Nose dry inside

Nose dry inside

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If your nostrils itch on the inside, it’s
hard to breathe and you pull out epic size boogers, the reason is most probably
low humidity. That is due to nasty freezing cold weather you have most
part of the year, and air conditioning in those rare heat waves.
Linseed oil will help, baby oil will do perfectly. Put a drop of it on your
fingertip and evenly lubricate the inside of your nose. If it’s a vaporisator,
spray a little oil inside your nostrils pointing the nozzle towards the tip
of your nose. Repeat this twice a day, and in a couple of
weeks the uncomfortable sensations should be gone.

27 thoughts on “Nose dry inside”

  1. I've been suffering from this. for many years,😒 the inside got a bit bigger at it was. ive tried putting a cutt cream but more Greens stuff like that came out, dry a little liquidy but mostly dry. i will be talking to my docoter about it on the next visit, this be so irritating. it had started since i was 11 maybe 12 around that but i am 17 now.

  2. Personally the idea makes me to clean my nose right after. As there is the urge not insert something into the nose, but rather remove it. But the cause does seem to the origin for me, but the catch is I do not do well in humidity as it causes me to sweat in the worse ways that require a balance of heat and cold for several hours.

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