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Hello Everyone, welcome to our channel Je t’aime Yo Tambien Today we were supposed to record a video, Sara is going to come in about 2 minutes But before that I wanted to do something really bad Sorry, this is going to be kind of nasty But, we are all kids in oir hearts Like we always say, we have no filters And I’m a big boy, so, we’ll see Im going to make a really good prank Im going to see if she loves me a lot, and see what does she says if I try to kiss her with this in my mouth This, friends… This is not all This.. Is garlic, uff, is nasty Normally… We need a little more, and a little of.. Coke For the burps Today we are going to test true love Well guys I tought of putting the camera here In my office because it’s al messy So if I put the camera over here… She isn’t going to notice. sorry It smells bad.. I think we’re good I’m going to wa- Hello Darling
-Hey, Hello -How are you?
Fine Well, I don’t get it but it says that these are great news Like, you can’t know if… What? That you can’t… -That’s good
Yeah, that’s good
-Because normally they charge it to people -Are you going to stay?
Yes What were you doing? Nothing, I was just editing videos and thinking… about cleaning the house Oh, alright But now we need to leave We have an hour to get ready Alright! you need to change your clothes Yes After recording I want to go to a place to eat Ice Cream or something idk You look beautiful Thank you let me see your hand It hurts a little The wound smells weird No… You took so long Im slow
-It was hot ouside? You are beautiful What’s wrong? The kiss gave me a weird smell of what? -what’s wrong?
idk, The smell was weird.. Maybe you need to clean the pillows I’ve been cleaning, but.. Well, not much What can we wear? idk Sorry Oh my… what’s wrong? What did you eat? x2 What did I eat? Nothin’ What? Darling stop, It’s gross when you burp That’s natural But I don’t like it Aren’t you going to do something? Yeah, but I feel bad since the video with the roaches Idk why, I feel air in my stomach Well, if you need to burp, fo to the bathroom I don’t feel good Why? Sorry sorry Are you okay? Darling, seriously, that was the worst burp of the history It smells really bad, like a cementery or something My stomach is still hurting Your mouth really smells bad It smells horrible, what did you eat? You want tea or something? Nah, Are you serious? Yes, I’m serious I think that’s wrong.. Have you brushed your teeth? of course I promise I didn’t ate something after It smells that you ate food for yourself You ate by yourself and didn’t told me. You ate something, I’m going to check I didn’t ate anything You want a banana?
-No You want? Yeah To me it’s wrong that you are saying stuff like that. But don’t make that ashamed face We all been there sometimes, that you eat something and the smell… Wait, let me give it a bite and then it’s yours. Give me a kiss Give me a kiss.. Im just asking for a kiss Your mouth smells real bad I’m laughing because these things are funny, but.. Take some banan- no, I’m going to give it to you with my hand You are being very disrespectful Honey, In themorning, when you wake up, I don’t say anything My stomach hurts, I’m serious Sorry idk what’s happening to me I want to die Im going to open a window Sorry, Honey, Sorry Darling, look…. Don’t be mad, something like that also happened to me with my friends at an event Honey, why did you open the window, It’s hot outside. I’m sorry Darling, But eat some banana, here. It’s not funny, my stomach hurts Do you want to go to the medic? Are you serious? Im telling you I’m feeling bad and you are laughing Darling, Im sorry, I’m sorry I didn’t ate anything. I didn’t ate anything. Why are you looking me like that? Kiss me Kiss me please I’m kissing you Even thought I don’t want to Darling, please, I… Put yourself in my place, If my mouth smells bad And if i tried to kiss you, you wouldn’t let me. But this is nothing Honey I’ve been waiting all day, you know that I love giving you kisses Gross Give me a kiss Darling, really, This is gross Not you, not you.
-give me a kiss give me a kiss It smells like rotten Give me a kiss… Are you okay? Stop, Darling, Really I’m not feeling good That’s not funny.. I tell you, Sometimes it happens to you That’s gross, Really.. It hurts so much *3 I’m being serious, it hurts a lot. Lay down Only your stomach hurts..? Yes… It’s because we ate something? We ate toast for breakfast… Since you left Since you left I didn’t ate anything But I ate the same thing as you and my mouth doesn’t smell Well yeah, but im really being serious My stomach hurts Just lay down And I wanto to puke, a lot… Let’s make a video about… did you ate something bad yesterday? I don’t feel good Go to the bathroom, don’t puke here. I feel like I’m going to puke No, no, no, wait… Darling, please, don’t puke here. I’m not going to puke, my stomach really hurts Understand me for a moment, 1 second, 1 second. I know but don’t puke on the livingroom If you feel band and want to puke, go to the bathroom Only I know if I’m going to puke You already smell like you puked idk what’s wrong with me I ate something bad But I don’t feel bad Did you tried some food yesterday? Yesterday you didn’t ate anything weird Today we te the same thing If you are feeling bad, go and puke, you are sweating It really hurts Darling, go and puke I promise, It smelled weird, it was… Darling, stop If you continue I’m going to puke too Stop If you puke, me too Darling Stop, seriously I don’t feel good Do you need Ice or something? Give me a kiss What was that? I couldn’t I coudn’t! -Where it is?
What thing? What’s happening? What’s happening? I ate this I ate this one And why did you ate that? Stop Darling!
What are you doing? It smells like rotten I knew it, you are dumb.. You want some? -Ouch, my finger
Oh, I’m sorry Give me a kiss No, I’m not going to kiss you now and ever You made me have a really bad time, your mouth smells terrible I said “Something died inside of him or something” Stop, Darling, really, it smells horrible What kind of prank was that? I’m sorry Honey Yout mouth still smells horrible You only ate an onion or something else? Garlic Chewing? ewww I thought… I really wanted to see Wo and wash your mouth, it smells real bad Really, stop recording and go brush your teeth and mouth, please Now I’m kissing you Daaam- Well, It still has some Onion smell. Oh my… really… It was difficult because I tought you were mad, and it’s difficult to tel your boyfriend “Oh, I’m feeling sick of giving you kisses ” I was waiting to see how long it was going to take your you to tell me I told you right away Not right away I thought you bought chinese food without me, in which case I’ll would be mad And that your mouth smells That you didn’t brushed your teeth or something And this burp, was one of the worst, the smell… I was like a meter away and you almost made me pass out, like a cartoon And it’s bad because some people alredy say me puke And now with this they might think “This girl has a problem” But, guys, I normally don’t do this I remember that she told me some thing very fast I knew that she doesn’t like boogers, farts, burps, etc So, I ‘m trying to, not be alone This things ruin the fire on the couple, I didn’t want to kiss you I couln’t kiss you It’s not that you didn’t wanted to kiss me I couldn’t I couldn’t, really I still have the garlic smell in my nose That’s bad Can you kiss me now? You need to kiss me Im still feeling sick Idk what happens that everything makes me feel gross, stop with the kisses for a while Guys, you want to know something? When we started dating, I called her “My Cucaracha”(cockroach) Im feeling nervous with all, I don’t want to exist We need to say the news about youtube, we forgot last time My hand hurts Alright guys. Look 18 videos 100,00 things I had to handle and all that We have earned… 43.83$USD 43.43 USD! That’s incredible
That’s a lot of money Thanks to you guys without you, that wouldn’t be posible Yeah, we need to think positive, we’ve already started We need to stop using gross things for our videos, we already have 2 gross things at random(? Imagine if someone’s eating while watching First of all, you shoudn’t have dinner and chech youtube Im just thinking I’m speaking with the community Oh if you are eating alone What do you think Sara? Don’t watch these last two videos… We wanted to give a shoutout to Anita Martinez, thanks for being there and being the first one. Infinite Thanks Also a soutout to Andrea Ayala Thank you so much for your comment So, Greetings to all of you and a hug Thank you so much guys, it’s always funny to- We need to do something with your breath We always are happy to check out your comments, thank you so much It’s true that we dont have filters, we do what we want And it’s great to see that you guys liked the video Well guys, pardon me for the pranks, burps and things… It was all just for the joke, well, I have to.. I owe you one good dinner and good kisses Whe the smell goes away If you liked the video, leave a thumbs up How do you say Thumbs up? If you like the video “Pulgar arriba” And now, with this, Im having my revenge, just so you know Click that bell button, leave a comment, and we love you all, thank you so much Hey Honey
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77 thoughts on “NO PUEDO PARA DE BESARTE (broma) a NOVIA Con cebolla ENGLISH SUBTITLES”

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