Octopus 101 | Breathing!

Octopus 101 | Breathing!

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Hi everyone, I’m Candace Reid-Rose! I’m an aquarist here at Monterey Bay Aquarium. If you’re here, you’re probably
wondering, how does an octopus breathe? [Music and Title Card: Octopus 101 | Breathing!] Octopuses and most cephalopods kind of
have this two-part body, the mantle being the head region. That’s where all their
organs are going to be stored. The siphon, you can see it lives right by their mantle. When they bring water into their bodies, they’re gonna bring water into their mantle where they have their gills. They’re gonna flush water over their gills so they can breathe and get the oxygen from the water. And then the water
is gonna come out through the siphon. And that’s also how they expel their
waste. That’s how an octopus breathes! Thanks for watching this video about giant Pacific octopuses! Be sure to subscribe to our page for more information on giant Pacific octopus and the other animals we have here at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

6 thoughts on “Octopus 101 | Breathing!”

  1. Check out that ctenidium action at 0:37 ! Inside the opening to the bag-like body (aka the mantle) of an octopus lie comb-like gill structures called ctenidia. Each ctenidium has an extra "heart" that pumps blood across the gill to help feed oxygen to that hungry cephalopod metabolism!

  2. Great video! I love how curious the octopus seems. I never knew they breathed in such an interesting way either.

  3. Octopus: mom can I touch you?
    Mom: no removes the tentacles from the hand

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