling machines in our office. We happen to have five milling
machines all connected up that we can send all of the
crowns to and the veneers to, and they will mill our our restorations in about 10 minutes a piece, so pretty quick turnaround time, and then after they’re milled,
we’re able to try them in, make sure everything fits wonderfully, and then bond them in same day. Here’s the before for Michael, the smile. Here’s our software and how we’re able to design everything close up,
so you can kind of see that, and then here is the replication
of that in his mouth. That allows us to go
from this close-up before to this close-up after, and it also lets us give
a smile that goes from a smile that barely shows any teeth, to a smile that really helps
express his joy in life and his excitement for his new smile that we were able to give him, and then I’ll check out
the photo of him and I. This is before we did the treatment. You can tell he’s pretty
excited, pretty excited. Most people are pretty
nervous, but Michael came in, you could just tell he had all
the faith in the world in us, and that means a lot,
Michael, and he was excited. He knew he was gonna get something that was going to make his life even better than it already was. Here you go, you can see the
before of his full smile, and then now you can see his after of him, smiling here in our office
before he went home. He went home actually on Monday, got to stay around in
Springfield for the weekend. Here is a picture, one last picture. It’s like picture photo time here at . Here’s one last picture of
him smiling with his wife. What a beautiful couple, and thanks again Michael
for letting me share this with everybody else. He actually left us some
reviews on Google and Yelp, so you can read those there. I hope this video is helpful,
and it may be encouraging. Maybe you’ve had a lot
of wear to your teeth, and you’re wondering can this be fixed, or I’ve been told it
takes multiple visits. It’s gonna take a long time to correct, and I just wanted to bring
some hope to you that this technology’s out there. We’ve used it now on many people, and it’s very incredible
what it can do for not just aesthetics, make you
have a nice, confident smile, but it also allows you to
have a more healthy smile by protecting all of those teeth
that had been wearing down, and it’s very predictable and easy for us to do that for you, so if that’s something
that you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to go to That’s where you’re gonna be able to submit your information. We’re gonna be able to look at it and give you some feedback, and have a virtual consultation with you, and discuss maybe your options. That way we can see if coming
to Springfield, Missouri, for your new smile would be a great fit, and that’s always exciting
to help people do that, so I would look forward to meeting you through that virtual consultation, but if you’re just tuning in, watching, hopefully you found this
video entertaining at least, and you probably gotta like teeth in order to find it entertaining, but you guys have an awesome weekend. By the way, it’s Father’s
Day this weekend, so happy Father’s Day to
all your fathers out there, and you keep smiling. It looks great on you .

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    Nice work Doc!!!

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