Nintendo Switch – Zelda Breath of the Wild Edition!

Nintendo Switch – Zelda Breath of the Wild Edition!

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– I’ve got something really cool and special to show off today. This just came in recently. Now, if you saw yesterday’s video or you notice all the stuff behind me, you’ll know I’ve done a Zelda
themed Nintendo Switch setup. ♫ It’s The Legend of
Zelda and it’s really rad ♫ Those creatures from
Ganon are pretty bad – And to complete it, I
wanted a very special Switch to go with it so I talked to ColorWare and got a custom designed
one to match the theme. Now, obviously I know what this looks like ’cause I set up the order but I haven’t actually opened it yet so I haven’t seen the
real thing physically so let’s go ahead and
check it out right now. Just open it up. Oh, this is pretty. Okay, so let’s get. So I wanted to do something that was based more on Breath
of the Wild specifically ’cause that is the one for Switch so for the main body, I actually got it designed to
match with Link’s main tunic. It’s the one that you see on all the different ads and stuff. So this is the closet blue I could find. I think they called it Paradise Blue. I went for a matte finish ’cause metallic just
didn’t look good to me and then of course white
trim for the Switch logo which this looks a thousand times better than the regular Switch, I’m sorry. Black is always cool
but this is so pretty. Now, to match with that, to go with a little more
traditional Zelda to highlight it, I got gold joy-cons. Yeah, now this has metallic finish. I mean, it kinda has to
to get that gold look. Let’s see what it looks like all together. That Switch sound is still
so satisfying every time. Yeah, that looks awesome. I am so happy with how
this actually turned out. I mean, the picture looked
cool but this, this is awesome. One other thing that I got
customized with this set, cables and stuff don’t
really matter this time. You guys have seen a
Switch probably before. You can also get the dock. So I got the dock to match with the same thing I did on the back. Ooh. So I mean, it’s black on the back but the front side is that same blue. That’s pretty. I think this is gonna fit
with this setup really nicely. Now, as cool as this is, this actually wasn’t
the first design I had. I went through a whole
lot of other ideas first mainly ’cause while we
knew we wanted to do an ultimate Switch setup, we didn’t decide on the theme just yet though Zelda was a very likely one. So to begin with, one of the first designs I actually went for was something a little more generically Nintendo and did one based on the original NES where the main body was this gray that was very close to
white, the logo was red which actually looked really cool and I even used a black
bar for the kickstand to emulate that black
bar on the original NES. Another design idea I
had was to actually go with the Japanese Famicom where
instead of that gray color, it’s more of an off-white cream and you have a dark red cranberry mixed in which actually might be my
personal favorite design out of all of those we’ve
done but while that was cool, we thought it might be better to go for a more specific franchise and before you get to Zelda, the first one you have to do is Mario. So for that one, I went
for a red based body. I did white on the logo to
kinda match with Mario’s hat and I did blue joy-cons to match the overalls
that he wears and pants but that one didn’t really work because when you looked at
the Switch from the front, you just had blue joy-cons and
none of the red came through. Doesn’t really make you think of Mario. Also at the same time, I did
a Luigi design alternative ’cause Luigi is the better brother. So I worked through a couple other ideas. I did a Metroid one
that was red and orange. I thought about maybe
doing a Donkey Kong one with brown and maybe a little
yellow or red for the tie but ultimately, we landed
on Zelda being the best idea since after all Breath of the
Wild was the big launch title. So I actually had two design ideas first before hitting this on. One was to go with a
more traditional design that I thought Nintendo would do where it’s a black Switch
with gold highlights which did look pretty cool
but I didn’t like really going with a black back for the Switch ’cause you already have black Switches. It just didn’t feel like
anything unique or different so instead I went for an idea that was based specifically
on Breath of the Wild where I took ideas from Link’s tunics. So we have that blue design like this here and then for the joy-cons, I actually went for an asymmetric design like the neon where it was
light blue on one side, white on the other which looked good but I still missed having that gold so I ended up deciding
to collapse the two ideas which led to this. Now, I know I already kinda
said this at the start but I really wanna drive home how insanely good the
quality on this thing is. I mean, I’m sure just seeing
it you think it looks cool but even feeling it in comparison to an actual Nintendo Switch, it doesn’t really feel all that different. I mean, it is paint so the
texture is a slightly bit rougher but not in any way that’s
actually uncomfortable. I mean, you barely notice after
using it for a little while and if you showed this to someone and didn’t tell them it was a custom job, people could easily believe that this was some kind of special edition that Nintendo released. I mean, it’s just awesome. There is one other thing about it that I almost forgot to mention and that’s I’m giving this one away. So if you want a chance to own this thing, check out the link down
below in description for all the details. Also, if you haven’t seen
the Switch setup video, all this crazy stuff happening behind me, make sure you check that out as well and I will see you guys later. Cut to Link commercial. (speaking foreign language)

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  1. When they already made a skin with the switch my guy inspired by Zelda has the triforce on the controllers…just look it up

  2. Personally I think blue dock and gold joycons are enough really making the actual switch console blue too Is abit overkill really personal I’d have kept the switch black

  3. Why doesn’t Nintendo make these? Why do other companies have to make these awesome things?


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  5. agreed Luigi is better ever since i first played a mario game i was the green one plus i was the younger brother when i whatched a video about the games i found out his name was Luigi and my favorite color is green

  6. I did this but didn’t paint the dock because I’d rather spend a little more money on a dock sock thats just as stylish and doesnt scratch my switch

  7. Luigi is afraid of ghost walking 2mps around luigis mansion while mario is fighting a demon turtle dragon trying to save a princess

    But no luigi is definitely the "better brother".

    People have options I know but luigi isnt all that great

  8. Naaaa I think it doesn’t fit because the front is like all black and then the back is blue I can’t HANDLE it it looks better when everything is in order

  9. BOTW is the worst fucking game i have ever played, it would be good if it wasnt so fucking hard and a walkathon, only plus side is the graphics and everything you can do in it if you could actually go places without dying…… –_–

  10. i really don't like this switch, seriously it is just a switch with blue and gold colors, honestly, when you think to the 3DS zelda edition, this switch seems like a joke

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