NEW TEETH NOW DENTAL IMPLANTS Webinar – Dr. Harley Richards – March 10, 2020


(Bianca) Good evening everyone and welcome to the
new teeth now webinar. I’m Bianca and I’m here tonight with Dr. Richards. We just
want to welcome everyone for tuning in with us tonight and tonight we’re gonna
talk all about dental implants and all that new teeth now has to offer. So we’re
gonna go ahead and get started. How are you Doing Dr. Richards? Yeah well thanks
okay thanks for having me you our board board certified oral and maxillofacial
surgeon since 1982 that’s over 40 years of implant experiencing what our super
experienced and you’re also the innovator of new teeth now I’ve been
around yeah so tell us a little bit about the process of like starting up
new teeth now and well it it was an evolution that began in the early 80s
and at that point Dr. Musser was here and he and I were partners and we both
had an interest in that field and we began placing implants and we did
different types of implants back in the old days. We did Ramus frame implants and we did quite a few of those and the modern era the I believe the brand mark
implants actually were the first ones to come into the country out of Germany in
about 83 maybe 84 and we started doing sort of a rendition of what we’re doing
now even in the early 80s and we played with teeth in a day in teeth and three
days and teeth in a week so where we are now in 2020 is an evolution of that many
years 17 years 17 18 years of various types of implants and finally you know
with the implants they have we have now which are very predictable and as you
said before I have a lot of experience and my partner does as well and we’ve
seen well we haven’t seen everything because I actually saw something new
today but we
seen a lot and we feel that we can take the experience that we have gained and
put it to work for the best interest of the people that come to see us because
we see people from all over the place people come here from all around the
lower 48. Some in the upper one or two and from Europe even as you know and I
think the probably the biggest thing we have to offer is experience. I agree. And
you know you can go to these weekend warriors general dentists that have
taken weekend courses and all that sort of stuff but you know there’s nothing
like having 37 years experience putting dental implants in so let’s kind of see
what the fixed upper hybrids are what you place almost every day can you
explain a little bit about with this picture well it’s a bridge basically
people have had bridges placed into their mouth for probably a hundred years
or more and that’s where the dentist cuts down a natural tooth or two or
three or four or more and places a bridge that cements on to the teeth what
we’re doing now on implants is we’re taking people who have no teeth or who
have teeth that are failing period nominally or from having cavities and
we’re taking those teeth out and in their place we’re putting these dental
implants these titanium implants and then we’re making on site a bridge and
so it’s a bridge that attaches to implants with screws really not that
much different than a bridge that attaches to cut down teeth with glue so
it’s just we’re doing dental implant supported bridge work right screw
retained and this is an upper and typically our
uppers are on six implants and we’ll talk later about some of the special
things we do with with dental implants but you know there seems to be a lot of
hype about this it’s really just a bridge that’s all it is and we do a lot
of them yes and so we’re good at it and all those years of experience pay
off thank you and this is a lower the lower typically four or more implants
yeah four or five I mean I hate doing four for anyone because if there’s a
problem with one of the implants and one of them fails to bond and you have three
so I tried a minimum to do five I can do six or more then I prefer that and as
you know and the people watching may or may not know the pricing for the
procedures that we do is not dependent on the number of implants we place right
we charge by the job you charge to do your lower whether I place four or five
six or seven implants it’s all the same price yes
and that that just prevents you can do the best job you can do yeah yeah we
give people the most support and the strongest restoration that they can have
right and so this is the overview of the procedures so I’ll kind of go into this
a little bit so the patient is put in a deep sleep under general anesthesia
which is you know the best way to do it and then the teeth are extracted and
you’ll place the implants right and while the patient is still asleep
you’ll take impressions for the lab which is in-house so it’s it’s right
upstairs from the operating room they’ll be able to customize those teeth and
then the patient you’ll would wake up in the private recovery room while the
in-house lab creates those teeth and then
the same day the teeth are placed in the patient’s mouth and adjusted and they’re
ready to go yeah yeah the lady I did today
she had her upper and lower done and she was in the office at 7:00 and out of the
office at 4:00 yes and so that’s a pretty efficient work for full
everything including taking out some teeth so and as Bianca said the general
anesthesia I mean we’re just firm believers in general anesthesia when the
person is healthy enough for it there are so many advantages to general
anesthesia we can talk about that in a little while when we introduce our to
anesthetist yes but general anesthesia just eliminates a lot of the issues and
allows us to move ahead with our procedure so we can do these procedures
in three and a half four hours rather than struggling with gagging and choking
and coughing and worrying about dropping parts and pieces down someone’s throat
and all that sort of thing general anesthesia just totally eliminates any
of that you go out you wake up yeah so we’ll talk more about that and so kind
of what I was saying earlier maybe you have our lab upstairs our surgeons and
our story of doctors all in the same office so it’s it’s great because we’re
we can communicate all day with each other and make sure that it’s the best
outcome for the patient well that’s that’s true and there’s so many people
that come to see us specifically for that reason they you know nowadays it
just seems like everyone that I talked to in a consult is open and saying look
you know I’ve already been there like three other people and I’m coming here
yeah at the end of the consult they’ll say I’m coming back here and one of the
reasons I’m coming back here is because your business model and because you got
everybody here and I don’t have to you know drive around
and and so this business model not only is the best because of what you said
with communication between the surgeon the restorative dentists the patient and
the the laboratory it allows better communication and a better end result
because we’re all here yep you know if there’s a little problem that comes up
we’re all here so it’s it’s really the best possible scenario that you could
ever imagine for doing complicated procedures mm-hmm here is our actual
building so you can kind of explain you’re good at explaining the addition
so the building that you see behind the palm-trees went up in 2002 it was a
licensed ambulatory surgery center and the construction was through the akka
agency for health care administration we had one operating room and we operated
out of that dr. muster and I did until oh seven when dr. Kirkpatrick joined us
and it was about oh nine that we started actively advertising and so then when
the volume picked up we just happen to have this lot where the two-story
building is we had this lot and we just sort of were sitting on it we hadn’t
aggressively tried to sell it thankfully and so about 2010 or 11 we felt that we
needed to expand and so we were very happy that we had not marketed and tried
to sell that lot yes and so in the summer of 2013 we opened that facility
which is connected and upstairs is what I like to refer to as the prosthetic
center because that’s dr. dibbs our restorative dentist you guys will meet
dr. dibbs in a few minutes but that’s his place the lab is up there dr. dibbs
is up there and so dr. dibbs is a general
restorative dentist who has right there his own lab that is dedicated pretty
much to this specific treatment modality and then downstairs are two fully
equipped operating rooms just like an ambulatory surgery center and dr.
Kirkpatrick’s workplace so to speak so that’s it it’s about 15,000 square feet
all together it’s worked out very well yeah and we have a big generator that
will run the whole thing you know if you got two people under general anesthesia
and one of those thunderstorms hit and knocks out the power then the generator
just comes on just like in the hospital yeah and you know everybody kind of
laughs about that but it’s a bang it’s like no kidding for real that’s
important so this is Karen and she has dealt with dental problems for over 15
years she’s from Pennsylvania and she found us
online and you know flew down here did the transformation vacation so we’re
gonna hear a little bit about her now that she’s had the procedure to go
through life not worrying about your teeth it’s gonna be so amazing I’m a
YouTube creator within two days and I got $200 for them yep $200 for an item I
have before I had my dental implants I
deleted a lot of the videos that I made for you too because I would make a video
and it’s a little surprising to see what your teeth really look like it’s almost
worse than what you think when I first started looking into dental implants
like I said I researched a lot I actually looked at going out of the
country because of the cost and I look I didn’t feel confident in that because I
was I knew I’d be traveling on my own so coming to Florida from Pennsylvania I
knew I would have to stay in a hotel and I wasn’t quite sure how much of a
challenge staying in a hotel room by myself would be but when I called new
teeth now I spoke with Shana and Nicole and let me tell you I’ve never met and
this is the truth such gracious helpful people they helped me find my hotel room
I mean even during my trip there they made sure I got on the plane safe they
called me when I landed they brought me to the grocery store because they knew I
didn’t have a rental car I didn’t rent a car because I knew I’d be on medicine
you know I figured I can’t be driving they brought me to the pharmacy to pick
up my prescriptions so the travel was great Pennsylvania to Florida is only a
two-hour trip so that was great and I had a hired driver to go from the
airport to the facility so in the morning when I arrived I really didn’t
have too many thoughts because I felt confident in the surgery team I had met
everybody I was joking around with the
anesthesiologist like just let me have a good nap I wasn’t anxious about it you
know I felt like the whole team has my best interests at heart as I woke up I
was shocked that I didn’t feel anything I really expected to be in pain I didn’t
even need to take the stronger pain medic
the professional level the caring just the attention to detail at new teeth now
I’ve never experienced that now I felt like the whole team has my best interest
at heart when I met somebody new before I had the implants I felt like I could
see the point at what point in the conversation they would be looking at my
mouth to try to figure out who was going on with my teeth and now I feel just
more relaxed and I think it’s more engaging because I smile bigger you know
I think I put the other person more at ease because it’s not awkward you know I
just feel like I can be myself so that’s been huge I was in with one of my
regular buyers they said wow you look young your hair looks great what
happened to you and they didn’t even know it was my teeth but I was like oh
thanks that was amazing I knew it was my smile I feel like just being able to
relax in life and enjoy life and and when you’re complimented it it strikes
you as like wow I’m not worrying about this anymore definitely life changing
yeah it’s she’s just having a great transformation she’s confident in her
posting her YouTube videos now and she can just be her full self and then she
also like she had said she had dental anxiety which she told was telling me
this story and it’s I’ll never forget it because she said that the sound she’s
had so many dental procedures over the years and that they petrify her going to
the dentist and all those procedures were lit her cost her anxiety but she
told me when she came in for her first post-op check with you and she heard the
sound in the dremel turn-on which usually would make her freaked out yeah
since she was she was calm it was fine so we even got to cure her dental
anxiety you bet it’s really good well I mean if you can imagine somebody
that has dental anxiety to get on an airplane by themselves yes come down to
a town where she’d been here once before I guess
and allow a person that she had talked to for one time me do what I did for her
and I mean if you think about that I think about that how much people trust
us that it’s almost scary to think the trust and the responsibility that we
have to you know be able to carry out what we’re telling people and people
people believe that you know and so you know from the perspective of the doctor
I mean it I’m amazed how much people trust us and thankfully we do this so
much we do so much of this and it’s so successful and repeatable that we can do
it and we can do it every day we did do it every day
important and I’m just absolutely just I just don’t know what to think about how
much you know people trust us and it’s a good feeling when the treatment is
completed and a lot of people say you know when I drove up to your office I
was ready to just get back in my car and just turn around go back home but I
didn’t yeah I trusted you and boy am I glad that I did yeah the lady today to
say that yes she was really afraid but it all worked out she said she’s really
she’s gonna have a great outcome yeah she loved it great today definitely okay
so let’s get into what implants actually are so these are traditional right and
like you’re saying you put more than four on the bottom to try to yeah so we
do a lot of tilted implants and we tilt to avoid the sinus in the upper jaw and
we tilt to avoid the nerve and the lower jaw and I point this out to people when
I meet them and talk to and we have chairs in our conference
rooms and the legs are tilted and the reason the legs are tilted is to get the
legs farther apart you have the floor and that is the exact reason that
tilting gives you a better mechanical advantage in both the upper and the
lower jaw because because you can tilt the working part of the implant more to
the posterior and put the body of the implant more hand terior and therefore
throw that implant more to the back which eliminates what we call a
cantilever I mean cantilevers or where you have
unsupported segments that stick out the back and if you have a one tooth
cantilever that’s good and we like a one tooth cantilever and that’s it but the
more teeth you have sticking out the back unsupported that’s a longer
cantilever it’s just a lever arm so the longer your crowbar the more force you
can generate and so tilting throws the implants more to the back spreads out
the posterior implants from the anterior implants more and allows for a more
stable platform all right so that’s why we do tilting and just it’s a wonderful
technique it avoids any sort of sinus bone grafting you can get in the lower
jaw the implants more to the posterior in spite of the nerve so it’s it’s
really a great technique and we’ve done thousands hey probably fifteen or twenty
thousand tilted implants and they work they work really well and then these are
sanctum attic implants so these are every patient has no bone or very little
bone right and we do a lot of zygomatic implants we’re sort of known for that
actually people come to us specifically because yes I use so many and
particularly quads where there’s two on each side and it’s always nice to be
able to supplement the zygomatics with something else up in the front even if
it’s just one additional tilted implant but as bianca said these are people that
have no bone there at the grafting point and zygomatic implants don’t require
grafting they’re very stable you can attach teeth to them the same day yes
grafting cost more grafting takes longer than work grafting may not even work as
a matter of fact I could can’t do it tonight but I’ve got a story of the
reason that I got into placing zygomatic implants is because of sinus grafting
that did not work now I did it twice and it didn’t work twice and so in seeking
out a solution for this person who happen to be a friend of mine I learned
how to do psycho manic implants and that person became my second zygomatic
patient in 2007 and I saw her last weekend as she’s still doing it so we do
a lot of zygomatics and there’s different there’s there’s zygomatics
where I like the picture on the left where there’s only room for the four
zygomatic implants picture in the middle where there’s room for the four
zygomatic implants plus one and on the right for zygomatics plus two and people
laugh at that word zygomatic and they have a little bit of a hard time
spinning that one out but the ziege zygomatic does I go might take the tea I
see off of it the zygoma is a bone in your face it is the cheekbone and it
forms the lateral I socket the prominence of your cheek and a portion
of the in fear your eye socket and it goes back on this
arch and that is the zygoma bone therefore the name zygomatic implant
typically will place about two but these are the cases where you in place for
four where there’s no bone in the front or the back and they work really well
when the sinus comes way forward to where you’re losing any mechanical
advantage by tilting or if the ridges are really tall and thin they were
that’s the most I mean that’s the most ideal zygomatic situation that there is
is when the the ridge is tall and thin and sometimes we do traditional tilted
implants and they just aren’t tight and so we can take it out put in as I go
manic and so they’ve been a wonderful tool for our patients and they work well
and we’ve done so many and I would say that I have seen probably fewer problems
with my zygomatic patients than with traditional it’s just when you have a
problem it can be a little bit more of a problem we just don’t seem any problem
right okay so zygomatics are good and here is your wonderful team so if you do
come in and see dr. Richards this is the team that you would see every
appointment and you’ll really get to know him yeah they’re a great bunch of
gals and we just finished up an eight-week Biggest Loser contest today
and actually we got infiltrated by dr. Kirkpatrick’s team and one of his gals
won oh but Amanda the in looking at this picture of my ladies the one-two
my right or your left as you’re looking at the picture is her name’s Amanda
Lovejoy and you know I thought she was gonna win it but she got aced out by
Sheree so I’m trying to think that’s probably not even fair great bunch of
gals listen these gals right here these four gals and the four gals that work
for dr. Kirkpatrick they place and remove more of these types of teeth then
probably every dentist in the state of Florida all added up for a month and
because that’s this is what we do and every day we’re seeing our post Docs you
know we do the procedures in the morning and we do our post office in the
afternoon and so a lot of times we’re actually taking these teeth out and
cleaning them and you know putting them back in and adjusting a minute
so the ladies that work for me you know they can run around run circles around
probably every dentist in Florida when it comes to these kind of this kind of
stuff and it’s you cannot do what we do I could not do what I do without them
and without you too but I’m being serious even though we’re
kind of giggling you know without the team you got to understand what the team
is okay you’re gonna see here’s the other part of the team right here the
anesthesia team but you’ve got the implant treatment coordinators Debbie
and Sean and you’ve got each of the doctors has four team members extremely
experienced then we’ve got our anesthesia team and they’re both really
top-notch people experienced yes we’ve got the restorative dr. who
they’ll also meet in a minute dr. Elliot dibbs who’s a general restorative
dentist full time here we have a part-time doctrine of fall and then we
have a full lab and so when on you know when a person comes in at 7:00 and
leaves at 4:00 with their teeth I mean it took 20 people to do that yes okay
it’s not just like you know they went to sleep
and I did everything I mean that’s just not the way it works Amit took 20 people
with a lot of experience to pull that off and that is why there aren’t many
people who do what we do here because you just can’t pull that off all you do
and it’s all about experience and you know we’ve got a bunch of people that
really love what they do and care about what they do and so yeah here’s Jack and
Kim they have over 25 years of anesthesia experience and you know I
wouldn’t let them put me to sleep right now yeah and anesthesia is just as
you’re saying before it’s just a better solution for you and the patient for
them to be completely asleep and I’m just it’s just the way to go so and then
this is doctor Dave so we’ve been talking about him a little bit and we’re
gonna hear a bit about what he does and about our dental lab one of the things
that really sets Florida dental implants apart from other offices that are doing
full mouth implant reconstruction I have my own laboratory here on site that
myself and the other restorative doctors are able to use this is invaluable
having the ability to work so closely with my lab gives me the ability to
better help my patients with the emotional side of it as well a large
number of the patients that that come to us for treatment have had severe dental
problems for many many many years sometimes dating back to childhood
because of the emotional concerns that they have we really have to spend the
time with the patient that you can’t rush anything
we need to have ample opportunity to have questions asked and answered having
my own laboratory here on site this is invaluable not only in terms of having
the control over the quality of the product that we’re making but the
ability to if I’ve got a question with the patient about can we make this
change is this going to be feasible I can go across the hall get one of my lab
technicians and all of my lab technicians have been doing this for
many many years bring them across the hall and they can talk to the patient
themselves so we eliminate the need for me to try to interpret the patient’s
concerns and questions and needs in a phone call or in a note they can speak
directly to the patient it was so important to me to have everything under
one roof there’s no waiting that is the advantage of having the lab on-site and
they are so proud of their work that they come out to see the product these
are not regular people with regular jobs these are master artisans that create
they truly are artists and they’re creating beautiful smiles it’s like
nothing I’ve ever experienced and I don’t know of any other office that’s
like this so as you can see they do amazing work and I’ll show you
that’s our lab team we actually need to add get a new photo because you’ve added
a few more additions on to the staff and they’re just cranking out teeth every
single day they’re great and then this photo is just really cool because so the
top set of teeth is the zirconia the final set of teeth that a patient
receives and then the bottom set is an acrylic set of teeth that’s the same
material as a denture and both of those been warned for five years and you can
already see the visual difference and how the zirconium just and doesn’t stain
it doesn’t lose its shine and stress it just looks so natural and it can last up
to a lifetime with you know normal maintenance right yeah their acrylics
never were meant to be put under the stress that they’re they’re put under
when you both bolt them down so to speak when they’re when the dentures are
acrylics they’re sitting in the tissue and they kind of move around a little
bit which takes the force off of them but when you bolt them down that acrylic
it’ll break over time there’s no question about it and it’s it’ll wear
it’s porous absorbs odors and stains whereas the zirconia is covered with
glazed porcelain so it’s pretty much impervious and easy to clean and looks
more natural for sure and then here are implant coordinators Shawna and Debbie
they started off as dental assistants and they became implant coordinators so
they really know every part of this whole entire procedure and they’re here
to walk you through the whole process make sure you’re comfortable answer all
your questions help you if you’re out of state to come down I’m like like they
did with Karen and dress they really are here for you the whole process right and
at the consultation so that’s who you would see you would see there Shauna or
Debbie and dr. Richards or dr. Kirkpatrick and you would take a CT scan
and then during the consultation you will come up with a treatment plan with
the surgeon right so you can see all your options and walk out of there
knowing what you can do and even we have forward the same day of the consultation
if you want and the CT scans now just become so commonplace it wasn’t that
long ago I think we did our first CT scan maybe in around oh six something
like that and it took a while for that technology
to become affordable you know office type setting but the quality of the
scans that we get now is really good yes and the scans they enable us to see
thickness which is something that conventional x-rays don’t allow you to
see even the 3d you can’t measure that well at lower-left picture of the 3d
it’s the lower-right series of pictures which allow us to see thickness and bone
contours and I mean that’s what it’s all about you have to have enough bone yes
so the CT scans have revolutionized our ability to predict what we’re able to do
and what we are not able to do very important that’s great that’s really
good and we’re gonna go into another transformation this is Bruce he had such
extreme pain that he could not eat the foods that he loved but now he can eat
anything so we’re just gonna hear a little bit from Bruce new teeth now
changed my life literally in one day so much pain that
I’ve dealt with over the years isn’t there anymore before I had the procedure
done yeah about the toughest thing that I would pick on is meatloaf and pudding
Bruce had his procedure this morning under general anesthesia 95% of the
patients that I treat received Tilted implants that are more secure they have
better primary stability and studies have shown that their longevity is
better the day I got prepped I was going into
the surgery I was nervous after I had the surgery done and after they put my
new teeth in and they handed me a mirror the thing I’ll never forget was looking
in that mirror and seeing a full set of teeth perfect teeth in my mouth I
started crying that was the emotional takeaway for me that
something I’ll never ever never forget the best thing that’s happened to me is
I’m able to smile and eating can eat any literally anything taking that first
bite of food and finding out you could chew anywhere in your mouth I didn’t
have to chew on this side or on this side all right I could just chew anyway
it’s absolutely amazing to be able to not have tooth and not have any kind of
gum pain or any kind of pain when you eat or talk or drink with new teeth now
to be able to just have a normal life again new teeth now is the way to go I
wouldn’t go with anybody else if you have a mouth full of bad teeth or
advanced gum disease if you’re just miserable with your dentures or you’ve
been told you don’t have enough bone for implants there is hope at Florida dental
implants we’ve helped thousands of patients who were ready to give up and
in just one day we can help you too so it’s just great that Bruce is able to
just live a completely normal life again how was it doing watching the video yeah
and so we will kind of see what’s he up to today and is that you are you riding
motorcycles and Bruce right now so yeah it’s it’s really cool that he’s just
able to get back to his normal life yeah you guys we went out for a little ride
it was a beautiful day he came down I brought my Road I got I’ve got a Red
King Harley Road King and we rode around a little bit had a great time and I
didn’t st. Bruce in a while it would be nice to reconnect up with him maybe even
meet up with him and go for a ride one of these mornings on the weekend yeah
it’s really really awesome and we have just a couple more people that we can
talk about so this is crystal she had painful and loose teeth she was
tired of covering her mouth and she was talking to people but now she can laugh
and smile and talk to new people and be completely confident so it is that a
whole different lifestyle that people yeah people see and have you know we
talked about teeth but it is so much more than teeth yes okay
I mean we we do the teeth okay but what you have to understand is you’re dealing
with a human being and they’ve got some problem and whether it’s you know a
mouthful of periodontal disease and I’ve had young men at the console just say
you know I’ll be out of the bar and be talking to some gal and she’ll get
within two feet of me and I can just see her face change because they can smell
me I mean that you think about that so when we talk about doing teeth doing
these new teeth now and it’s so much more than that for some people it is
truly a life you know changing altering rending rendering experience that is
better for their health you know you’re walking around with a mouth full of
disease and you get all that out of there and get something healthy in there
that you can actually eat with that you’re proud of so you know these these
webinars are all that teeth but really guys you know it’s a whole lot more than
that it’s about a lifestyle change yes and we
are just happy and proud that we’re able to offer this service and do it in a
very predictable fashion then we can tell you what we can do and we can
actually do it and we do it every day you know in any average given month we
might take care of 25 or 30 people in do these person you know if if you’re suffering like
crystal and some of these other people really ought to come talk to us angry
and then same with Gladys she had difficulty chewing she an infection and
embarrassment said you know very similar to a lot of people and her she just
looked so much younger and she was healthier and happier so that is the
change that that’s so important for these people and hopefully you too if
you’re watching and this is something that you might need and like I was
saying earlier if you’ve tuned in with us the whole time
this is probably something that you need and we just really welcome you to give
us a call we would just love to talk to you answer all your questions make you
comfortable and even schedule that consultation this is the more you know
the more you can make those informed decisions but you are in such good hands
with dr. Richards he really is the best and we thank you for tuning in and we
thank you for enjoying oh this was informative for the audience and thanks
for looking in all right have a great night guys
if you would like to view more informational videos on new teeth now
please click the subscribe button here thanks for watching

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