Nightime Winter Skincare Routine | Dry, Sensitive Skin of Colour | Dr. Vanita Rattan skincare 2020

Nightime Winter Skincare Routine | Dry, Sensitive Skin of Colour | Dr. Vanita Rattan skincare 2020

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17 thoughts on “Nightime Winter Skincare Routine | Dry, Sensitive Skin of Colour | Dr. Vanita Rattan skincare 2020”

  1. I’ve tried the ordinary Niacinamide but it always breaks me out – even if I apply it few times a week! 😣😣😣

  2. Physical exfoliators (even the smoothest ones)make my pigmentation worse so I avoid them completely so I prefer a BHA chemical exfoliant. Also because I have combi oily skin which tends to be acne prone. I tend to use a BHA once a week at most. Please could you do a video on a day/night routine for skin with pigmentation issues?

  3. Please let me know which videos you want me to make you next for Skin Of Colour.
    Also which day of the week shall I post for you?
    Thank you,
    Dr V Rattan

  4. Thanks for the video. I practically changed all my skin products after watching your videos. Although I darkened on my face when I started using the products you recommend. (I’m African) but I guess it’s as a result of the products I was previously using. But I am sticking to your recommendations and hoping my skin brightens up later. I also have struggled with melasma for years and I honestly wish I lived in the Uk so I could visit your clinic. But I am hoping these products help out at least.

  5. I really appreciate all your videos for our type of skin. Love it! You look so beautiful and youthful. I hope I am able to keep up the routine like you have to maintain my skin in the future. 💕🙏🏽 Cute kids! 😍🌹

  6. Please make an am morning skin care routine. I loved watching this video! New subscriber here and also a new follower on Instagram too! Following for hyperpigmentation tips. Thank you 🙏🏻

  7. Switching all my products for what you use. Is it possible to find the link to the viola vitamin c serum, I can’t find a link anywhere for the UK as everything is sold out- where can I buy this from?

  8. Another great video 🙂 thank you Dr V! Is it still okay to use these products whilst having the dark circles treatment?

  9. So cuite and so funny with your children ❤️ thank you for this vidéo. Do you can do a nother vidéo how you do your makeup everyday please

  10. Thanks so much for your video! Your skin is beautiful – you don't need any makeup at all. Some questions:
    1. In the video, you recommend the Pro Vitamin C + 20% hyaluronic acid serum. But in the comments, you mention products by Viola and Labthetics. Which Vitamin C serum would you recommend out of all three?
    2. Where do you store serums between uses to preserve the actives? Bathrooms fluctuate in temperature and are humid. I've heard people recommend storing serums in the fridge.
    3. Do you rinse your face with cold water after applying micellar water? I notice that micellar water leaves a residue and wonder if that affects the penetration of the actives.
    Thanks again!

  11. Viola skin vitamin c serum is sold out everywhere including Amazon right now. Only place in uk it sells is on ebay but I don’t know if I can trust ebay. Is there any other vitamin c serum you recommend for skin of colour?

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